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Pinar del Rio Clasico Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Pinar del Rio Clasico”

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5 out of 5
Good cigar
Not the most flavorful PDR I've tried (that would be the 1878 maduro and small batch maduro), but it's a pleasant smoke. Buttery smooth with lots of great flavors, but not much spice. Good quantity of smoke, solid construction and a straight burn line throughout. It's cheap enough and good enough to keep a box on hand to pass out to friends. I would even say it's an excellent choice for beginners. I originally wanted to knock a star off for simply not being the other 2i mentioned above, but I can't really fault this cigar enough to do that.
5 out of 5
Love PDR
Great smoke!! Smooth and creamy. Always a good draw. PDR is my favorite brand and have smoked most of their line up. The Classico is one of their best.
Customer Testimonials
These start out fine and have a nice sweet spot for the first half. Then, they had burn and relight issues - after which the smoke was pretty much over. But good while it lasted. PDR's can get you a little woozy if you nub them. Take care.
This cigar had good flavor right from the beginning. Not too heavy on the palate, just a nice flavorful smooth smoke. PDR does it again.
Good flavor, poor wrapper construction
I bought these in a sampler. It's a ok smoke nothing special, I would not buy a box of these based on my first smoke. But after smoking the Sun Grown which i found very pleasing will let this one age in the humidor a little longer to see if it more then just something I smoke while cutting the yard.
This is one of the best morning cigars I have smoked. Smooth and kinda nutty. I usually like a darker, stronger cigar, so was really surprised. Nice even burn, long white ash, great flavor clear down to the nub. I would give it a 94 at least. Yes, I will be getting more.
Got 2 of these in a 14 cigar sampler. Being a fan of darker wrappers and fuller cigars I was a little leery of this one. Could'nt have been more surpised. This is an absolutely GREAT cigar! I found it to be a nice medium cigar. Just delicious...
Mild smoke, creamy with a light nutty taste. Construction was an issue, it burned unevenly and had to be relit as it got down to the last quarter.
I'm a fan of Pinar del Rio cigars and have enjoyed every one I've smoked. Having said that, maybe I got a bad batch of Clasico's, but the first one had a flaky wrapper which fell off completely after the cut, and the second one survived the cut only to develop three major flakes in the wrapper as I got to the half-way mark. As far as the smoke, the draw was a bit tight, smoke volume was ok. A nice spice through the nose. Nice mild creaminess, but so far, they haven't held up. I have one more that I'll try again after it's been in the humidor a bit, hoping for a better result.
I won't waste words. This is simply one very gorgeous blonde. Mild, yet flavorful with a really nice body. It compares very favorably with much higher priced super premiums. I like 'em a lot. If you like Connecticut wrappers with an old time flavor and a really nice body, grab these. Just outstanding.
I'll keep this short and sweet. Having tried and fallen in complete love with the Pinar Del Rio Clasico Torpedo, I am of the opinion that you would be hard pressed to find a better value in any cigar from any brand or source. This is a mild yet full bodied and flavorful smoke. Well constructed, evenly burning, highly enjoyable, beautiful and simply a great cigar regardless of price. My new favorite. Highly recommended in every way.
Ouch! Just burned one of these to the nub because it was so smooth I couldn't tell it was almost done, and quite frankly, I didn't want it to end. I like a little stronger punch, but these Clasico's are very nice. Honestly, you could smoke these all day. Now that football is back, I expect I will run out of these very soon. Again, CI comes through!
I can’t say much about this cigar, but that’s not always a bad thing! This is a fine smoke, offering a subtle start which soon mellows into a smooth, well-rounded experience. A great choice for special occasions, weekend excursions or anytime, this stick is a must-try for any cigar enthusiast.
Just got done smoking a 6x60 Double Magnum. It was a very nice mild cigar that got better towards the half way point. Slight pepper taste up front with creamy/nutty/oily flavor on the finish. It was a bonus when it got better and better towards the nub. These would be great after a little time in a humidor. I would buy these again.