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Punch Grand Cru Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.64 out of 5 Based on 14 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Punch Grand Cru”

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5 out of 5
Still my favorite
When I started smoking cigars decades ago, this was my first choice. I got away from them with all the varieties and special offers available. Now I'm back and don't know why I ever stopped smoking them. Still my first choice.
5 out of 5
Punch Gran Cru Britannia
They are a great larger (toro) cigar. Smooth and mild. If you want a smooth Punch this is it. Priced right for a well made Connecticut.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar. I had tried Punch on several occasions and was somewhat disappointed, but this one was very nice. thanks for asking. John
5 out of 5
Good long smoke.
5 out of 5
One of my favorites, smooth and tasty. Recommend.
5 out of 5
punch grand cru
really good smoke but, just my own preference--I did not see in catalog they were box pressed--not by favorite---ROLL me up a big fatty anyday !!!!! 54-60 ring OH YEA !!!!
4 out of 5
a nice cigar
just a bit too strong for my taste but a fine smoke
2 out of 5
Below Average
Below Average
5 out of 5
Great Flavors
Sweet Carmel. Creamy smoke. I'm usually into fuller body cigars... But this cigar has opened up my interest in trying milder cigars. Very enjoyable. The flavors were so good.
5 out of 5
Love CI !!
The Punch Grand Cru is a great smoke for the money. Like everything else from CI - I'm never disappointed.
5 out of 5
A Great Smoke
Great smoke. Good smoke all the way to the "nub". Highly recommend
4 out of 5
Punch has never been my
Punch has never been my favorite but always my go to cigar, when you want just a dam fine cigar for a reasonable price any of the Puch line up won't leave you disappointed.
5 out of 5
Great smoke then; great smoke now
In '07 I put the Punch Grand Cru in my top 5 favorite smokes for that year. 8 years later, guess what?... They're still in my top 5!... I tried this cigar in the maduro wrapper, but it fell flat by comparison to the Punch Grand Cru Natural. My preference is the robusto size of this truly elegant, flavorful, and memorable cigar. And it's hard to beat CI on the price of these beauties.
5 out of 5
Grand Cru
smooth and great taste
Customer Testimonials
This is a great cigar, second to none. My only complaint is I ordered the regular light brown wrapper and received the madero wrapper. Still a wonderful smoke.
As an introduction, I like Punch cigars in general. The Grand Cru is a milder, creamier, richer smoke than a normal Punch, but without the fullness of body. Still excels in consistency which I like Punch cigars in general for. Recommend highly.
What can you say about the Punch Grand Cru Piramide No. II maduro? If you've had one, then you know: these are what god himself probably smokes.
This Cigar is at the top of my list (My list is limited to about $5/stick) I never let the humidor run out of Punch Grand Cru Maduro. I taste a dry Cocoa. Not "hot chocolate" cocoa but the dark, powdered cocoa used for baking. This cigar is perfect from the first to the last draw. Strength is on the heavy side of Medium but not harsh.
A nice medium-bodied cigar that has a very smooth draw, a silky smoke with no harshness. The aroma/flavor is a subdued nutty spiciness. I've only smoked about a box over the past few years, as I enjoy variety in my cigars, but I put the Grand Cru right up there with the Perdomo ESV, the Rocky Patel 1992, the H. Upmann, etc. If you were hesitant to try these Grand Cru's because Punch are considered full-bodied, know that Grand Cru's are the smoothest and most subtle of the Punch line.
Great smoke. Earthy-chocolate. Not my favorite, but very good.
You can't afford not to buy the (Punch Gran Cru) Diadema. A very well constructed cigar and a great smooth well balanced taste. Well worth it to add this to your luxury collection.
Grabbed a handful of cashews, a good PA microbrew, and lit this top 5 of '08 cigar up (Punch Gran Cru) on Christmas Eve. This medium body smoke is extremely impressive! Notes of everything from nuts to chocolate, annis, leather, cinnamon, you name it... It's a veritable surprise per puff (and never disappointing at that). I can see why this is a "top of the line" Punch. Burn frame is perfect!! Place this one among CAO Italia, Petrus Reposado, CI Legends Yellow Label - a meal of a cigar, and RP Sun Grown as my tops for this year. Many thanks to CI!...
Beautiful construction and appearance with a firm ash and even burn. (Punch Gran Cru) A slightly firm draw keeps the burn slow. Costly, perhaps, but a very nice cigar.
The Punch Gran Cru #2 is a delicious creamy smoke. Definitely a regular, and at CI prices, you can't afford not to get your hands on some.