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Pinolero by AJ Fernandez Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Pinolero by AJ Fernandez”
Definitely med to full body but oh so smooth. In fact the strength caught up with me towards the end. The aroma of the big clouds of smoke were intoxicating to say the least. I should have known before I lit up this would be another homerun considering it has aj fernandez on the label. Definitely a memorable stick.
BS of Slidell, LA
Goofy looking label? Yes. But I don't buy cigars for the label. I knew a premium smoke adorned with the name AJ Fernandez would be a homerun.Deceptively smooth with big thick clouds of smoke that have a unique and intoxicating aroma.Even at these prices I would consider the pinolero robusto a bargain for what you get.
BS of Slidell, LA
I am a fan of cigar art: on bands, boxes, posters, ads, accessories. I really like the band on the Pinolero, it's kind of an Aztec style of art, if I'm right ... very colorful, love the style. I've only had one of the cigars so far, and definitely liked it ... have some resting ... need to have more to get a good handle on them.
SL of Mclean, VA
I really don't need to add description to what CI writes about this cigar. It's all true and then some. I've also read it is the closest thing to cubans, but it needn't be. This is another Nicaraguan instant classic by A.J. Fernandez. I have already smoked 5 or 6 of the robustos and can't get enough. Perfect!
PW of Charlestown, RI
Typical AJ Fernandez quality and then some. I've smoked almost an entire box of the coronas now, and I find it to be even fuller than my beloved San Lotano Habanos. Tons of spice, maple and leather, very complex, very tasty.
The artwork may or may not be goofy, but there is nothing goofy about the cigar. I've tried both the Churchills and the coronas, and they are marvelous. In my opinion this cigar does an excellent job of showcasing the sublime features of Nicaraguan tobacco. I would be willing to bet that the "secret filler" is from Ometepe, as there seems to be a lot of powerful flavors with little of the full-bodied pepper blast. My only gripe is with CI; they don't promote this line vigorously enough. I just don't want to see this great cigar disappear due to low sales.
I've had two Pinolero toros I got in a sampler. While I thoroughly enjoyed the cigars... It does not taste anything like a sun-grown wrapper that I am used to. Instead this cigar reminds me of a premium Connecticut wrapped cigar. Certainly it does have more body than the average Connecticut, but the typical Connecticut flavors are all present: bready, creamy, and a mellow sweetness. The smoke is wonderfully aromatic and the construction is top notch. Imagine an Oliva Connecticut reserve, but ramp up the richness and body. If you find your Connecticuts lacking in body and flavor check this one out.
JJ of Canyon, TX
Pleasantly surprised! I got one of these as a "freebie" with a recent CI purchase, so I took it on the golf course this morning. I didn't think much of the cigar as I lit it up... but was I very pleasantly surprised! The flavor was excellent, as was the burn. Riding in the cart didn't allow for the ash to get very long, but I was disappointed when it got down to the last inch and I had to end it. I'll be buying some of these with my next CI purchase!
RM of Delmar, NY
Just smoked one of these out of the 4 pack sampler. I think it was the Toro. Excellent cigar. Mild/Medium taste, nice amount of smoke. My only gripe is I don't have enough space to warrant buying more of these right now, but definitely going to keep them in the back of my mind.
HR of Santa Rita, GU
I was turned on to these cigars by a great friend. I am a huge AJF fan, but this is my most favorite. I celebrated a small victory and splurged by buying two 5 packs of the figurado, my all time fave shape. ROTT on a 94°day, with only a few hours of resting I had to have one. The Fig smokes even better than the fatties. Even better, the sticks came right out of the bag and cello with plume just starting. Just wanted to share these must buys with everyone, and give huge kudos to CI for thier storage of these lucious sticks!!! Going to have to buy more of these Figs real soon.
I almost hate to write this. Why? Because these cigars are SO good!!!!! I don't want to see the price run up, the supply depleted or, God forbid, Cigar Afic to give these a 92 or 93 rating and really put a run on them. For many years I smoked exclusively Cubans. All brands. After I was unable to obtain them any longer, I went on the hunt for a great cigar with similar attributes. I quickly found for my tastes, Nicaraguan cigars to be in MHO, the best on the market today. Next, to find THE Nicaraguan that best suited me. Somewhere online, I saw a blog stating the AJ Fernandez Pinolero was "the closest cigar in taste and construction outside of Cuba, that perfectly mimics a fine Cuban." Sure, I've heard that song lots of times. I knew CI carried them and was ready to buy a trial 5 pack, when I saw my neighborhood tobacconist carried them. I bought ONE. Two hours later I ordered a BOX!!!!!! The Fernandez Pinolero's are among the BEST cigars I have ever smoked. They are now a standard in my humidor and many of my friends are quickly sharing my opinion. Well, constructed, beautiful wrapper and long lasting ask, and a spicy, peppery flavor to date I have found only in Cubans. These are true sticks to enjoy. I'd rate them a strong 93 and put them up against any Cuban. Thanks AJ Fernandez for really delivering the goods!
JC of Louisville, KY
Smoking the Toros. I love these things.
This stick is a true medium to full bodied great smoke! I have recently rekindled my love for cigars after a hiatus of some 12 years. Getting back into the swing, I am sampling quite a few. I purchased one of CI's samplers and it had a Pinolero in it. Of the sample, the Pinolero stood out as memorably delicious. This baby definitely makes my short list of sticks I will purchase (as I just have) without hesitation.
KB of Somerset, NJ
I smoked a stick included in the AJ Fernandez sampler and it definitely fit the grandeur that is AJ Fernandez. I am not dissapointed in the smooth , but bold flavor this cigar provides. It smokes fairly consistant down to the last third. Definitely will enjoy this Pinolero again!
SD of Blue Grass, IA
As someone who uses cigar bands to craft one of a kind accessories for the smoking room, I like the artwork on the label almost as much as I like the Pinolero blend. Something different, like Perdomo's hilarious Inmenso band or the grotesque Kinky Friedman labels. The cigar itself is tremendous. It could have a piece of twine for a band & still be a great smoke. The Toro displays typical AJ Fernandez medium to full bodied quality, top notch construction, a perfect ash, & a mix of complexity & smoothness. A real old time Cubanesque vibe that may have a lot to do with the sun grown Habano wrapper. It's excellent, but I expect no less for my eight bones. 91/100
Wowie Zowie! Pinolero by one damn good cigar maker is among an elite group of perfectly constructed, medium bodied/full flavored, delicious tasting, ash clinging, heavy feeling, slow burning, all or mostly Nicaraguan stogies that cost eight clams or more. That is to say that you can pay eight to ten stones for a lot of Toros these days, but they probably won't measure up to Pinolero because not many expensive vitolas draw straight "A"s across the board like Pinolero. Core is soft. Pinolero is hard! San Lotano Habano is a flavor bomb. Pinolero is more flavor bombier! I could go on but you get the idea. Imagine having to deal with so many nuances in the course of a seventy minute smoke that you can't remember how many times this gem changed or surprised, or delighted, or confounded, or strengthened. All you know is that the Masters name is draped beneath the "goofy" band, which in itself makes the band not goofy. Then you light it & the ride begins. Just so you know fullheads, it's a medium bodied ride, but don't despair the full flavors are there. In spades! Has anyone besides me given this Nicaraguan nightmare a 95/100? You'll want to have a Pinolero by AJ Fernandez after dinner. On second thought, you'll want to have "IT" for dinner!
Awesome smoke... Easy draw, spicy.
HS of Las Vegas, NV
Purchased a box of Gordo. Initially one was a little too green for me. But given 2 months or so of humi resting time, the Pinolero has flourished. Flavors were woody nutty honey coffee espresso n toffee. Great draw and wonderful consistency n flavors throughout. Im glad I have a box of these. I dont usually nub cigars but currently smokin' one n reviewing and def plannin on nubbing this one. Grab em, def recommend the Pinolero!
VF of margate, FL
Pinolero=Man o' War Lite? I have smoked many MOWs and the Pinolero has many similarities. The wrappers appear to be almost identical. Typical A.J. quality in construction, draw, and burn. Toast up Pinolero and I immediately notice incredible smoothness along with full flavor. Because it is so SMOOTH I would have to classify it as more medium than med.-full, especially the first 2/3. The last third picks up more fullness and tastes a lot like the meat of a Man O' War smoke. Another gem from A.J. Fernandez. Who would have guessed? EVERYBODY, that's who.
TS of Elkhart, IN
This cigar is definitely one of my new favorites. Excellent construction and effortless draw. The aromas from this stick are amazing. By my tastes I would place it as a medium body smoke with great flavors. You will find yourself burning your fingers at the nub as you regretfully have to put it out.
MM of Perry Hall, MD