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Pinar del Rio Reserva Limitada Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Pinar del Rio Reserva Limitada”
Another winner from Pinar Del Rio. Solid medium flavor similar the bolder OSCURO, only much smoother and more refined. If you love smooth smoking maduro cigars you have to sample this line.
RH of Coraopolis, PA
PDR Limitada Toro..These burn cool,lots of smoke. Agree with the flavor profile. Nice Smoke. The spice seems to be of a sweet cinnamon. Bought a couple of boxes.All in all an enjoyable expierence!
DM of Murrieta, CA
Excellent...simply excellent!!
JA of Las Cruces, NM
Thick sumptuous delightful smoke. Spice and coffee and caramel and a pleasure from first to last. Wrapper a bit oily for wrapper so burn had some issues but draw easy. I would gladly overlook any ash issues because of the sheer delight of this stick. A heady smoke. I needed a seat upon finish. I don't agree that this is anything less than a medium to full. It's just that harsh stinging smoke has somehow become synonymous with strength. I think this is due to cigarette smokers who have lost the capacity to appreciate real tobacco without additives. Buy a box of these. You won't be disappointed. A true bargain.
CO of Kings Park, NY
I am becoming a BIG fan of PDR. I've gotten bundles/boxes of the Oscuro and Limitada, and can't wait to get into the Gordo Sampler I just got. It's all good - construction, draw, flavor - everything!
KB of Cloverdale, OR
Problems with this stick due to splitting wrappers upon lighting each one. Ordered lots of cigars from CI and never had that problem.
JM of Corona, CA
Just opened the box. Had to have one. I should have ordered two boxes to share with others. Delicious with a glass of wine.
TB of Lincoln, NE
I recevied two of 6 X 54 in my cigar of the month club order, and I can only say; CI you are to be saluted! The description of these are right on target, except I would have added; gobs of smoke. For me, a $3.00 cigar that burns even and cool all the way down to my fingers, is worth more that those that go for $15.00 dollars and have to be lit over and over in an attempt to make it even. This Pinar del Rio Reserva Limitada, remained perfect all the way to the end, and never lost it's great flavor during the long burn time. This is a must try for those who love well constructed full/med bodied cigars.
DM of Taylor, MI
Very smooth and more on the mild to medium. Definitely oak and leather taste with slight coffee bean. After taste is sweet and mellow. Cool smoke, good for any occasion. Id keep a few in the humi. Picked up the 2nds on a special from CI. Was surprised how much I dig this one
RD of Savannah, TX
These cigars are GREAT. I got 2 in my cigar club and I really want a box if they weren't back ordered as I write this. Very rich and almost chocolatey mixed with a dark roast coffee. Very oily dark wrapper. They are rich and decadent. My fiancee said the smoke smelled rich and strong. I just ordered smokes and if I order a box now she'd get mad so I guess a good thing I have to wait to order some.
TC of Wallington, NJ
Got my box of these the other day had to have one right out of the box . What a delight nice oily wrapper nice and firm well made stick from start too finish was great nice medium body smoke all the way though will order another box too hide in hte humi do yourself a big favor a buy these thanks again C.I.
SK of Riverside, CA
The PDR Reserva Limitada is just an excellent cigar. That's the bottom line. These are my second favorite cigars from PDR trailing only their Oscuros. The construction is uniformly excellent, draw is firm but never plugged, wrappers are dark, smooth and flawless and the pre-light aroma is rich and inviting. My last box was the Churchills. Upon lighting there is a good deal of pepper and spice, but within the first inch or so the burn settles down to rich tobacco flavor with hints of chocolate and leather. Really just very nice. I consider these a great value and a best buy. Recommended.
AA of Heflin, AL
Really impressed with this cigar. I bought a five pack to try them out and each one has been great. These are very fresh and oily and burn very evenly. The flavors are excellent and it has a myriad of notes throughout the smoke. I would say it has a medium-full body and is just a true pleasure to smoke. These cigars are a great value and will definitely have a place in my humidor. Don't hesitate to try these. Worth every penny.
ST of Fpo, AP
This is an all around great cigar! Great construction, great flavor and body, and great price. I ordered a fiver just to try them out and have since ordered a box. I also got some of the Double Magnums to try out and they're resting in the humidor right now. Don't hesitate to try these out. My feeling is you will like them just as much as I do.
ST of Fpo, AP
I agree with many others here that this is a great cigar. The RL and the Oscuro are my favorite PDRs. I've only smoked the 60's so far but I'm looking forward to the Churchill's on order.
RM of St Petersburg, FL
Great cigar, inexpensive with lots of flavor. Construction is good and the ones I have smoked have not had any major burn issues. I plan on getting a box of these once my already-tortured credit card statement recovers from my last purchase.
DJ of Charlotte, MI
After nearly 40 years of smoking just about every cigar known (and some unknown) to man, I have finally found "my" cigar!!! This baby has everything you could ask for. Great construction, body, flavor, smoke and class!!! And I can actually afford them too!!! Thanks CI!!!
Had a PDR RL Exclusivo toro this evening, after a big name new release cigar (which was good, but not great). Have to say, I enjoyed this cigar a lot more ... especially the sweet spot after the first inch to two inches remaining ... that portion was worth the price of the cigar alone. Wasn't drinking alcohol today, so it went fine with Coke and a glass of water. I had bought a five pack or two. Now I'm glad I have those to marinate in my humidor, so I can let the box I bought rest awhile more! This is a good cigar guys. I favor the toro or the churchill.
Nice full flavor upon light-up. The different tobaccos combine to make this a powerful, flavorful smoke. Tight draw, even burn. Nice tight white ash hung on for 1.5in. Flavor gives way to medium body. A solid smoke. Will be a regular in my humidor.
Took a gamble on a box of these based on the reviews, the great sale, and of course the free 14 pack sampler which brought the price per stick down to just a hair over $2 per. Still the wife was none too sure about me spending $70 on cigars I had not yet tried. Boy am I glad I did!! I have only had one so far but found it to be excellent. Good open draw, nice volume of smoke, even burn, and a very pleasing medium flavor that was consistent throughout. Was about 1 1/2 hours of pure satisfying relaxation. Thank you CI for the great deal on a great cigar.
GH of Swayzee, IN
I am quickly becoming a Pinar del Rio fan. With 8 different blends to try thanks to a recent White Noise purchase that came with a 14 stick freebie, I am enjoying sampling each one. The Reserve Limitada exclusivo Toro I tried had me wondering what flavors a stick jam packed with 8 kinds of tobacco & 2 binders would produce. I must say the answer is "a whole lotta" flavor! Heavy in the hand & packed so tight, you might think this thing won't draw. But it does quite easily. Gobs of silky medium bodied smoke is produced. I don't think I have ever tasted a cigar with this particular flavor profile. Woody, spicy, black tobacco & something I can't quite put my finger on gush forth to coat the palate, while leaving a lingering spice note in the nose & throat. Not overpowering, but increasing slightly in strength as it burns. Perhaps the Negrita canca Habano leaf is the culprit that has me wondering what taste that is I can't seem to identify. In any case, it is a hearty, chewy, downright satisfying smoke from beginning to end. Considering the cost, (1 of PdRs least expensive blends) & how much I thoroughly enjoyed the entire 45 minute smoke, I am giving Reserva Limitada A 4 vitola rating. Highly recommended to Habano wrapper lovers & anyone looking for something just a bit different. Kudos to Pinar del Rio.
...This cigar was not a hit it seemed to be of low quality was not rolled very tight burn was ok as long as you kept up with smokeing heavily.The taste was decent reminided me of a CAO go brazil. For a good maduro try La Gloria seris n or a bahia maduro Partaga black is always a winner...
RR of Arcanum, OH
Move over Graycliff, Davidoff, Cohiba and all the rest of the big boys. This PDR is a really well constructed cigar. Not one single complaint.
Pinar del Rio Reserva Limitada Toro (6" x 54) ... wrapper: Dominican Republic Habano Oscuro, DOUBLE binder: Criollo '98 and Brazilian Habano, filler: aged long fillers from Nicaragua Jalapa and Esteli, Dominican Criollo '98 and Corojo, and Dominican Negrita Canca Habano ... eight different leaves to construct this stick ... prelight wrapper had a perfect aged and cedar scent, great construction, smooth for full-side of medium-bodied, retrohale the same ... notes of roasted coffee beans (like the chewable snack version), cedar, leather, lots of spice and pepper, but still very enjoyable ... gotta have more of these!
JM of Waipahu, HI
....It has happened to me once in a while, getting a loose draw on any PDR. Its on me though, as the cigar does best at 65%rh. The entubular rolling they use versus a stack of filler insures I get a really even burn of mixed leaves. I make a slit across the cap so I'm drawing on everything. This cigar is a real treat to sit down and concentrate on slow smoking. I think it burned pretty much like the Oscuro .....This smoke sits well up with other complex cigars costing much more. Buy several boxes and put them away for a year at 63-67 and you will chain smoke them because of the fascinating flavors.
C of Antioch, IL
I'm new to cigars. I've been on trial runs with many different brands. I cant really pick up notes, and hints of this or that yet. But, this cigar is excellent, as I definitely get leather and oak. Uneven burn at first, but that was a lighting error. Evened out over the course of the smoke. I like it. I ordered a five pack, and will definitely be getting more.
RZ of Barto, PA
Fantastic cigar. I don't want to say more than that, because I don't want the prices to go up...
DF of Elmhurst, IL
What a truly wonderful smoke this stick is. The flavor profile is spot on and has put PDR on my radar screen for sure. I will be buying more of these excellent cigars. Great job!
RS of San Jose, CA
Tasty stick, but I have burn problems. The fillers want to burn faster than the wrapper.
ND of Nooksack, WA
Great taste, but every stick I've had burns unevenly and plugs; sorry PDR, I'm done with this one.
PS of Philadelphia, PA
Feel the need to weigh-in. Yes the 5/52..hefty, dense. Lit well, burn excellent. Had let it rest for a week. THANKS! to CI's sales, have enough to let-m rest a bit. ENJOYABLE!
BJ of Henderson, NC
All I can say is wow!!! When I first fired it up, I got the leather and some earthy I am about halfway home, the pepper and I almost get a hint of cumin. Maybe I'm nuts. but this is now one of my favorites along with Alec Bradley Black Market
SC of Eagleville, PA
The robusto is awesome! The flavors are earthy, rich, and spicy all the way down to the nub. However, be cautioned that this is a powerful blend; so make sure you have a good meal first. The flavor profile goes well with a cup of bold coffee. I'll give the rest of my 10 pack a few months to rest and try again. This is a great value.
AG of Greensboro, NC
These are worthy! Oily wrapper. Great flavor profile. Lovely construction. Loads of fun to smoke these. If it looks great, smells great, and tastes great...then it is great! Enjoy my friends!
DP of Danville, AL
Good day aficionados........this cigar i got with my backyard boogie sampler. I would like to start by saying if you like a spicy cigar ur going to love this one to me it was just alittle to strong, dont get me wrong thid cigar is very well costructed and impresive to the eye i like the band too very detailed, also it has a great aroma and burns evenlly the one i got was alittle tight towards the end......well what can i say it happens. I had to force this puppy down only beacuse iam a cigar lover and every cigar should meet the same fate as the rest smoked more than half or all the way to the nub.......try and u be the always "keep a happy face and smoke with pride".....Thnx CI!
JH of McAllen, TX
Smoked first one of these today and after a bout 3 puffs my reaction was O..M..G. Cigar was so guut I wanted to shove it up my nose. Looking to snag a box of these on the auction site tonight.
TC of Carlisle, OH
these and the habano sun grown are my favs from this company. at this price point they are a steal. not too heavy on the palate, but nice flavors all around.
CE of Milford, PA
OUTSTANDING!!! I believe I have found one of the best for me.
JW of Pensacola, FL
Got this stick in my first purchase from CI, The UN-Chosen One sampler pack. I've had two so far and both have had one similar feature that really ruins it for me. When I got down to about the last 1/3, I got a really acidic and harsh aftertaste. The rest of the cigar was good apart from it not wanting to stay lit if I didn't puff on it consistently. It had a leathery and earthy flavor throughout. While it did get stronger as it burned down, it didn't really change (apart from the last 1/3) and wasn't too complex. Given the reviews I've seen, perhaps I got a bad batch. I'll let these sit in the humidor for a while and see what happens. (First cigar review btw :-) )
JT of New Bern, NC
Smoking a robusto on New Years Day. Burn is excellent, lots of smoke, good draw. I just got these a couple weeks back so I have 3 more I will smoke at 6m and 1yr to see how they age. As far as taste, it's OK, but could be that it needs to sit longer. Will update.
JB of Fontana, CA
What a wonderful cigar!
This is an excellent choice if you enjoy a robust, rich tasting cigar that will last a while. You will not be disappointed.