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CAO Gold Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “CAO Gold”
Extremely well-made cigar. (CAO Gold) Between mild and medium. If you smoke Vegas Gold, this cigar is just a little bit more flavor without any bite. Even burn, a smoke to the nub cigar
PM of Savannah , GA
Great mild-medium sticks. Superb construction and even burn, ash hangs a good long time. Good flavor profile that gets a little kick about halfway through.
JB of Burlington, WA
I was a little skeptical, but from the minute I lit this cigar(CAO Gold) to the last draw I was truly in heaven. A very smooth and mellow smoke,if you like mild cigars this is the one for you. A very good smoke, thank you CI.
RC of Bellmore, NY
Smooth and mild, almost flat and one-dimensional when first lit up, it (CAO Gold) grows in complexity about halfway through. Room aroma and aftertaste are pleasant. A tame morning cigar, or maybe a good one to start with for novices. Especially good with a cup of coffee or English breakfast tea.
CC of Plymouth, MA
I smoked my first Gold Robusto this afternoon. I was reminded of the 5 Vegas Gold and Cusano 18, but with a touch more complexity in the final half of it. It had a little zing and complemented my cup of java very well. This is a superb "wake up the palate". If you go mild then go CAO Gold.
SL of Lexington, KY
I'm a CAO fan, but for a mild cigar, I'd prefer 5 Vegas Gold, which is still plenty mild, but just has more flavor. As always, CAO gives you a great build, even burn, and consistent draw. If I want a mild with CAO quality, but a bit more kick, I'm going for a CAO Black.
MB of Milford, MA
Perfect burn. Don't recall finer white ash. I have been told the whiter the ash the more pure the tobacco. Truly don't know. Draw was good and steady. The Churchill lacks flavor at the starts, very mild. After an inch of solid whitish ash the flavor picks up some and is noticeable. A good mild cigar with NO flaws. Not worth $5+ a stick though, but a certain buy when CI has it on special. Looking forward to that....HINT!!!
RH of Coraopolis, PA
I am finishing a corona righ as we speak, I adore the CAO brand... roughly 1/3 of their line has made my cabinet [a feat not so easily achieved] though this one has not made my cabinet, it is a great daily stick if you light light-bodied smokes (CAO Gold). This has a pleasant aroma.. oddly enough kinda bold for how smooth it is, bu that I attribute to Oettinger's ecclectic blending tactics. A creamy Conneticut wrapper... it doe shave the Nicaraguan bite... but mellowed out with the seeded Equadorian leaf. A nice stick. My rate this stick: 85
CS of Southern, CA
I usually smoke very strong cigars, The CAO GOLD is the only mild cigar that I can think of that has captured my affection. Creamy with mild cinnamon notes, very flavorful. It really had me craving more (which rarely happens for me).
SB of Merced, CA
In June I ordered a box of CAO Gold Maduro Coronas. So far, I've smoked six of these stogies and I have to say that I'm unimpressed! Each one of these hard-to-the-touch smokes has had a very firm draw, and absolutely will NOT stay lit. Smoking them has been a chore -- I won't buy them again.
GI of San Diego, CA
A mild cigar (CAO Gold) with some flavor. I am a fan of full bodied cigars, but this is the one mild one that I smoke. Like the other CAO's, the construction and burn are perfect. Great change of pace from stronger, more full bodied cigars.
RA of Birmingham, AL
I bought some CAO Gold Karats, and I really enjoyed them. Smooth smoke, nice size when you want a 30 min. smoke. I Highly recommend them.
KG of Rochester, NY
Having ordered the CAO sampler, the Gold & Black were among the best. All of them were well made cigars with great flavor and burn. These two just stood out among the others. Well worth a purchase, and don't let the 5.0 inch fool you. It is a good 40 min cigar, filled with an abudance of flavor that should satisfy any cigar lover.
DM of Taylor, MI
I had no expectations for this cigar, was just looking for a shorter smoke (this was the robusto), but it knocked my socks off. It had an oily wrapper, perfect draw, nice ash, even burn and tasted great (nice spice notes with a hint of cedar).
AS of Columbia, SC
I recently purchased the Karats size of this cigar, for when I want a fairly short smoke, and It was ok... I prefer some of the other CAO blends to this, in my experience.
DM of Nashville, TN
Wow! I am definitely no cigar aficionado, but this smoke was incredibly delicious. Now I know what it means to truly nub a cigar to the point where you burn your fingers. Bought two of these sticks at CI. Should have got a box. Great construction and burn. Mild, creamy, coffee like notes. I think I found my daily smoke. If you're on the fence, stop thinking and just buy them. You WILL NOT be disappointed. But you better hurry before I buy them all !
RZ of Barto, PA
The CAO lines of cigars are ALL good and Gold is a keeper. Love one with a good coffee on my deck. Silk smooth and a great taste.
I've tried a lot of diffrent cigars, punch, cohiba,vegas 5, romeo &juliet,rocky patel, gloria cbana black pearl, nub,macanudo and on and on but I consistntly come back to CAO gold, in my opinion they are the best cigar out there nd I am ALWAYS satisfied with their constuction, burn and flavor, and no skanky morning after taste either! When I share some of my stash I get compliments and thanks for introducing them to friends!
CAO Gold Cigars are some of the best cigars offered from your web site, and at a cost that is more than affordable compared to buying them at local cigar stores or other web sites. My favorite is the CAO Gold Torpedo. I have seen other stores selling a box of 20 for over $120.00. CI price is a breath of fresh air! I hope CI can keep their price within the guidelines much lower than other stores offer. I have dealt with CI for over 5 years and have never been disappointed with the quality, choice of selection, and especially the price they offer for the great deals advertised every month for not only quality cigars such as CAO, but also their sampler boxes that contain many brand name cigars along with other great deals. Thank you CI for your service and affordable prices. Sincerely, JoeGoff, Louisville, Kentucky... Home of some of the finest tobacco in the United States!
I admit I'm somewhat of a novice but this is truly a lovely cigar. "Soothing" is the right word. Nice aroma and draw, good even burn....
RH of Clinton, MS
This review is specific to the Gold Karats. Big cigar flavor in a small corona/cigarillo. Awesome mild cigar, slight pepper at the lighting, very consistent burn and flavor all the way down. I have smoked my way through all the cigars I can find offered in this size...the RP Vintage 99 Junior, the Vegas Gold Nuggets, even the Nat Sherman Point Fives. All are good, to be sure, (BTW-the Nat is surprisingly tasty in both the natural and Honduran wrapper) However, the CAO is the best flavor, smoothest draw, and you know that this is the place with the best pricing!! These cigars will deliver big flavor.
MS of Evergreen, CO
If you want to fill up the room with a fantastic smell or just want to relax after a long day of work, this is the cigar for you. CAO Gold is a great smoke, and you will most likely end up getting more. One of the better CAOs out there.
JA of New Albany, OH
I found them to be very smooth; great for when it's too cold to be outside too long.
JD of Plainwell, MI
Very nice medium body cigar. My first choice for that Saturday night smoke on the patio! Very good flavor, perfect draw, and even burn. I will purchase again soon!
WR of Pineville, LA