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Overall Rating 4.59 out of 5 Based on 61 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Punch”

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5 out of 5
Excellent smoke
While this smoke look small and bland, it has great flavor and perfect burn and draw. This is one of my go to smokes when I have less than an hour to smoke.
5 out of 5
I have greatly enjoyed the
I have greatly enjoyed the Punch Rothschild for many years. it is my favorite cigar.
5 out of 5
Cigars International Feedback 01/20/2016
I have said it before and will say it again ... Cigars International ... Provides (top quality) Products and Services. And they do as such ... Consistently! Finally, I recommend anyone who ... Smokes/Purchases ... Cigars, should look in to Cigars International's Website. You (will not) be Disappointed! I Promise!
5 out of 5
Great Service
I use C.I. For the majority of my cigar purchases. Easy to use and deliveries made within a couple of days. I recommend to all of my friends.
4 out of 5
The Champion of Daily smokes!
Punch is one of my favorite go to brands for reliable quality and above average flavor. The champion doesn't really change the basics but it does add a flair of style in its great looking double perfecto shape. Smoking this beauty makes you instantly feel like your income is 10% higher than it really is. So, if you want to look and feel classy, while smoking an affordable, tasty little gem, you owe it to yourself to pick up a box of these babies.
5 out of 5
punch cigars
I've been smoking these cigars for awhile now, and they are a very good and consistent cigar
5 out of 5
Very good cigars
5 out of 5
Great smoke, good prices.
Great smoke, good prices.
5 out of 5
Always great service and timely delivery. I cannot praise CI enough for their professionalism.
5 out of 5
I'm a carpenter, not a critic...
However, if I could have just one cigar brand to smoke daily, this would be the one...
4 out of 5
Smooth. Full bodied.
Smooth. Full bodied.
5 out of 5
Must have!!!
Delicious!! Prefect draw, razor sharp burn line, good ash best of all great flavors and a medium to full body!
5 out of 5
Great prices quality cigars
Great prices quality cigars
5 out of 5
I am in Thailand and
I am in Thailand and someone is hand carrying the cigars in January, Your service is always first rate as I am certain the smokes will be Thanks
4 out of 5
Good flavor, pleasant taste, and smell, even burn. Draw on most are restricted.
5 out of 5
Great job nice fresh cigars
5 out of 5
Great Smoke
I love these little guys, its a great price for a great smoke. I'm no cigar expert by any means I just know what I like. These take about 30-45 min to smoke which is perfect for me as I have to smoke outside and this time of year it gets cold! They have a good amount of smoke and good taste. I definitely recommend.
5 out of 5
No Question
The most consistent smoke on the market.
5 out of 5
never a disappointment!
If you're a hardcore Connecticut smoker, this probably isn't the cigar for you, but if you generally enjoy a Connecticut, but sometimes need something with more flavor and gusto, this is the crown jewel in my opinion. I love flavorful Connecticuts, but they have nothing on this magnificent's simply the best cigar ever in my opinion.
5 out of 5
Can't go wrong
Not going to over-complicate this. It's a Punch cigar the brand sells itself
5 out of 5
Clever review title here.
Punch is my go to cigar. At any given time I'll have three or four cigars to choose from in my humidor. Montecristo, Ghurka, Man-o war....but always Punch. As far as flavor, that's personal preference so I won't go into that...but construction and just can't beat a Punch. Cut it, toast, and light... then set your torch down and forget it. Relax and enjoy.
5 out of 5
Open Box Cigars returned
This was very professionally done and we appreciate your attention to what to place
5 out of 5
cant go wrong
great 30-40 min smoke
5 out of 5
Always good!
CAO Brazil box press for vacation, perfect!
4 out of 5
I've always liked Punch stories.
I've always liked Punch stories. Smooth, good draw, high quality.
5 out of 5
Punch London Club Maduro
Great smoke rich full flavor. Nice 45 minute smoke!
4 out of 5
A real punch
really good cigar, very consistent, well made , good draw, great flavor.
5 out of 5
Overall a good smoke
Punch is and always had been one of my favorites. Let alone a maduro wrapper but my last shipment I found myself constantly having to relight which I'm sure was due to too much humidification. I won't give up on them but I would apreciate not having go waste my butane!
5 out of 5
Quality Product
I've always been satisfied with Punch Pita cigars. They are excellent. I also appreciate the easy ordering process at Cigars International, and the prices (tho it's too bad that, right now, taxes are driving prices up). I get many positive comments from people about the fragrance of these cigars (I'm allowed to smoke them at the Sioux casino here in MN), which makes me happy, because I'm a woman and I really do love them!
5 out of 5
Punch Magnum
My go to everyday cigar…perfect size and smoke.
1 out of 5
Worst cigar I have ever
Worst cigar I have ever purchased. Could get through a third of it.
5 out of 5
Fine quality cigars, super prices,
Fine quality cigars, super prices, Very fast delivery. Thanks
5 out of 5
Punch Rothschild
Great cigar, great price.
5 out of 5
What more could you ask for
Fantastic products and Great sevice Thanks CI
5 out of 5
I notified the company that
I notified the company that the cutter they sent did not work and the lighter broke the second day. Without any questions they replaced both . That's great customer service and will bring me back again
5 out of 5
Punch's London Club is an excellent smoke when you don't have the time to fire up something bigger. It smokes and burns well and is an excellent cigar for everyday.
5 out of 5
Good company and I smoke Punch cigars
4 out of 5
Punch London club
Short time smoke that packs a strong flavor
1 out of 5
The bonus 5 pack!
Punch Champions were outstanding as usual, the bonus 5 pack of Punch Signitures were very disappointing. The were dry and would not stay lite.
5 out of 5
perfect small cigar
These are a great size and perfect when you do not have time for a big cigar. The taste is great too.
5 out of 5
Greg Morris' Review
I have been a customer of CI for years and have never been disappointed in their products, prices, or service.
3 out of 5
Cigars arrived as expected but. as usual, dry and required several days in the humidor to bring them back .
5 out of 5
Punch Magnum + 5 pack
The magnum is one of my go too favorite smokes. The 5 pack I did not care and would not buy.
2 out of 5
punch elites were nice burned smooth
the new punch 5 pack were not so good didn't burn well bitter tasting would not reorder them
5 out of 5
I love punch!
These cigars really pack a lot of flavor for a corona. Certainly enjoyable, not very complex, first half tasted like the second half, nice and smooth. Ash seems like it would run the whole cigar without falling. I ash about an inch and a half. They pack a good amount of strength in a little package. I am just starting out with cigars, but these tend to leave me with a good feeling when I am done.
4 out of 5
Good smoke
Not the most experienced smoker but bought a box to hand out to buddies when we were in the mood. Good smoke only had slight draw issues on one out of ~15. burned nicely. Good flavor great for price. Will probably try another low cost box of something else just to widen my experience but defiantly recommend these
5 out of 5
great flavor and even burn
great flavor and even burn
4 out of 5
Punch me all day!
My favorite 30 min smoke. Flawless wrapper, draw and consistent burn n taste.
5 out of 5
Always satisfying.
My "go to" cigar. Always satisfying.
5 out of 5
Punch Rothschild Maduro
Fine smoke, 90 percent of the cigars are well made. About 2 out of 50 are canoe burning, stem packed losers. But overall the box of fifty provides good value for a 50 minute long smoke of a spicy maduro cigar.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
mellow smoke
5 out of 5
Great Service
I've tried others but always come back to CI. Can't beat the prices and service. Just bought another box of Punch Pita's and got the right away because they are always in stock. Thanks CI.
4 out of 5
punch quality
I enjoyed them. They are very middle of the road, but good. Punch Champions are my typical punch fav., but these fit the bill as a light non-offensive, mild yet good morning coffee type of smoke.cheers
5 out of 5
A very tasty and quality smoke
I've been ordering, and smoking Punch Elite cigars for quite a while, and have found them to be very aromatic, and pleasurable. Cigars International offers them at a great price, and always delivers them in record time. Local cigar stores in my area are a big ripoff with their ridiculous prices, while CI always pleases!
5 out of 5
Great cigars , fast delivery great don't buy cigars anywhere else
5 out of 5
Always tasty.
Reliably pleasant smoke,good draw,solid flavor without being too strong.
4 out of 5
Small Cigar, Big taste!
Great Cigar, Great price, real Smooth!
5 out of 5
Always good service and prompt
Always good service and prompt delivery of a very enjoyable cigar.
5 out of 5
punch magnum
Great cigar for the money. Can smoke it down to an inch and still have that great taste.
4 out of 5
Punch bolos
Great cigar in a little package. Perfect for traveling or when you don't have an hour to enjoy a full cigar. All the flavor and enjoyment of the full size Punch cigars.
4 out of 5
great combo,good cigars!
great combo,good cigars!
Customer Testimonials
This is one of the best cigars out there. Surprisingly flavorful, strong enough, but not overpowering. Becoming one of my go to cigars, when craving for a delicious smoke.
The London Club and the Bolo are great short smokes. Tasty, med-full, good construction and smoke output.
I am on to the London Club Maduro. Definitely taste the spiciness. Strong, but a great mild after taste. Surprised such a flavor pours out of this little stick.
They're not kidding when they named these Cigars "Punch" as they pack a right cross to the jaw of a strong tobacco buzz. I think Punch cigars have a very nice sophisticated natural taste and one of the stronger cigar buzzes I've experienced. I'm a big fan of this brand, but I have to warn these cigars may not be for the faint of heart or those not acclimated to cigars.
The Punch is one of best cigars I have ever tried! I will always have more of them!
We have a little News and Cigar store that just opened up here where I live. They dont have alot of cigars, but I got 2 Punch London Club EMS 5x40's. Wow, I was shocked; they are good. This will be my go to smoke. Very good after dinner cigar; "bold and full". I am going to have to price out a box of them.
....I have smoked more cigars than I can remember; the Punch is possibly the closest thing we will ever see to a true Cuban for many years. It's a great smoke at a great price. These sticks will out due any smoke in the 5 to 15 dollar range. Anyone who says different has no idea what a good smoke is.
The 1st cigar I ever smoked, was a Punch. A real cigar, I mean. Full bodied & full flavored, the Punch Pita introduced me to the pleasures of properly blended & consistently executed cigar manufacturing. Even today, over 40 years later, Punch remains the same. An old friend, that never lets you down. I have smoked so many Rothschilds, London Clubs, Pitas & After Dinners over the decades, that I can recognize the taste blindfolded. I do prefer Diesel, Man-O-War & Prensado for their more complex flavor profiles, yet I can always find a few Punch offerings deep inside my humidors. Bareknuckle is one of my favorites, too. Rare Corojo is outstanding as well. Consistent, leathery & affordablly priced, Punch earns a solid 89/100. Rare Corojo a 90 & Bareknuckle 91.
My Punch Elites always have a delightful aroma, and a delicious taste. They always burn evenly, and leave a tight ash. I have been extremely pleased with these cigars. The price from Cigars International has always been very reasonable, that's why I continue to buy my Elites from CI.
The Punch Rothschild Oscuro is the cigar that made me fall in love with smoking in the first place, and my affection for this particular stick has not diminished one iota since then. Every time I light one up, two things happen: one, I shake my head and wonder why I ever smoke anything else; and two, I reflect on how thankful I am that the people who produce these cigars have never felt the need to "improve," "innovate," "experiment," or otherwise screw up a perfect work of art... So to Villazón & Co., and to the ghost of Frank Llaneza, I say thanks for having the wisdom to leave a good thing alone.
Nice smoke - I ordered more.
Cruise ship and a great cigar.
I received this cigar in a sampler pack. I've been patiently waiting to give it a try. I've read all of the rave reviews and my anticipation of smoking a potential beauty has finally come to an end. And the result was a complete let down. I sit here writing this review as I smoke this very cigar. I'm half way through a Punch Pita hoping it'll get better, hoping it'll give me a reason to ever buy it again. As of right now I'm sorry to say the verdict will be no. I'm not trying to discourage anyone from buying it, this is only my opinion. Its just not my taste in what I look for in a cigar.
Punch is always great tasting and this little number fits the bill when time is short.
On the figurado Punch Champion. First, I am a big fan of Punch cigars, as their consistency is always excellent. I was quite disappointed in the Champion figurado though, it had a very uneven burn, especially when approaching its large belly and had to be relit, burned only 1/2 even with rotating the cigar like a maniac.... Do yourself a favor and stick with standard Punch cigars.
Punch Gran Cru has always been my favorite smoke. On my last trip to C.I. Hamburg I found Punch Champion. After a smoke that had an ash down to the ring and a few cold Guinness, I now have a second favorite. There are now Champions in my humidor.
I have been searching for the perfect small cigar for years & never realized the best one out there was right under my nose. Punch Bolos are wonderful short smokes for a very reasonable price. With a 36 ring gauge, Bolos are one of the largest diameter small cigars available. With a 4.2" length expect a 30 minute burn time. The flavor is spot on to the EMS London Club & the consistency from 'gar to 'gar is unwavering. A recent sale netted me 30 for just over one bone & a half per vitola. Compared to Partagas or Cohiba, these are much cheaper. Give a 6 pack of Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapped, Connecticut Broadleaf bindered & Dominican, Nicaraguan & Honduran long fillered Bolos a try & see if you don't agree. These little suckers are delicious. 90/100
The London Club is one of my favorite. The cigars are good when they arrive but even better after a year. I wrap the whole box in plastic wrap tightly and put them in a plastic bin to rest for a year or more. Do this and you will be rewarded with a cigar that has a creamy, chocolate brownie,coffee,sweet cedar taste and aroma. Start getting your boxes now and get the rotation going. Punch is just right.
Like a bag of candy!!!!
Punch is my first venture into fuller-bodied cigars....and WOW... so much flavor packed into my Pita. A little earth, some leather and plenty of spice in this 'gar. Glad I still have a few in the humi!! Thanks CI!
Punch London Club (natural): Easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Average smoke output and mouth feel. Mild to medium strength and medium flavors. Sweet grass, hay and floral notes. A very mild white pepper lingers on the short finish. Other than a slight increase in strength just past the halfway point, this cigar remains consistent throughout.
You can't go wrong with punch. The aroma an burn are always great. I never had a bad one yet an I feel I'll never will. If you never had one. You must try them . Good price and a great cigar
The London Club Maduro is my go to stick! I love these little suckers; they have a hint of yellow raisins (which I love) and nice clouds of smoke. I've yet to have any construction issues.
WOW, where have you been? Just had my first Pita, but not my last. Good burn, great taste. I'd call it mild. On my list for next order.
Got the Punch in Pita size in a sampler and decided to try it once it stayed in my humidor for a month. First draw revealed a powerful spice flavor. I usually don't go for the stronger cigars, but this one hit the spot. Constantly has the pepper taste fading then coming back with even more power. Around the band point, I hit an area that was so strong that it was stinging the back of my throat. That soon faded after 2 more draws, but was a welcomed change. Ended the cigar an inch and a half from the cut due to it constantly needing 2 puffs to keep it from going out. Overall, its a pretty one dimensional stick with just a strong pepper flavor. A must try!
Got a tin of the Bolo cigarillos for my birthday. Smooth, medium flavored body. Pleasant-tasting wrap. Not bad for a knock around or a road trip smoke. I wouldn't mind trying some of the larger stogies and seeing how the flavor develops on those. Great little smokes.
Punch was my 1st love & 30 years later is still my favorite blend. EMS or maduro, you just can't go wrong with any of the offerings in this tremendous line of classic cubanesque cigars. When I saw a daily special offering 10 juicy Punch Pita EMS wrapped beauties for a song, I jumped on them. I only wish I had bought a couple more before the sale went away. They came in well wrapped 5 packs & were in pristine shape. Nine have gone into a deep cedar slumber, but I had to spark up 1 on the 6th day after they arrived. Just as always, the full bodied flavors attack my senses, but the overall profile is buttery smooth. A perfect draw, flawless construction & an even burn, are to be expected with the industries finest & that's exactly what you get, vitola after delicious vitola. You can spend a lot more, but you will be hard pressed to find a more consistent or scrumptious offering anywhere. Leap on any deal you see, that includes any of the many sizes of Punch. I have some Elites on backorder somewhere & a few Bareknuckles, too, I believe. I want to try the Champion, the Magnum, grab a few Uppercuts & don't forget one of the very best Corojo cigars around, the Rare Corojo. You get the idea. It's hard to go wrong with any Punch offering, yet it is reassuring to know that the original is still as viable, just as delicious & every bit as satisfying as anything in the marketplace.
Each time I try a different size and shape it's my favorite. this month it's a Rothschild maduro...smooth and full smoke...and 50 in a box!!! an orgasmic delight for the palate...punch is my go to...nuff said
Punch Pita, you have a fan in me. This cigar is one smooth smoke with flavors that transition between cream, leather, wood, and a hint spice. Take a few gentle draws and you'll see this cigar has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. If I had to choose, this would be my daily smoke.
A well made cigar that tastes great and packs a medium spicey body. The natural's slip stream smells like brownies baking in the oven. The Maduro is earthy and more creamy. Excellent cigar here!
I'm a lover of flavor, regardless of the strength bracket the cigar belongs in. This is a cigar that is loaded with hits of coffee and dark chocolate, brought together with a bit of spice. As it began it's decent, the smoke continued to stay smooth and cool, unlike those that destroy your palate. For those of you who love Bareknuckle, Diesel, Fortress, and the Edge, you will really be drawn to it's great construction, long ash, even burn, and great draw. It's almost like you can see what is waiting on you just before you make your burn. I became so involved with the one I was smoking, didn't check my fire line, and burned my finger. Try a five pack of these and see if you feel the way I do. A friggin good cigar.
Found some aging in a small walk in at a cigarette shop near the house. The cellos are a deep golden brown and the sticks are unbelievable. Planning on a box of Rothschilds to tuck away till they look like the ones in the store.
This is by far my favorite cigar. I have been trying sampler after sampler to find that holy grail of smokes, and here it is. Each person to their own taste of course, but nobody can deny the impeccable construction, pleasant flavor and unparalleled reliability of this cigar. This is one of those stogies that leaves no harsh flavor in your mouth at all, and that you want to smoke all the way down to the nub every time. I barely even want to eat or drink anything afterward because the aftertaste is so enjoyable. And at this price I feel like I am practically stealing these cigars. Just do not smoke one too fast, or you will figure out why they call them Punch...
Smoked one while bringing in the New Year and it was just Marvelous! Ash held tight and didn't fall off till more then an inch. This was my first punch cigar and needless to say it will not be the last! The aroma and flavor was flawless and as soon as I have a little more room in my humidor this will be my next added collection!
I was driving through a town called Troy, Ohio, and I Needed to unload a back seat full of empty fast food bags, come on, you know it's true, so I pulled up to the first Garbage can I saw, it happened to be at one of those cheap tobacco places, You know, Lottery, cigarettes and if your lucky, a glass top with a few cigars in it, well I went in, they did at least have some sort of humidity device working, But not much to choose from, I did see some acids, everybody carries them now, not for me, But I did see a box of punch 7" .45 ring, after dinner cigars, Been a long time since I had one of them, it was a very pleasant 40 mile drive back home, One thing that struck me, was a very nice spice, especially through the nose, Just a fantastic cigar, earthy and spicy, plenty of leather flavors. all the way to the nub, in fact, I burnt my finger on it, give em time they'll ban smoking in your car too. Burned a little uneven first inch, corrected and perfect last 6 inches, I loved this cigar. C.I.'S prices are crazy cheap, I paid 5 bucks for mine at the "Cheap" place, and worth every cent.
I ordered a box of the Punch Elite Naturals a couple of weeks ago and I was very pleased with the flavor, draw, and burn of the cigar. I just ordered another box. This great little cigar has quickly become one of my favorite daily smokes.
Although I'm no fan of med-full cigars, the Punch Magnum I rec'd in a sampler was excellent. Had a full, rich flavor with a hint of maduro sweetness. The draw and construction were top notch. I won't make this my regular cigar, but for you guys that like your women and cigars full-bodied, you can't go wrong.
London Club Maduro or as I like to call em the "Mad Punch" has got to be my favorite cigar at this point. Excellent burn, draw, taste, and copious amounts of satisfying smoke. These little babies will always have a home in my hummidor.
The Bolos, is my favorite short cigar. The flavor is perfect, always a great draw, and never an uneven burn. Great stuff, and for the money you really can't do any wrong here
I purchased a box of the 5x52 tubo, very nice aroma, great taste, just take your time, you cant smoke this one fast. Punch is a great cigar and I can't wait to order some different sizes.
C'mon Man! I have at least 65 Brands now in my 12 Humidors. the Pita in EMS and Maduro have always compared to the newest brands. These show a perfect burn, a medium plus taste, perfect construction, draw, and so on. You can't beat this old brand no matter how hard you try. This is a 2010 review btw.
Punch are my daily smokes and I don't see myself changing anytime soon. Why? Because they are an incredible value for the buck and a consistantly excellent cigar. London Clubs are my go to for a quick smoke over coffee. When I have a little more time and a chance to kick back it's with a Rothchild. Never had a bad cigar from Punch.
My pups been hiding for little more than 2 months. What a tasty smoke indeed. Very smooth creamy earthly type of smoke. Burns very well and a good 30 to 45 minutes of enjoyment. These elites 50×42 are worth the money that for sure. I love them in my rotation, at least once or twice a week. This one 90 or better.
I will not open my humidor unless there is at least one Punch (After Dinner) cigar in it... Honestly, I have to smoke one at least once a week. Punch is always enjoyable; think about it as a necessity. The flavor is nice and smooth, and the beginning of the cigar is subtle. About half-way through you will notice the cigar go into full-effect, which is nice, especially if you don't like being bombarded with craziness at your first draw.
Just finished my first Punch and wow! What a smoke. All I'll say here is I wish I wouldn't have waited so long. This is one that will stay in my humi and I'd offer to any of my smoking buddies.
Punch cigars will not let you down! Excellent cigar, excellent price (from CI). Just ordered a box today!
i just said something a couple messages down. i ordered a 5 pack of the Magnums and let them sit in my humidor for awhile (possibly two months) and i finally smoked one last night. It is a very good cigar i must say. I highly recommend Punch cigars.
I love these cigars. Plain and simple. I can never resist tearing open the package and smoking one right off the delivery truck. One of the most consistently enjoyable cigars out there, and in my opinion, the absolute best in it's price range.
I just finished one of these while watching the sunset over the Hudson River (i'm an undergrad at marist). This cigar was perfect. It had great construction, was med-full, and had a nice smooth finish. I smoked it til i almost burned myself and even got a bit of a head rush, which usually doesn't happen to me. And with their great price, I'll definately be putting some of these in my humi real soon
i've only tried a punch cigar once. It wasn't actually mine so I didn't get to enjoy the whole thing and i'm not sure on which type it was. But it was a very good cigar for its price. They're a lot cheaper on here too. I plan on ordering a box sometime soon.
I have been enoying (Punch) cigars for 29-yrs. They are definatley my go to cigar. My favorite would be the maduro Elites not only for the flavor with such a sweet finish , but also the fine price of around 3-bucks a stick. Try this cigar-- it is not only flavorful but a very fine deal in the cigar world.
(Punch) has never really been a "go to" cigar for me. That's no knock. It's just that there are so many fantastic cigars! Anyway, I have been on the hunt for a good sub-1 hour smoke. I've tried many, but I keep coming back to this little Punch London Club. Wow, what a neat little cigar! Although it is small in stature, this little guy packs a flavorful punch, pun intended! It has the all the flavor of its bigger brothers, and is very consistent. I'm sure that the LC is no secret to Punch lovers, but to me this has become a perfect 45 minute uncompromising surprise. The value is good, but don't let that fool you. LC is a great short-drive cigar. If you are looking for a quicky but you don't want to sacrifice quality, try a London Club. You'll be smiling.
I first bought a( Punch) from a local corner store not expecting much. It was only a $5 stick so i figured it was just an average to below average cigar. Boy, these things have a lot of taste to 'em. The flavor of the Punch stays with you, but not in a bad way. If you want a full bodied cigar for a nice price i recommend trying a Punch, but get em from CI cuz they have a better price.
this old war horse of a cigar (Punch) has always been one i seem to comeback too, in fact if im out and about and jones'n for a smoke, ill hit a local shop, and rather than gamble on other brands i usually pick the rothschild size for the ride home, it never fails ya. medium body robust flavor. that spicey punch on the pallet. woodsey is a good description for me. but the contruction is alway just the best, these wont unravel on you or have soft spots. i can see why a lot of old timers i know, been smokin these for 30 years . while i like variety, and a fuller flavor cigar, but this is good example of a mild smokers jump off to fuller body cigar.
As a college student on a limited cigar budget I am always on the prowl for a great smoke at even better price. The Punch Elite Maduro is what fits the bill. Coming in a corona extra size, this little baby packs a Punch (pun intended). It burns even, gives off plenty of smoke, and tastes of dark chocolate, creamy coffee, and a little spice. At under $2 a stick this is my go-to-cigar of choice.
The Punch Champion is one of my all time favorite cigars. It has a special blend that rocks the taste buds, and the almost (alright, it is) hilarious shape is sure to turn heads. I smoke one after each Husker football victory, which where sadly hard to come by this last season.
The Punch Pita is my favorite cigar. Ive smoked around 100 different brands, i always come back to this one. This cigar is just right in everyway. Draw, Taste, Construction, it never lets me down. If you are trying to wind down after a long day or waking up in the morning, this baby will do what ever you want it to. The only cigar ive found that will go with a glass of beer, scotch, coffee. Great all around cigar.
Have been trying a lot of different vitolas lately to find what fits my taste as I am fairly new to this arena. Having come upon Punch I thought I would favor the natural wrapper until I tried the London Club Maduro. The richness of the smoke, it's consistency from first draw to nub is absolutely OUTSTANDING IMO and I am eager to try more of this brand as well as others. I got my first box yesterday, only the first of many I am sure, each one gets better I think. I find myself almost wanting to bite into it. MMMMMMM
Got the Punch Punch cigar on a Saturday Night fight deal. Great cigar... Smooth flavor and consistantly excellent. Loved it. Highly recommend.
This (Punch) is the Budweiser of the cigar world for me. I try other brands of cigars, but I always come back to Punch. It's the smoothest smoke I've ever experienced.