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Reposado '96 Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Reposado '96”
I just received a box of the Reposado '96 Habanos. I haven't had one yet but I can tell you that they had a strong hay-like odor.
AK of Boston, MA
Exceptional. 10 dollar stick for 2 clams. Ridiculous. Even, cool burner with complex flavors of vanilla and oak. Now that would be saying something if a third of the box met this criteria. I've smoked 12 sticks and the consistency is just amazing. Every one the same. Manna from heaven boys. I'm not being melodramtic when I say this is a poor man's Davidoff...grab em' while you can.
JC of laguna hills, CA
Just got my catalog in the mail and on the cover were these cigars (Reposado '96) I was like WOW so i went straight to the site and they are already sold out at the moment. That must be something as the entire stock is gone before the catalog came out. People must have already known about these cigars and JUMPED on the $2 a stick deal AWESOME for this Vitola. Its even made with a smooth Connecticut wrapper along with a heartier Habano so something for most everyone. I will have to order mine now as i bet they wont be in stock for longer than a week when they come in Get yours!
MD of San Diego , CA
Now this is a great deal on a great cigar. While it ain't a Cuban or Opus X it is a really good smoke. Burns and draws really well and delivers a lot of spicey flavor. It is a commitment to smoke one of these due to the size and ring gauge, but well worth it. I have burned through a box and will be back for more. I find they burn better when I clip the nipple end off. With the size of these babies you are not compromising anything with the extra clip. I hope they remain in stock.
GS of Fleetwood, PA
This is a really good cigar, and only gets better when left in a humidor for awhile. I've never had a problem with the burn, flavor, or poor construction. I've had some in my humidor for more than 8 months, and I always enjoy them when I light one up. This is a cigar that I want to keep on hand at all times, and you can't beat the price. Pull the trigger and purchase a few, and do as others have already stated. Let them rest a week or more before smoking one.
WM of Taylor, MI
You need to let these sit in your humidor for a few days so the farm like smell dissipates. Once that is done, these are great smokes. Fuss free, even consistent burn from stick to stick. I'll be trying the Habano wrapper next, but certainly worthwhile considering the size of the cigars. I know it's a reach to buy a chest of 40 without trying them, but I got lucky this time.
GG of Las Vegas, NV
The Reposado 96 Habano has to be one of the best, well made Salomons I've ever had. Absolutely no issues with cigar after cigar. The habano wrapper on this cigar shines and is very tasty.
GR of Sterling, VA
Wow I love these cigars. I bought two boxes of the Habano and I am going to buy as many more as I can afford. I cant wait to see what these taste like with more aging on them. They just have a wonderful flavor, draw, burn. etc.. I think this is one of the best deals I have ever gotten on cigars.
JG of Fullerton, CA
I am on my 4th and last box of these Reposado Habana 96 cigars. At first I really liked them but as of late after sampling other brands I am through with these. The main concern is the lack of any strength or flavor. This last box I received the burn was uneven and several had a very difficult if not impossible draw. Good cigar to hand out to friends or burn on the golf course, but not much else if you want flavor, quality and most of all consistency.
DV of Rochester, NY
I originally bought this cigar to have as a substitute for the expensive ones due to time considerations. I wouldn't feel bad if I couldn't finish it. However, this has become one of my favorite cigars and I wouldn't think of not finishing it. Great flavor, great draw, GREAT SMOKE!
BC of White Hall, MD
Ok this is my second post. My first one didn't get posted for some reason. These cigars are decent for the money but they will not knock your socks off. They are not complex or full of character. They are just a well made, decent everyday cigar but don't expect this to be a meaty-punch- you-in-the-face smoke. The 5 Vegas brands are a really good smoke with some complexity and they are pretty low on the dough too.
RR of Suffern, NY
Ok, I need to be honest here. I bought a 5 pack of the Habano wrapper and smoked them with family for New Years 2011. These cigars are ok, however they're not a 90+ on the rating scale. Good construction, burn, draw..etc but as far as flavor profile? They are one dimensional and a bit mild. Not complex at all so don't expect this amazing cigar experience. Don't get me wrong they are great for the price but you get what you pay for. It is a good everyday cigar but my 5 Vegas Miami and Diesel was much better on New Years eve and day. Those cigars kick butt!
RR of Suffern, NY
The Reposado '96, Ohh my. I can't say enough about these cigars. Been smoking the Habano's for awhile now. Probably have smoked hundreds of these at this point and am always amazed everytime I light one up. Damn near go into panic mode when I look inside my humi and realize I have only a few left. The beauty of this cigar is every one burns and draws perfect, can't believe how good sometimes but thats only the start. The flavor is always a perfect function of what I want and need it to be at the time I smoke it. I like everything from mild-medium to full but this cigar hits my sweet spot everytime, no matter what my mood may be. It is definately my "go to cigar" without prejudice. Sorry to get so verbal but like I think I said I can't say enough about this cigar. I recently tried the connecticut wrapper. All I can say is WOW! It is also a super cigar. I could go on and on about these cigars, trust me just asked my friends, but bottom line is " I love these cigars", could smoke them all day and all night anytime. If you want a perfect cigar, go for these you won't be dissapointed, I promise.
DH of Tomball, TX
I waited a month on these and it was worth every second..Smooth as silk and an even burn which is tough on this large of a cigar. They arent rolled real tight but that is okay because the full flavor kicks in right away. I have even cut these in half and enjoyed 2 robustos!! The boxes have changed from 50 to 40 but it is still a great deal...Please keep making them!!
DH of Clemmons, NC
(Reposado) - maybe they should be called repoWOWo's (I know, corny)! Bought these for price only figuring 2 lousy bucks couldn't hurt - I think I would pay double that for this. As the other customers said, great smoke, last a long time, even burn, good medium (to me) cigar for 2 bucks. I can't wait til they get more.
After having to wait a month for these (Reposado '96) to finally be in stock, I received mine last week. BOY, these are good! The little knub makes a great way to light these things producing a nice even burn from start to finish. Smoke is not too heavy, but these things pack a punch, so take your time with each one. Each one takes me about an hour and a half to enjoy. I'm not a every day smoker, but since I have goten these, I just can't stop. The first half inch or so is a little bitter, but it just keeps getting better and better. I find that I cant put these down until I'm burning my fingers. As for the price, this is a steal. Grab all you can while they last, I know I will be ordering another batch very soon.
JB of waco, TX
This is a damn fine smoke, at least I can attest to the Habano. Although it was a much better deal when I scored them at 2 bucks a stick, 2 fifty is good too. Highly recomended.
JH of Crestview, FL
Amazing! Come on now, you've got to throw in a bad cigar in your samplers from time to time. I was expecting this to be it, but once again you surprised me with another fine quality cigar for $2 a stick. This has a really nice flavor, smooth, light but not boring.
RH of Spokane, WA
Now i read a few of these and they commented on lack of flavor. Before i bought a box i bought some 5 packs. Ill agree the flavor in most isnt overly intense compared to some of the others CI has but you are also save 1 buck or more on each cigar. The maduro of which i just recieved a box of have just enuff flavor. While not complex it does have some kick to it. And not to mention it smokes for fourty five minutes to a hour. I personally think these are a great deal for the money. If however you want more complex and intense flavors try the Nica Libre and Diesels.
JS of Prior Lake, MN
I'd been wondering about these for a while now & after watching the "Gonz Live" review I finally decided to take the plunge & get a 5 pack to try. GLAD I DID! I went with the Habanos & have to say these are definitely going to be a staple in my humidor from now on. It lit easily & held a 2" ash before falling, the 1st third I thought was smooth & mild, the 2nd 3rd seemed to be a little stronger, I'd say more of a fuller smoke, the final 3rd it went back to the milder side. All in all, to me this is a GREAT smoke, if you haven't tried this yet, do you yourself a favor & at least get a 5 pack; you won't regret it.
JK of Cape Coral, FL
I have been eyeing this resposado Connecticut wrap monster for months now since the first print out in the monthly catalog. I did my research and finally bought the five pack to give it a try. I usually wait a few months for the cigars to acclimate in my humidor but I had to fire one up the day after I received them at our semi-annual golf tournament. Boy, was I happily surprised! Let me tell ya, the taste of soft cedar and toasted bread was quite nice. Cool burning, long lasting, baseball bat of a cigar that blew me away. Even burn with nice ash. My friend and I are going to split a box and it is well worth the money and more. Another home run by CI Nation. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will be a "special" item for sale on the website. Gonz you were right, excellent cigar.
YC of Los Angeles, CA
i'm over 1 hour in to a Reposado '96 habano, and i have to say that i am thoroughly impressed. this cigar has an excellent draw, even burn, and a smooth taste. this is definitely going to be a mainstay in my humidor.
SH of Trenton, TN
Tried a 5pack of the maduro, with great anticipation. Well made, good burning, solid smoke, smooth as advertised, but certainly far from rich. Rather, an unexciting, plain, weak flavour. At $2.50/stick, not a price-value combo that I would recommend to anyone. Lots of better cheap smokes out there, esp. in CI's warehouse.
HB of Reno, NV
These are great...for the price. For a mere $2.50 you get an honest balance of what you paid for. Not great, not bad, just a $2.50 honest smoke. Well made, even draw, stays lit, tantamount to the low end model of any car company. Gets you from point a to point b...unremarkably...
MS of Bethlehem, PA
I just received and smoked 1 of these cigars. I wouldn't describe as complex but more mild and uneventful. I will let them sit a little and see what happens. The cigar experience is a personal one and I personally enjoy a cigar with hearty tobacco flavors.
WF of Medford, NY
First off, do your self a favor and let these sit in the humi for about a week. When I recieved my 5 pack I wanted to try one right away, the first thing I noticed was that barnyard smell you hear people talk about but I didn't let that stop me so I lit one up. The burn was uneven,draw was tight and it wouldn't stay lit I thought I wasted my money so I just put them in my humi and forgot about them for a week or so then I decided to give it another try and WOW! what a difference a week made. The barnyard smell was gone the burn and draw were great and it stayed lit the whole time I will definitely buy more.
WM of Chicago, IL
The Reposado '96 in maduro is one great cigar! Not a great price/value cigar. A great cigar. They burn beautifully, you don't have to babysit them, and taste and smell great. Now getting back to the can you beat what CI's charging for a salomon of this caliber? Well played CI! I highly recommend and have a box being shipped right now.
JS of El Dorado Hills, CA
Great cigars! When I first tried them I bought a box of mixed cigars - 10 CT, 20 Habano and 10 Maduro. For the price, and on the recommendation of the CI staff at the Bethlehem store, I took the gamble. I won big! If you like a Nicuaragan cigar, the Habanos are wonderful and every once in a while, when I have a taste for a lighter or bolder cigar. the CT and Maduro do the job. Because of their size, I typically smoke them when doing yard work, playing golf, slow-grilling some food or just chillin' on the deck or patio. However, if I have to stop before they're done, there are no worries about not finishing an expensive cigar!
HB of Branchburg, NJ
I am constantly trying new cigars looking for that one perfect cigar...taste, smoke, price. I am always coming back to this cigar. I recommend them to my fishing and Golf buddies all the time, give them one and they always say wow...Great cigar
....Despite its prodigous size the Reposado '96 is a very easy and pleasant smoke until about 3/4 through. Then it takes a turn for the worse and requires frequent cleansing of the palate with a beverage just to finish. However, considering it took about an hour to get to that point you could just dump it in the ashtray at that point and still have had more than your money's worth. This is a really good cigar for the golf course because if you can stick with it, you will have about completed nine holes before the nub....
CB of Murfreesboro, TN
I ordered the Connecticut wrapper and I got the habano on accident. No big deal. I lit one up right outta the box and I could tell right away they would need humi time. They sat in my humidor for two weeks and made a huge difference. Its a mellow smoke but its still got a little meat on it. A bit of spice when you first light up. With every puff it gets more creamy. I'm sincerely impressed. Excellent taste Lots of smoke. Even burn. Stays lit. 7.1 inches long. What else could you want?! Definitely will buy again.
JG of kentwood, LA
When I order a cigar I've never tried, I always smoke one right off the truck, just to see if it needs time in the humi. Some do, some don't. These definitley do. They have a strong barnyard odor at first, but it settles down after a few days and the cigar gets better with time. I smoked a couple, then left the rest in the humidor for about 5 months,[ hoping I hadn't just wasted my money ] and that made a world of difference. The flavor went from strong, a little bitter and unpleasnt to rich, smooth, leathery and well worth the wait. Now, I know many of us want to order cigars and smoke'em as soon as we get'em, but these are worth buying and investing the time. Look at it this way: Buy'em now and they'll be ready just in time to sit under your favorite shade tree, cold beer in hand and enjoy the summer breeze.
I brought a brick of these lovelies on a 3.5 week golf vacation and was impressed with the taste, great construction, even burn and all around goodness. A Very Solid Smoke that my cigar buddies overseas also raved about. They will be standard issue going forward for personal usage, gifts, and special occasions. Highly recommend. Cheers - G
I wrote a review a while back, saying the Reposado Maduro had a barnyard odor when first opened. This time I ordered the Habano and didn't notice it with these. I've only had them in the humidor for a couple weeks and they've already got that rich tobacco smell and flavor. To me, the Habanos are ready to smoke right out of the box, although they do get better with time. Nice to see a price drop, but CI is known for good deals so I'm not surprised.
It's only taken me three years to try these cigars? Time wasted for sure, these two dollar cigars are by far the best every day smokes I've had. They're a bit soft but you do not have to babysit them, a cool even burn with plumes of ample buttery smoke. It smokes the same throughout until the last three inches or so, then it gets just a little spice to it, not much but enough to change it up and keep it interesting. The last inch is by far the best of the cigar. Woody, creamy, spicy and toasty. Do yourself a favor, don't wait three years to smoke these, these will be a main staple in my humi.
Got to try one of these and man let me tell you they are awesome smokes! I love em'! They could easily charge twice the price and they would still be a great deal.
GP of Lake George, NY
Upgraded myself from a 5 pack to the box and all I got to say is wow
OC of Pensacola, FL
The Reposado compares to some premiums costing $8-$10. I enjoyed it very much.
JW of Bowling Green, FL
I think these are one of the best deals out there. I like the style and size. As for the flavor and aroma, well the cigar speaks for itself. It's delicious, cool burning, and tastes great. It burns even, and it feels smooth and silky to the touch. A must try for any smoker.
GD of Bridgeview, IL
Got a 5-pack of these just before a date night at Charlestown Casino. Mild, a bit smoky, and tasted really good. Only comment I got was "wow, what a cigar." Took two, it turned to be a good evening at the least.
Great everyday smoke. I prefer the Habanos to the other two by far. If you enjoy smoking often and don't have the cash to smoke a $20 cigar every day then buy a $79 box of thirty and get a months supply of satisfying enjoyment. Great for the course too, 9 holes on a calm day, 7 holes on a windy day.
An amazing mild cigar for the price. It's smooth all the way but a little advice, leave it in the humidor for a few days and then light one up, the flavors get even better. Go for it you will not be disappointed.
DC of howard beach, NY
Excellent smoke. The CT wrapper is the best!
MN of Unionville, CT
This is a poor man's Cuban. After I read the staff reviews I had to order a 5 pack; I got the maduros which were awesome. Then I tried the Habanos which I didn't care for; too light for me. The maduros are spicy, yet creamy and burn and draw fantastic. I have smoked 50+ of these and never had one burn or draw bad. Absolute steal for the price. Smoke one every night! Cheers!
Very good everyday smoke and good value. Mild and semi-smooth. Could not finish one in one sitting, but was always good to pick up again after refreshing the tip with a new cut.
AE of Fremont, CA
I've made several orders and all have smoked well, even, quality construction. This is a cigar I always have in my humidor, I would consider it on the low medium side. If you don't have time for an hour smoke, don't put a match to this one.
DM of Taylor, MI
This is a great smoke, excellent value for the $ spent. Full draw, robust flavor, notes of espresso and caramel. Long smoke, 1 1/2 -2 hours. I would put this up against any 90+ rated cigar.
JK of Old Greenwich, CT
I'm going to have to buy a box of these to age and keep a box to smoke. They are perfect for everyday smokes....
BG of Fort Knox, KY
A great cigar for the price! Long lasting and fairly smooth.
SP of joshua, TX
If you're not sure if you'll like these, get the 5 pack. Then you'll buy the chest. I've only tried the Connecticuts and am very pleased. If you like the Perdomo Mistakes, you'll love this. Last night I was torn between one of these and a Casa Torano. Both are exceptional cigars, but this one won in the end - at least for last night.
This is an interesting cigar! Lots of very nice characters in it, it's a great every day cigar and the price is right. You really can't go wrong here Thanks guys, will definitely buy this fella!
EA of Encinitas, CA
Excellent. Very nice, good old style cigar, and well priced. Enjoyable smoke...
TA of Medfield, MA
Hay cigar fans... My wife gave me these for Christmas. I was a little disappointed at first. I am a cigar snob one might say but I had one while having my morning coffee the next day. I had to double check I grabbed the rite one from my humidor. It was great from start to finish. Smooth and silky / great draw / No cheap taste at all / The cigar is not fancy with allot of spice or any certain flavor. Just relaxing and smooth. Don't look into it deeply just go with the flow. I am going to put this on the top of my every day smoke list. Keep it coming CI you never stop amazing me. DH Brandon FL
DH of Brandon, FL
very nice cigar for me light
...hard to draw, bad aftertaste, and hard starting.
BG of Lake Forest, IL