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Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta”

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The Carlos Torano Reserva Selecta comments are dead on target. I have smoked many cigars, but; this Churchill is the best bihar to my liking I have smoked in quite some time. You can bet I will load up on these. I found one today at a military installation. I will order a box ASAP.
The Torano Reserva Select are truly elegant cigars. Very mild but booming with great creamy flavor and masterfully constructed. You could spend alot more on other cigars but you would not get a better cigar! The boxed presentation of the torpedo is a work of art that you come to expect from Carlos Torano.
This is the cigar that turned me into an afficionado (Reserva Selecta Carlos Torano). While visiting Bermuda, I happened to buy a box of these after being given presented one as a gift, and I have been trying to find these in stores ever since. This cigar still has a place at the top of my humidor, and the top of my list of favorite smokes. Incredibly smooth, mild deliciousness! Makes me want to make up words!
An awesome cigar (Reserva Selecta Carlos Torano). One of the smoothest from top to bottom you will ever smoke. Macanudo was one of my favorites, but this cigar sets a higher standard for mild cigars.
Oh my god, quite literally the best cigar I've ever had (Reserva Selecta Carlos Torano)! The Toraño family is definitely writing history with this magnificent blend. Thank you Carlos!