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Romeo y Julieta Miniatures Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.43 out of 5 Based on 23 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Romeo y Julieta Miniatures”

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5 out of 5
Romeo y Julieta Minatures
Great quick smoke when you want to enjoy a good quality cigar when you don't the benefit of the extra time to enjoy a regular sized cigar.
4 out of 5
Nice & Tasty 5+ Minute Smoke
This tiny stick (twig?) smokes really fast, more like a morsel than and snack, so to speak. Nevertheless, the flavor profile is nice, a little pepper with voluminous smoke output. I think I'd like a slightly larger ring-gauge (say, 7-10 minutes), but this fits the need of an ultra-fast smoke. I'd probably buy again, if for the taste alone.
3 out of 5
Good flavor, great price!
I've been on a cigarillo kick lately and have tried many from the CI catalog. These definitely stand out as better than many. The flavor is on point and the price is outstanding.
5 out of 5
Great short smoke
If you have little time and little money these are your answer.
3 out of 5
not what I expected
I usually buy Bandidos, but I was looking for something along the same line but a little stronger. The R&J seem more like a cigarette replacement, not something to puff on leisurely. It certainly delivers the nicotine, but flavor not what I wanted.
5 out of 5
Very happy with product would
Very happy with product would buy again
5 out of 5
Great Prices
Excellent Selection with great prices
5 out of 5
Romeo miniature
Great little cigar when you don't have time for a real cigar
3 out of 5
worth trying
Tasty little guys. I bought to have a quick smoke with friends, but I still just love a regular cigar.
5 out of 5
Keep em around for the ladies
I really like these as minitures. Fun, sweet and full of flavor. About a 15 minute smoke. I brought my wedding reception in with RyJ cedros. Passed these out to the bridesmaids. They are great.
4 out of 5
Quick break smoke
a little sweet flavor perfect for a quick break
5 out of 5
Excellent as always
I have ordered from CI several times now, and have yet to be anything but fully satisfied. The order comes quickly and is well packaged, and the products are always as expected.
5 out of 5
Great Cigars
These cigars are great and I enjoy them very much everyday. Time to re-order again
4 out of 5
Good, not as good as Red's
5 out of 5
great little smoke
I've tried several different cigarillos, and so far this one is my favorite.
5 out of 5
Nice Burn
These cigarillos are full flavored and robust and burn really nicely. Good value for such a small cigar.
4 out of 5
Mild and smooth
The Blues are mild and smooth as described. Consistent with Dominican taste. Not the big flavor of a larger cigar with more care put into it. The size is almost identical to a cigarette, but of course more like a cigar. The smoke is very smooth and NOT like some other less cared for miniature cigars. I am not a big fan of mild so I will not likely go at it again, but none the less, I do not regret smoking them.
4 out of 5
Romeo y Julieata Miniatures
As always Romeo y Julieta's are good quality cigars. However, they are a little smaller than I would have preferred.
5 out of 5
sneak a smoke
Perfect little cigar for todays way of life. With the fast pace and no smoking anywhere world we live in this little guy will get you through. Great taste, nice smooth finish and she is quick. half a dozen puffs and she is up in smoke. Perfect for not having to waste a good thing
5 out of 5
Great little cigars
a very pleasant 5 minute smoke
4 out of 5
Tasty but tiny
I like the flavor of these little sticks, but they're only good for about ten minutes. A tasty (very) quick smoke.
5 out of 5
Perfect ‘bar hoppers’.
Perfect ‘bar hoppers’.
4 out of 5
A good little cigar... even though I'm not one for the sweets
These were very tasty, and nice for trucking between jobs. Not one for a sweet cigar, but these were not overpowering in their sweetness. Tried the neutral blue, which were more up my alley
Customer Testimonials
I have tried about four other brand names and these are just exactly what I was looking for. They are creamy, not to punchy, and great taste. The aroma....not overwhelming and best of all the tobacco quality, used to make these little sticks. I came back to buy a complete box and they are backorderd so I'll go whith my other choice: Black and Tan cigarillos.
I bought the Red Tin and these were surprisingly great. They had a nice burn and big smoke. The only downside with respect to other cigarillos is the duration was short. Overall, I would recommend these whether for a quick break, trout fishing, or an everyday smoke.
Good cigar!
Very tasty.
These are really small cigarillos. 5-10min burn. I bought them in hopes to be like the Julietas but these were smaller and less flavorful. They were leathery, earthy, and a lil peppery.
Really small! I got the white. Man do they pack a punch! I got them yesterday and I'm down to 8. Definitely enjoyable for a quick smoke! Will reorder. Can't go wrong with these!
Nice smooth little cigar. Great for the drive in to work.
I'm on my 3rd box of the blue's, and I have to say that these are really great for their size. I mean to say that I have smoked through many small cigarillo's, and none have tasted like a cigar except this one. Buy NOW, thank me later.
Very pleasant aroma, as well as a very complex flavor profile, great for a quick walk around the park.
One of my favorite mini cigars.
Bought a box of the whites to try out and must say, my opinion, well worth the price. I was initially surprised at the smaller size. but they are minis. Though it has indeed worked out in my favor, especially since smoking outdoors in a polar vortex is a great way to loose a couple of fingers and/or toes to frost bit. These things are nice little "snacks" when you don't have the time for a "standard" cigar.
The best inexpensive cigarillos I've tried.
Not a fan. Tried the white and the red labels and was not very pleased. I think the red might edge out the white by a small margin in flavor, and though I generally don't care for the addition of "aroma" it was tolerable in this case. I had some inconsistency of construction throughout each tin, with several being very loosely rolled so you could flatten them with no effort, making them almost unsmokable. Burn time was VERY fast but the draw was good with most. Personally I like a 10-15 minute quick cigarillo when I don't have time to enjoy a full-sized smoke, but these are gone in 5-7 minutes. Have been working through most of the mini's and cigarillos available locally, and sadly I have to say I will not be getting these again, with burn time and mediocre flavor being the major reasons.
These are so far my favorite tiny cigars. They are nice and smooth with a great draw.
I order the (Romeo y Julieta miniatures)-(Red) by accident and boy I'm glad I did. These little guys are just right when you're short on time or you just need a fix. It does have a nice aroma, but dang it have some pepper to it and a nice creamy tobacco flaver. I would recommend these to people who need a quick and enjoyable smoke and those who are coming off cigarettes and coming to the great world of cigars.
I bought a tin of the reds just to try them and they smell nice in the tin, kind of like a Swisher with a hint of cinnamon spice, but the flavor is so-so. The spice doesn't really come through and you're left with an OK tobacco flavor.
Nice little smoke esp. when not lots of time. Plenty of taste and punch for a little guy. And with winter cold coming on....