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Customer Reviews of “Piloto Cubano”
“I picked up a box of torpedos on a CI special for 39.99..I let them rest for a month in my humi before firing one up. Very pleasant smoke (volumes), nice ash, really constructed well with only one light on the triple flame and no canoeing. This cigar reminds me of the ones my Grt. Grandpa would smoke...and smoke in the house...my wife loved the smell of the Piloto cubano...no bitterness and it left a clean taste in my mouth and great to exhale through the nose...nuts? No...just clean cigar tobacco. I'll buy a box the next time they come on sale. Oh, I would not classify this as a yard cigar...just one that I'd be glad to give my friends for a very pleasant smoke or go fishing with cause I don't have to relight it or worry about it unwravelling!”
JH of Mena, AR
“for the cold NY nights I got tired of freezing, smoking premium cigars on my deck, rushing through the smoke so I tried these. This is about the best (Piloto Cubano) of the many affordable, special deals I've tried on your site. Creamy and smooth with nice smoke; perfect for a quick 30-minute smoke. Thanks again!”
PB of fresh meadows, NY
“So I'm lookin' to add a cheap, mild, Dominican "no name" to my usual order for Perdomo's and Torano's, when along comes the CI "Deal Of The Day" in my email and this little puppy is featured. The boys at CI have never let me down, so I sprang for a box of Torpedos and held my expectations down. After the usual one week visit to the humi to allow them to "settle down", I fired one up. WOW! What a great, tasty, mild little pearl this is. Excellent construction, even, cool burn, tight ash, and a boatload of flavor. These are a close-out, so get 'em now while we can. At the price, they're hard to beat for a nice "anytime" smoke. Thanks again, CI - you guys are the best!”
MD of Dania Beach, FL
“I tried a box of these, after reading some positive reviews, and I just wasn't impressed. They have the feel of a cheaply-made cigar, and every other one tends to unravel the second it's cut (my #1 cigar pet peeve). These go straight into the box of "hand 'em out at parties to people who don't know any better". For the price, though, it's worth buying for that exact occasion.”
CP of Las Vegas, NV
“I ordered a box of these (Piloto Cubano) in robusto size while it was the weekly special. I figured for for the price what am I out if I don't like it. Well they came in the mail, just as fast as always. (Maybe CI should offer customer service classes to other companies, CI seems to have it down perfect from start to finish.) I was just amazed by this cigar. For a light bodied stick it has lots of flavor. Draws beautifully with lots of creamy smoke. Burns even all the way down to the nub. The aroma is overly pleasant. If you read CI's description of this stogie, you will be reading the absolute truth. I will be officially adding this one into my rotation. You should definately give this one a try.”
TA of Des Moines, IA
“I picked up a box of these in the toro size (Piloto Cubano) and was concerned that for the price I wasn't going to get much. Boy was I wrong! I burned one the day I got them and wasn't all that impressed, it was a little rough, had burn and heat issues and was what I was expecting for the price. After a few days in the humidor I decided to try another one, wow! What a difference a few days made! Nice even burn, nice aroma, great mellow creamy taste. For the price this cigar can't be beat. I can't wait to see how they taste after a few weeks of humidor curing. This lil puppy is now my everyday "good morning" smoke, goes great with with an unsweetened latte. Try a box and I'm sure you will agree.”
TK of Everett, WA
“I picked up a box on a whim and decided to test my luck with these. I usually smoke La Gloria's and decided to try something lighter. The smoke was really not that bad. I remembered having a Macanudo and how this sort of tasted like it as I lit it up and took the first smoke in. The cigar had a nice and even burn, and I never had to relight. I'm happy with it and am not embarrassed to say so!”
R of KMoosic, PA
“Folks, this cigar is okay for the price. It is long filler and hand made, but nothing special. Use it if you smoke several cigars a day and are looking for volume. Use it if you need sticks to give away to friends who don't know what they are smoking. Otherwise, probably not worth the space in your humi. Good price though and nothing offensive about the stick.”
JB of farmington, CT
“I noticed this cigar in the catalog and decided that for the price it was worth a try. I was looking for something mild, good for a morning golf game, and I was definately pleasantly suprised. After allowing it to chill out in my humidor for a couple days after delivery; I brought one out to the course with me. Nice creamy flavor that remained mild throughout. I would definately recommend this as a "breakfast cigar", and as far as the price goes I feel you'd be hard pressed to beat it.”
DP of Hollywood, FL
“Got one of these in the Po Boys II sampler. First impressions were not so great. Very loose roll, sorta like after trying to re-roll toilet paper. Lit well and gave a good even burn but with loose ash that fell off easily. Not much flavor and a too easy draw which I attribute to the loose roll. Probably, or at least I hope, the worst of the sampler, but I smoked the whole thing anyway, cause the only thing cheaper than the cigar is me. I would buy again as part of a sampler but definitely not individually.”
“I got two of these as samplers. Since I am relatively new to cigar-smoking, I mark the back of cigar labels with a grade and brief description so I can remember my reaction to them. I smoked the pair a few weeks apart. Without checking the first one's evaluation I smoked the second and found that I gave almost the same evaluation to both of them. "zero grade, hardly any taste, came apart." I guess no more of these for me.”
IK of Mission Viejo, CA
“You should not buy these cigars ever! You won't like them, I promise you. In fact, I'll do you a favor, I'll buy them and enjoy, er, suffer them. Seriously, a great cigar. Love Piloto Cubano and so bummed they are currently out of stock, as I'm out of them too.”
“Great smoke; very mild, but flavorful. Have bought more.”
JW of High Ridge, MO