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CI Knock-Offs - Compare to Cohiba Reviews

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 11 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “CI Knock-Offs - Compare to Cohiba”

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4 out of 5
Good cigar, good price
These were fantastic cigars, not just for the price. I only had one issue with these cigars, they smoked too fast. The cigar lasted between half and three quarters of the time of a higher end cigar.
5 out of 5
Try it, Excellent !
Excellent cigar. Great construction, great draw, great flavor, unbelievable price! Keep up the good work and great deals. I'll be buying more.
1 out of 5
Knock offs
The cigars were a let down, first one I smoked, the wrapper fell apart.
5 out of 5
Good golfing cigar
Good smoke for the money
5 out of 5
Great cigar
Excellent cigar at a great price.
1 out of 5
So far I've tried the
So far I've tried the LaGloria, Monte Cristo's, and Cohiba knockoffs. The Cohibas were terrible, will never order again, the other two were acceptable. Gave away most of Cohibas!
4 out of 5
knock offs
almost as good as original
5 out of 5
Good smoke
nice smoke for the price
5 out of 5
High quality for such a Low Price
Ny initial reaction was to blurt out 'Wow!'. Similar flavor and strength to Cohiba, certainly not a replica. Well made but not as tight as a top shelf smoke, but very tasty from end-to-end.
5 out of 5
Ced-Customer in Texas
CI Knock-offs Cohiba Toro are a great cigar for the price that you pay. The cigar compares very well to a True Dominican Cohiba. And is not far off a Cuban Cohiba. I would rate the CI Knock-off Cohiba Toro a 10 out of 10. If you are looking for a mild and smooth cigar for a reasonable price. Not a strong flavor of tobacco in this cigar.
4 out of 5
not bad at all
the ci cohiba knock-offs are definitely a decent smoke for the price. Nothing really compares to a cohiba but the knock-offs close enough.
Customer Testimonials
CI Knockoffs-Cohiba.....I could not tell the difference....can you? OUTSTANDING!
I love Cohiba Red Dots so I had to try these at least once. They might be modeled after the Cohiba, but they don't come close in terms of flavor or strength. The smoke is not chewy or thick, but thin and a bit bland, almost chalky. Lacks all the typical flavors associated with Red Dots and replaces them with its own. Appearance and Burn was okay, and draw tended to vary from stick to stick but overall acceptable. A half decent everyday smoke, but the price point is fair. Make no mistake, you aren't getting filet mignon for the price of ground beef here. You're getting ground beef. But ground beef can be pretty good when you have nothing but celery to eat. If you order these, let them sit in the humidor for a while to mellow out a bit and have one when you're not in the mood to burn one of your top shelf cigars.
This is truly a Prince in Pauper's clothing! Well made, great flavor, medium body. I've been looking for a good everyday cigar, for a while now, and what I found here is a high end cigar at an "everyday" price. Awesome cigar, don't hesitate to try!
Normally I don't like smaller cigars, I like good smoke volume and distance between my mouth and the fire, but a lot of guys have been speaking about getting some smaller/quicker smokes for the cold winter days and nights. When I saw the CI Cohiba Knock-Offs I thought I'd give the Pequenos a try (with 30 in a pack, there's enough to share). Just had my first one with a post-breakfast coffee enjoying the sun. It was good, I enjoyed it - smooth, mild, good flavor which got stronger before I had to abandon it at the halfway point, which is when it dropped the first ash. Good cigar, even better when you can get them at a discount.
I got a pretty good deal on these cigars (30 dollars for the robusto mazo). I would not recommend buying them at full price. I wouldn't stay they are comparable to a Cohiba in many aspects other than the vanilla cream taste up front. I might smoke the rest of my mazo, but if I do I will just smoke the first half to enjoy the vanilla taste. Most likely this mazo will end up in the "give away to my mooching buddies" pile. If I were to rank it I would give it 4/10.
I bought a mazo of robusto's when they were offered on the 1 day deal. They've rested for a month or so in my humidor. I lit the first one tonight and I must say, I am pleasantly surprised. Even burn, lots of white smoke, nice ash, and most of all, great taste! I'll definitely enjoy smoking the rest of these!
does not really taste like a cohiba, but still a great cigar none the less. One would be hard pressed to find a better smoke at these prices...
picked up a bundle of the toros and man i love these, after only sitting in the humi for 3 days i fired one up and it blew me away, i cant believe how great these sticks are for what i paid for i dont know what cohibas taste like because i cant afford those brands so i couldnt say yes its identical BUT i dont really care what cohibas taste like because these are killer..tons of smoke, smooth, creamy, and i love how half way thru it has a nice kick to it, it turns zesty, almost spicy..really nice change..never got harsh or anything..these will be a big part of my yourself a favor and pick up a few bundles..
I could not believe how good these were. I smoked one right off the ups truck and offered one to the driver. He took it and said that he would smoke it later. The next day he stopped and asked me what brand that was. I told him Cohiba and he believed me. Then I told him no it was a knock-off made for Ci. We both agree it was one mighty fine cigar.
I bought these a few months ago on a big sale (Robusto size) and they have been sitting in my humidor. Tried the first one today and was very pleasantly surprised how good it was. It tastes and smells great, plenty of smoke, zero harshness, good burn, and good construction. I will be buying more of these as they are nearly as good as cigars costing 2-3 times more. Nice job on these CI.
This is absolutely worth it! Talk about a great smoke for your $$$! Try it... you won't be sorry!
Not a bad cigar, but not really comparable to Cohiba. a very nice smoke for the price though. My only complaint would be a tight draw on several smoke from this mazo.
I was a little hesitant about these cigars, but I'm glad I got 'em. I wouldn't "Compare them to Cohiba" but I would compare them to other $2 cigars. Great burn, construction and taste straight out of the box. I can't imagine what they will be like in a few weeks. I wouldn't question buying another bundle.
First off, I can't believe no one has written a review of this blend by CI. Holy Smoke, Batman, this is amazing! Now before I go further, if you expect a 15-25 dollar quality out of a 2 buck a piece stick, your not smart enough to figure out how awesome CI is. That being said the flavor profile is on point. Sweet cedary tones, rich tobacco flavor, a very slight hint of pepper on the palate and through the nose, gobs of flavor and smoke. Not so mellow, but time in the humi will change that (still not harsh by any definition!). They even look amazing, construction is tight with a smooth draw, with a tiny bit of heft in hand. These are a must try!
Great deal, great smoke, and great razor sharp burn. If you've looked this far into theses, get them. You won't be disapppointed.
If pequenos are your thing, this is your smoke.
I could not tell the difference... awesome smoke for the price.!! Every where i go people compliment the aroma...constantly tell me how good it smells... and they think it $20 so be it...
Highly recommended, I love red dots, and these are as close as your gonna get, ONLY difference in my opinion is they burn a little faster then the originals! A MUST try!
This is a GREAT cigar! Not exactly like Cohiba Red Dots, but amazingly close. Even burn, great construction, and an unbeatable price. You just can't beat the service, quality, and consistency that CI provides. Thanks, guys. Will order these again and again.
Don't compare to Red Dots, compare to your favorite $2 stick. Don't have a favorite $2 stick? You do now, and I firmly believe they are worth more. I call them Fauxhibas and feel like I'm gettin' over.
compared to a real $15 Cohiba and the CI $2 knock-off holds right up, im no expert and dont know all the undertones/overtones/aroma BS but if you ask me they taste very similar.
Very tasty! A little loose but consistent and the flavor is excellent. A great daily smoke - just do it.
Got these little bad boys 3 weeks ago. Smoked one right out of the box. I've never smoked a real Cohiba, so can't really compare. These little guys smoke evenly, cool and produce a nice cloud of thick smoke for me. The taste to me is somewhat spicy, almost peppery with a hint of vanilla sweetness up front. I've had the rest in my humi and I gotta say they definitely are getting better with age. Will definitely be ordering more soon.
A damn good cigar for the price. After a couple days in the humidor, it tastes like an $8 stick. Burns a little uneven, but tastes great. Definitely pick a bundle up if you're "Ballin on a Budget."
Cannot beat this deal! Great smoke!
Good cigars but do not taste like a Cohiba to me, nor do they burn the same.
I ordered 30 of these as I really like the Red Dot Blacks. While they aren't bad smokes for the price and size, I wouldn't ever use them as an every day great tasting smoke. They are more of a smoke I'd have late at night after a few drinks or when I'm at a bar with some friends who smoke cigarettes. Do not taste like a Cohiba, but not horrible.
Cohiba is one if my overall favorite smokes. I have been lucky enough to have access to Cuban sticks from my travels as well as Red Dots available in the states. With that said, this is not Cohiba but It's a really nice smoke. I just got my delivery of 16 premium sticks and a 20 brick of these knockoffs and decided to light one up. Well constructed, clean wrapper and feels well rolled. Bitter on the first draw but smoothed out shortly after. The ash is nice and sold, light grey and heavy when rolled off the stick. 2nd third was really smooth and the burn is nice and even. I'm at the last third now and well, I'm really glad I have 19 more! For the price, this is an amazing every day smoke and it will become a regular order from now on. I will start trying the other knockoffs over time. Looks like I may need to dedicate on humidor for knockoffs and the other for premiums. I will also start offering these to new attendees to my cigar socials as they are good and inexpensive. It sucks when you give a premium to a new smoker and they put it down. I also would prefer to offer good smokes to new people and not cheap crappy smokes and they think that's what a cigar is.
Maybe not a Cohiba, but a very good cigar for the price, I'll be ordering this agian.
Very tasty smoke. Excellent construction with no burn issues. Great everyday stick. Not sure if it tastes just like a Cohiba but it stands well on it's own merits.
Very-good smoke in comparison to the regular Cohiba and certainly a better price!
Great cigar for the price. Cohiba no but a decent cigar. This is a great go to everyday cigar.
These are totally my everyday secret. Awesome sticks!!! I don't care what they may or may not be a "Knock-Off" of? So what if it ain't the real thing? It's a good thing!
as an experiment , I told a few friends that these were actual cuban "Cohibas". Then we smoked them and they raved about how excellent these cigars were. I myself prefer the cohiba red dots, and these taste, smell, and smoke exactly the same. the main difference was that the Knock-offs have a thinner, more delicate wrapper. they burn even leaving a long white ash, and are an exceptional value. i ordered mine in the toro, which is the perfect size for this cigar.
Honesty, I couldn't tell the difference between these or a real Cohiba. I don't have the experience for that. What I do know is that these Cohiba Knock-Offs are damn tasty and I can afford to smoke'em every day! Thanks CI!
Just received my bundle of CI Cohiba Knockoffs. I ordered the Robusto and I must say I was very pleased with the smoke. Good draw, taste and burn. A lot of value for the money!
It is a good smoke but I am not a fan of this blend.
Try a few knock-offs from CI, this is the one that I want to reorder.
Excellent smoke, can't beat it for price!
Smoking my first CI cohiba knockoff. Amazing!!! I live it. It's 40 degrees in San Antonio but this smoke has me outside lovin it. This is a must try if you haven't discovered them already.
Great stick! Well worth the money. This is my new daily smoke-- great job, CI.
A good, solid everyday smoke. Nothing spectacular, not really reminiscent of a Cohiba, but I thoroughly enjoyed these and would definitely buy again. I got the torpedo on the MMAO, and will maybe give the corona a try next time as I prefer that size, but am still very happy with this purchase.
They are OK for an everyday cigar, not quite what I expected them to be. I expected something similar to Cohiba, but didn't notice any resemblance. For about the same price you can get a good Gurkha or 5 Vegas sampler pack which is much better.
These babies are excellent everyday/share with your friends smokes. They are tasty and smooth and they burn beatifully right down to the very end. Well worth the finger burn. For this quality you can't beat the price.
Hubby loves the blend and roll...thanks!
Certainly not Cohiba. However, the CI knock-offs are smooth and easy to smoke. Good alternative to original Cohiba Red dot.
Not as good as Cohiba, but not bad!
good quick smoke for the price.......cohiba...distant cousin....