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Customer Reviews of “Xen by Nish Patel”
“I would have to say XEN by Nish Patel is one of the best Connecticut wrapped cigar I have ever smoked. The construction on this cigar is magnificent. If you enjoy Connecticut's with a unique flavor like Perdomo Reserve Champagne or Angelenos 2010, you will love XEN.”
RH of Coraopolis, PA
“A really solid Connecticut-shade cigar. Not at all what I expected. Sure, it has woody and nutty notes, but there was a prominent coffee overtone that was present throughout. A great medium bodied stick that was full of rich flavors. Give it a try!”
MV of Kenner, LA
“I had read about it and liked the description. Spotted one at my local cigar store, so I gave it a try.. Wow! Loved it. Smooth, creamy and a ton of smoke. I am ordering some today..”
SJ of Grand Prairie, TX
“Historically, I have not been a fan of Connecticut-wrapped cigars and the Xen, like others before it, failed to win me over. It's a good-looking well-made cigar, but the flavor disappoints. Typically, Connecticut wrappers leave an acrid taste in my mouth as if I forgot to remove the cellophane before lighting up. This cigar was no exception.”
MC of Peachtree City, GA
“Love the XEN!!!!! Nice smooth smoke, good burn line. Has a nice spice to it the entire cigar. Flavors are not overly complex, but alter and change throughout. Nice morning smoke or smoke for a change of pace!”
DC of Plano, TX
“A terrific cigar. Well made and smooth taste with a creamy finish. Can be a bit pricey but worth the money for a long lasting smoke.”