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Raji's Untimely Demise Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Raji's Untimely Demise”
OK, this isn't a ten buck cigar. And if you smoke it right off the truck, then you're going to be turned off. Get your 20 sticks, and put them way in the back of your humidor. Let them rest for two months. Then release them. You'll find that they have generous smoke, a nice mild taste - and bottom line, worth every cent of the dollar you paid for the stick. A great week night cigar - reserve the E.P. Carillo for the weekends :)
TS of Rowlett, TX
I ordered a bundle of these "beauties" because they were on sale for $15. The first one I tried tasted a bit like it was made of leftovers from a hay bale and looked like it had been rolled out of motled cardboard. Other than that it was ok, it burned even and all the way to the end. At roughly 75 cents apiece these can become a work in the yard or give-a-way smoke to people I want to deter from smoking my primo sticks.
DH of Pell City, AL
Generally a good low priced cigar. This review is based on 2 cigars from a sampler. The taste is good, but a little rough around the edges. Both cigars burned very well. Certainly worth the price.
PB of Deland, FL
Not bad at all, especially for a buck. Smoke was very mild and pleasant enough. The wrapper started to unwrap on me, but didn't really give me any issues till I got to the last 1/3rd (which it was about time to let it die at that point anyways). Overall a good burn and it burned very evenly with a long ash. While I'm not going to rush out and buy a dozen boxes, it's one I wouldn't mind smoking again.
AB of Saint Cloud, FL
Not so bad cigar. Got as part of the Po Boys sampler and is so far one of the better ones in the sampler. Construction not as firm as a quality cigar and I could feel a stem through the wrapper. Burned even with a nice flavor to the end. I would buy these again as a cheap yard-work cigar.
Let them sit!!! If you smoke them off the truck, you will be turned off. The are a great budget, yard cigar but nothing to brag to your friends about. Mild flavor with hints of complexity that tease you, yet don't quite come out. However, if you are looking for a mild, cheap, decent daily smoke, for the price it's not bad.
TP of Athens, GA
As other reviewers have said, this isn't a $5 or $10 cigar, but it is a real surprise. Mine had a great draw, burned evenly, and smoked evenly from start to finish. I will be ordering more as long as they are available.
DC of Sharpsburg, GA
Great cigar real mild and a good smoke.
RG of Calhoun, GA