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Perdomo Patriarch Cigars Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Perdomo Patriarch Cigars”
Normally, I'm not a big fan of the Perdomo line....complexity doesn't seem to be their thing. I was hesitant to try the Patriarch and I'm glad I did. This cigar reminds me a little of Pepin Garcia's best has a nice spiciness to it...lots of complex flavors with a buttery, nutty taste on the palate. I had a good buzz going by the time I nubbed it. Swirling! Perdomo and company showed they could hit one out of the park. I await their next 2010 surprise.
PK of Milwaukee, WI
Fired up a Maduro Robusto last night. Nice burn, compact white ash that hung on to a solid 2+ till I tapped it off. Plenty of soft billowy smoke. First third was a little spicy and stayed that way without much else going on. Thought for sure I was going to be smoking another well made cigar with an uneventful flavor profile...then the last two thirds smoothed out to a creamy cocoa flavor all the way to the nub...yep, a finger burner, but smoked cool to the end. Having paid about $2.50 for this stick in my sampler, I can say this was a "helluva" smoke.
GF of Tega Cay, SC
This past weekend I was lucky enough to try a (Perdomo) Patriarch at Cigarfest '09. Nick and Arthur have done it again. By far the most enjoyable smoke of the entire weekend. It was absolutely delicious, rich and smooth. After I work through the other 50 Perdomo products I purchased this weekend and the other samples these Patriarchs will be the next box I order.
BC of California, MD
I'm going to say something that will go against my grain: this is not one of my favourite Perdomo cigars. The one I smoked was a Toro Corojo and I found the flavour just a bit dull. Could it be an individual cigar? The draw was very easy, almost too easy, which seemed to make me smoke it too fast. The ash was long and firm, the burn dead-even..everything just exactly as you'd expect from a Perdomo of any kind. I'm going to be fair, though. I'm going to get a couple more, especially a maduro, and give it another go. I just can't believe I ran across a Perdomo I don't really care for.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
I really don't think there is a better cigar than a Perdomo cigar. I think I've tried everyone one of them. They are without a doubt my favorite smoke of choice. I especially love the Patriarchs, and it really doesn't matter which ones. They are all fantastic. The Patriarch Toro Corojos are definitely my favorite. I think I'm on my third box of these and I only started to buy them last year. Everyone of them finishes as it starts. The smoke is rich and flavorful, and the draw is perfect. I love the taste throughout the entire smoke. They are never hot nor bitter. There is nothing like a perfectly consistent cigar, smoke after smoke. Nick, you've definitely done it right with this one and I'm sure your father would be proud. Thanks. I will keep buying this wonderful cigars.
BC of Netcong, NJ
This cigar is worth every penny. Don't hesitate. Don't think about the price. Just purchase a box of corojo torpedos and enjoy one of the best Perdomo smoking experiences.
DP of Milwaukee, WI
Had a moment to try a Patriach (Perdomo Patriarch) last night when on a temp reload of fave sticks. I thought the price per stick was a little steep but was it good, yeah. Fragrant, spicy... kind of a chompy, toothiness to it. Very even burning the pack is expert and consistent. What I expect to see for a stick priced the way it was. The dark oily wrapper was inviting, but I wish they had larger ring sizes. I'd like to see 54 to 60 sizes in a length of 6 - 7" but with the prices as I see... it would be a more expensive. The one thing Perdomo is not shy about is slapping a price on a stick. But the Patriach is a good cigar, and great with a cognac, brandy... also smooth enough to spoil you with a 10 - 15 year aged single malt, like say - Balvenie? lol! My Rate, this stick: 89
C of SSouthern, CA
I just tried the Perdomo Patriach maduro torpedo and it has to be my favorite Perdomo yet! The pre-light aroma is chalk full of maduro goodness and the taste is even better! Thick (and I mean thick) amounts of chocolate, espresso, and meat permiate the cigar with bits of cedar and spice appearing throughout. Construction was beautiful and the draw was perfect. My only complaint is that my burn was not as straight as I would have liked (also considering the price tag) and that made the ash a little flakey. Either way, I would recommend this cigar to all Perdomo lovers and I look forward to lighting up another one. This is one of those cigars that actually lives up to the hype of a pricier smoke and leaves you wanting more. I would rate the cigar as a 91 and if I can smoke a few more with a better burn, I might give it a higher rating (like a 93 or even a 94) but as it stands, first impressions and all, I absolutely love this smoke. I would like to try the robusto and lonsdale in both varieties so choosing one blend and size for purchase is quite difficult but I love the variety that Perdomo offers, even if having to choose can be down-right nerve racking. All hail the Patriach!
MC of Claremont, CA
This is one of my favorite cigars. I agree with others that the price is a little high, but you have to pay for high quality. The maduro robusto is my go to cigar. The flavor and intensity builds but maintains a smooth character through the entire smoke. I plan to buy a box of the torpedos soon.
BF of Nazareth, PA
Most corojo-wrapped cigars are not smooth, but spicy and bold instead. Most corojo-wrapped cigars do not burn well and hence lead to that annoyance we call tunneling. This silky corojo is not like most. Nick Perdomo made a super smooth full-flavored, but medium bodied cigar here, with soothing corojo flavors, combined with coffee and cream. Stays lit and burns even! This one is under the radar right now.
AD of rochester, NY