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CAO Brazilia Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.86 out of 5 Based on 112 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “CAO Brazilia”

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5 out of 5
Good short smoke
One of my favorite cigars
4 out of 5
A new "Favourite"
Nicely made cigars, with no worry of peeling and tears, as can sometimes happen with mail-order cigars. Of note, I have never had anything less than excellent smokes from CI. The Gols are just the right size for an end-of-workaday puff with three fingers of decent malt.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar, well worth the
Great Cigar, well worth the price. Definitely buy again!
5 out of 5
Get it, won't regret it.
Excellent, is the best way to describe this cigar. Loved the shiny wrapper, and the medium flavor. Good even burn and tastes great from the foot to the nub.
5 out of 5
Outstanding cigars. CAO is one of the best smokes avalable. Brazilla is one of their jewels. The Amazon is a monster sized ready.
5 out of 5
Always Good!
The CAO Brazilia is always in my humidor. When I seek a full body fix, it's going to be available just like a clutch pinch hitter in the late innings. Love em!
5 out of 5
Full flavored and smooth. Excellant
Full flavored and smooth. Excellant pick for the money.
5 out of 5
Great medium bodied smoke. One of my top ten. Definitely recommend!!!
5 out of 5
Simply Amazing.
From begining to end and I mean to the end. It was such an enjoyable burn I didnt want it to stop. Very smooth with just enough bite for even the full flavor loyalist. Burn lasted between 30 to 45 mins. This is one of my new favorites and recomemded this to everyone.
5 out of 5
Must Have
Excellent smoke and draw. Well constructed. A go to cigar. A must have in my humidor.
4 out of 5
Great Full Flavored Beauty!
I really like the Brazilia Gol! It is full flavored, very satisfying and will keep you interested throughout the very long, even, burn time. I love the bigger ring gauge and this stick goes well with a nice scotch! The great new price is a bonus also!
5 out of 5
My go to cigar.
My go to cigar.
5 out of 5
My husband was very satisfied
My husband was very satisfied and happy
5 out of 5
Always a good cigar
Have yet to have a bad CAO Brazilia Go! I try to always have one in my humidor.
5 out of 5
One of my faves! Nice full flavor, with some spicy overtones. Always burns even, and smooth. Great cigar!
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Great smoke, full of flavor. Will definitely buy these again
4 out of 5
My God To Stick
This has become my everyday stick whether with my morning coffee or after dinner, love how it burns, taste always havery some in my humidor
2 out of 5
CAO Amazon and GOLs.
Purchased 5 Amazons with a box order of GOLs. Sadly, I was disappointed with both orders. The cigars were not fresh. The GOL box was damaged but the cigars were intact; however, they were stale. The Amazons were borderline. They obviously did not have the proper humidity for quite awhile and were crunchy. First time I've been disappointed with a CI order.
5 out of 5
Brazilia ,full smoke lasts 9 holes!
5 out of 5
Great smoke
5 out of 5
Love the cigars and the service!
I've enjoyed using your company for a few years now and will continue to,thanks.
4 out of 5
CAO Brazila
As a beggining smoker ill preface this with that i cannot pull out many of the more subtle flavors. The CAO is a very full bodied cigar, with an immediate black coffe and subtle cocoa flavors. From what i remember i also recall an earth towards the end, and there is a strength to this cigar as well, i got a slight nicotine rush at the end, this may just be from me being a light weight. There is a harshness to the smoke that i dont notice on other higher quality cigars, but it dosent detract from the flavors at all in my opinion. Overall this is a great cigar for the price and i would reccomend them to anyone else who smokes.
5 out of 5
Good flavor!!
Very powerful cigar not for
4 out of 5
CAO Gold - Good Value
Very good value for the money. Good taste. Not as firm as other CAOs.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Always consistent. Nothing better on the golf course. My league knows my team as the cigar guys.
5 out of 5
A+ in my humidor.
Bought these from the recent sale with the $20 gift card. What an amazing smoke it is. It has such a nice flavor and burns perfectly. If I had more room in my humidor I would of bought more. Definitely a must for my full flavor connoisseurs
5 out of 5
Great smoke, enjoy !!!
Great smoke, enjoy !!!
5 out of 5
good value
well made and tasty
5 out of 5
best cigar in the east
love them a very smooth smoke
5 out of 5
Only time for quick smoke
Same taste and quality as CAO Brazilia Gol, but only takes half the time to polish one off. Great for quick outside smoke.
5 out of 5
My first CAO
Nice full bodied smoke. Great burn at a great price.
5 out of 5
Excellent smoke!
Hard to go wrong with a CAO and the Brazilia Is excellent!! Cariocas are perfect for those times you don't have time for a full sized cigar.
5 out of 5
Full, rich and consistent
With all the choices available for a deep rich full body cigar, look no farther than CAO Brazilia. Always consistent and at a price that wont hurt you.
5 out of 5
CAO gets it right on this one!
5 out of 5
Top of the line
For me I like med/strong smooth burning cigars. This is a constant easy draw with no changing finish--you know a bit sour--full draw smoke
5 out of 5
CAO Brazila Gol is a
CAO Brazila Gol is a great everyday smoke.
5 out of 5
My Favorite!
I alway have several in my humidor. Became my favorite go-to smoke after receiving one in a sampler.
5 out of 5
Great cigars at a reasonable price
I smoke a CAO Brazillia nearly every day because it has the full flavor and consistent quality I appreciate. Compared to many other cigars I have tried and wanted to be better, this cigar delivers more.
5 out of 5
Great cigar, Great price
CAO is one of my favorite brands. A great smoke for a great price!
4 out of 5
Quite good
This cigar is growing on me; good flavor, burn and construction.
5 out of 5
One of the best
Great flavor consistent draw. Great with whiskey or coffee
5 out of 5
Always A Tasty Treat
I can always remember the first time I tried one of these beauties. I was a little jaded because my palette did not agree with the Italian at all. I was very surprised at just how different this blend was and how much flavor it presented. I purposely do not smoke these very often because I like to be re-impressed everytime I light one up. You just can't go wrong if you are a fan of full flavored blends
5 out of 5
Mild slow burning
Good all around cigar
5 out of 5
Great full bodied smoke filled
Great full bodied smoke filled with flavors of espresso & dark chocolate
5 out of 5
Cao Brazilia and Cigars International
Cao Brazilia always a 5 star in my book, nice full flavor always a even burn and 5x56 perfect size. And also fantastic customer service from Cigars International.
5 out of 5
One of my top shelf.
About a year or so ago I heard rumors CAO was possibly changing tobacco vendors or something of that order. Well I don't believe that's been the case. When the Amazons arrived, 4 days later I was on a plane to Cancun and shared the box with the groomsman of a family wedding. Had no time in my humi to mature. Right out of the box, everyone including myself felt CAO did a fine job. Again. I have always loved the flavor of this cigar. It's like a heavy Cabernet while eating a bloody ribeye. Just delicious. To top it off the father of the bride was pouring a 12 year old single malt called Yellow Dot, from Ireland I believe. The two together......perfect.
5 out of 5
Cao Brazilias
great taste, easy draw, great burn. A 91 rated cigar at a sensible price..
5 out of 5
An excellent cigar full of flavor. I will not light one unless I have a chance to finish it. Great after dinner, or with a libation or coffee just to relax during the day and/or happy hour.
5 out of 5
Good solid smoke
Good solid smoke
5 out of 5
Long and worth it
Was a bit surprised by the length. Yet this cigar measured up to its expectations. Great long smoke. Loved it
5 out of 5
Very Nice!!!
I got to try this cigar from a sampler. I'm new to the cigar smoking world and at first I was kind of scared of this cigar. I had a bad experience with full-body cigars. My first impression was bad!!! It has a barnyard acid odor. Once I light it up its another story!!! It has a coffee, nutty flavor that I loved. It burns very evenly and lasts about an hour and a half. I will buy again!!!
5 out of 5
Brazilia Gol
By far one of my favorite cigars. The flavor and smoke has got to be one of the best, especially for a maduro fan like me.
4 out of 5
CAO Brazilia Box Press
A little dry and burned a bit unevenly, but overall a very nice STRONG smoke.
5 out of 5
Gol !
Great Smoke. Good Construction, Feels Good in the hand. Dark and Oily with a Full Well balanced Flavor. One of my Go to sticks !
5 out of 5
Buy It!
awesome cigar! great taste, burn and just all around good buy.
5 out of 5
One of my favorites.
What can say? It's just a great cigar. Mike - Clinton Twp. MI
5 out of 5
Great little smokes!
These, so far, are the best Cigarellos that I've tried.
5 out of 5
CAO Brazilia
The ones I received were perfect. Easy draw, smooth taste and burned evenly. Sometimes I would receive cigars that were hard or did not burn great and had to re-lite them all the time. The CAO Brazilia's were a fresh batch and the amount of great tasting smoke from an easy draw was amazing.
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
One of my favorite full flavor cigars. Always a great draw and burn. So good you will want to smoke it to the nub!
5 out of 5
Will contiue to shop here as they always have the cigars that I smoke. Thanks, Patrick M.
5 out of 5
Happy friends
My fav when I bring out my humidor to have a smoke with my friends if I have the cao brazila in their I get big smiles from everyone this cigar is awesome!!!!
5 out of 5
My go to stick
Every time I try a new cigar, I end up back with this one and think to myself "why did I even bother"
5 out of 5
CAO Brazilia
Excellent smooth full flavored cigar loved these the first time I tried them
5 out of 5
Brazilla gol
Nice smooth cigar at a good price
5 out of 5
Vry Good Cigar
This cigar is very even burning and has an excellent flavor and after taste. Very pleasant!
5 out of 5
Excellent value
CAO Brazilla, KUBA KUBA, a traveling humidor, and a lighter - a great deal!!!!
5 out of 5
Superb Tobaccos
1st quality tobaccos, as always with CAO. With CI's usual absolute freshness, I had to bring the RH down slightly below 65%, as I prefer it, and it was great. BUT - I bought a box of the Anazonia size, and while never too strong, it's almost too much cigar. I'll likely order a smaller size next time. 5 stars to CAO for quality; 5 stars to CI for freshness.
5 out of 5
These Cigarellos are a perfect little smoke. Love em!
5 out of 5
Good deal
Nice price, nice smoke, cool tin box. Thumbs up.
5 out of 5
Columbia's big brother!
Columbia's big brother. This one will knock your socks off! Full rich flavor, CAO Quality.
5 out of 5
One of the best cigars
One of the best cigars I've smoked. All CAO's are excellent, but this is the best in my opinion.
5 out of 5
Epitomy of full flavor.
Great, tasty little smoke. Change nothing. Wish I could afford them more often. ;-)
5 out of 5
cigar order
Very pleased with my order
5 out of 5
great smoke
if you like a full body stick, with tons of smoke..this is for you. One of the best sticks out there
5 out of 5
Rich and strong.
I like the richness and a good burning smoke.
4 out of 5
Great little smoke
Good for a short smoke
5 out of 5
Great smoke
The CAO Brazilia is a great smoke. I love the draw and the flavor. I got my associates to try them and they were completely satisfied.
5 out of 5
CI with best shipping time around!
5 out of 5
It’s always a pleasure to
It’s always a pleasure to deal with CI
5 out of 5
CAO Brazilla
Great medium to full smooth smoke for a good price. Its my top daily cigar
5 out of 5
First time was all it took,,,chewed the nub!!!!
5 out of 5
Super cigar-- Big bang for the buck
This cigar is super. Very few cigars of this quality can be purchased for the price. Excellent flavor, and aroma. Very consistent in high quality construction. As with all my CI purchases, I recommend letting the cigars rest for a few days in a humidor to get them over the transportation shock. You will not be disappointed.
4 out of 5
Better cigar than most of
Better cigar than most of the more expensive ones.
5 out of 5
Go to cigar
I have been smoking CAO Brazilias for over 10 years and it is absolutely my go to cigar. For a full bodied cigar, it is smooth and flavorful, well constructed and never harsh. Smoke one almost every night. Great cigar.
5 out of 5
CAO Brazilia: Spectacular!
I am really picky and don’t have time or money to waste smoking bad, or even mediocre cigars. I like a lot of flavor and these deliver it in spades! I believe these are on a par with even the best cubans I’ve smoked. Be warned, though, they are strong and if you’re a beginner, they may make you cry like a little girl.
4 out of 5
Above and beyond the average smoke
CAO has done a fine job with the Brazillia. It's a thoroughly consistent and appealing smoke with peppery tones and a down-home thickness: sorta like Aunt Maggies beef stew! From light to end this is a cool and rich smoke that satisfies; it cannot be overlooked while smoking. A fine evening cigar.
5 out of 5
CAO always a favorite of mine and really enjoy this one!
5 out of 5
Excellent cigar - my personal favorite!
5 out of 5
This is my go to
This is my go to cigar and for the most part forsaken all others .
5 out of 5
A decent cigar
5 out of 5
Bold flavor for $$
Rich flavor and even smoke for the price. Great value.
4 out of 5
Nice Surprise
Looked for a cigar to replace Rocky Patel Edge. This does it. Smooth and nice finish. Gets four stars because of its' relatively short length. Good ring size. Quality seems better than Rocky Patel Edge. (Cojoho)
5 out of 5
Its Great!
Really Great smoke. Very smooth seeing that its Full bodied. Has become a stable of my Humidor.
4 out of 5
Muito bem!
It is ironic that I love this cigar and currently am smoking them in Brazil. For the price this smoke is one of the best out there in my opinion. If you like a stout cigar, well constructed and burns great; you must try this one.
5 out of 5
Great cigar.
I normally don't like a full rated cigar but this one, robusto, is not full at all. Very smooth medium flavor. The rubosto is a nice full size too. I love it.
5 out of 5
I first tried the CAO Brazilia's when I was on combat deployment to Afghanistan in 2011. I was really wanting a good solid and mature smoke. My friend brought me a handful of these beauties and it was like taking a bite out of premium steak for me. I was instantly in love with these. The taste has held out well throughout the years. -ES
5 out of 5
I love these little suckers
I usually get the CAO Brazilia Gol! (5" x 56). those take a while to smoke. I was super excited to find out that they make a smaller size that you can smoke in half an hour. Tasty full-flavored cigar made from the finest Brazilian wrappers, aged Nicaraguan long leaves and binders, and aged extensively.
5 out of 5
Rajun Cajun
great smoke, even burn, good price
5 out of 5
CAO Brazilia
A favorite dark cigar at a modest price. Full flavor with exotic leaves from Brazil. The aroma is amazingly tasty.
5 out of 5
Brazilian beauty
Great cigar
5 out of 5
tried and true for me one of the best ive smoked
5 out of 5
love this cigar
the box press is the crème de le crème for me , love the brazillia fantastic smoke - top 5 for me
5 out of 5
A Quality smoke
Everything about this cigar is exceptional. It is a high quality cigar. It taste great, burns great and even looks great!
5 out of 5
Great smoke!
For a short smoke, these can't be beat!
4 out of 5
This stick has a great shape, smooth draw and lovely smoke. All you can ask for in a cigar.
5 out of 5
Great Cigars
Arrived on time as expected. Very good cigar.
5 out of 5
this cigar has now become
this cigar has now become my favorite, Its always in my humidor , cant say enough about the taste easy smoke and value
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
This is my go-too cigar. The Brazilia Amazon has been a consistently great cigar for me for 12 years now. It has a good taste, always draws nice and smokes to your fingers every time. Treat Yourself
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Great smoke
5 out of 5
Great smoke, great company
i love this stogie. CI has great service and quick turn around. They don't wait days to ship. Next day out the door!
5 out of 5
CAO brazillia box purchase
very quick shipping and very satisfied with the order. I will continue to order from cigar international.
5 out of 5
This cigar has become one of my favorite smoke's. The cigar's always arrive quickly and at a good price.
Customer Testimonials
Yessireebob! Damn fine stick indeed! Up there with the best.
Enjoying my 3rd of a 5-pack of CAO Brazilia, Gordo. Very, very enjoyable. One of my favs now. I generally like a mild-medium stick, but the Brazilia is a full flavored cigar, with a lush dark wrapper that gives almost a creaminess like a dark mocha latte with a very pleasant tobacco flavor. The firm construction is well wrapped. I'll be purchasing more Brazilias, and will be trying more CAO's in the near future.
Bought one from a local B&M and it was one of the best full body cigars I've ever tasted. Smooth and surprisingly light from a full bodied cigar, it burned very sharp and never had a harsh taste. Thinking about buying a box from CI. Delicious and a lot of cocoa, even at 19 years old, both the girlfriend and I loved the chocolate taste. Great product, great price.
Love these cigars; full bodied. Great flavor!!
Pretty good smoke, one of CAO's better sticks, but the one I had didn't quite live up to the hype in my opinion.
What a great medium strength, full flavored cigar. Long finish and very creamy. From start to tiny nub the flavors were great. Construction, burn and smoke output were A+. I will definitely be ordering a box and putting this into regular rotation. This would pair very well with a strong coffee or espresso, a complex ale or a peaty scotch. Way to go CAO.
Should I tell you it sucks in order to keep them all for myself? It's awful!
What a burn! I had some reservations about how dark this cigar was because I thought I might turn bright green from an overpowering puff; however, this is a fantastic smoke. It is full of flavor and draws evenly. Don't worry about it being rated as a "full", as it is one of the smoother cigars I have ever had. The nuttiness of the tobacco is spot on.
Just got my box last week. This going to be my new every day smoke. The price is nice for such a good smoke.
Tell ya what...the GOL is just a great's one of those smokes that you just save until you have time to savor! It's just about time to order another box... I don't think CAO makes a bad cigar, in my opinion, and the Brazilia, Italia, and Golds get my nod. Between the three of them, they have my entire palette covered!
Pretty awesome smoke for the money. Best of the CAO brand imo.
WOW! This little suckers took me by surprise. Considering the price, I figured a decent cigar with average flavor. Not so. LOTS of flavor. There is a nice level of strength, which I love, but it's smooth creamy. This is one the newbies need to be cautious with. It's so delicious and smooth, they'll be nicotine drunk before they even notice they're dizzy. A box of these will definitely be in my next order.
Excellent cigar with perfect construction, burn and flavor.
Smooth more than half way through. Creamy, oak, leather taste, and it kicked my butt towards the end. lolololol. I want more!
Good smoke!
My go-to cigar. Here's thing though...I am finding inconsistency in the construction. One may be very tight, with difficult draw while another may be a perfect smooth draw with full creamy smoke. I've had a couple fall apart on me as well from same order where others were fine. When CAO Brazilla Samba is on - they are one of the best - flavorful, smooth and tasty, truly enjoyable. When the stick is off it's's very disappointing. I continue to order for now with hopes that I just caught a bad batch.
I got a Brazilia in a sampler. I usually prefer mild to medium-bodied smokes. This is a very smooth enjoyable smoke! Don't rush it, just enjoy...You won't be disappointed. Give yourself an hour.
Tasty, complexity, affordability, construction. It's all there! Stop browsing & start buying. Great stick for a great price, TRY IT!
All I can really say is "WOW"! I have finally found the perfect cigar.
I really enjoyed the flavor of these, however I was not impressed with it's construction. I bought a five pack just to check them out, and with every one of them the wrapper would start to unravel even with the most careful of cut. The ultimately had a negative effect with the burn. Not sure if I had a bad batch or what. If I were to try again I might try a punch cut.
If you love a full cigar with a 90+ rating (who doesn't?) this one is for you. I personally enjoy this one as a robusto and bullet cut. Smooth cool draw and very balanced for a full cigar.
I've got to say...this is one of my top 3 cigars. Never had a bad cigar from CAO. Need to see these more often on the Daily Deal. If you're on the fence...give this dark beauty a try.
These are terrific! Just received 2 boxes as my new go to smoke. Excellent buy.
The Cariocas are a great short smoke. There are very few tinned cigarillos that actually taste like their bigger counterparts and these definitely do. If you're looking for a nice 15-30 minute smoke that tastes like a real cigar, definitely get these.
Wonderful smoke!
I quit smoking cigars about seven years ago and just recently started again. The Brazilia was always one of my favorites back then so decided to try one again. What a pleasure. Everything I remembered and then some. I have had three and each of them were great. Perfect draw, never a burn issue, lots of great smoke without a lot of work. I know it is rated on the fuller side but to me this one is perfect. Never too strong and I tend to go towards a little milder rated cigar. Just ordered a box and can't wait for them to come in!
Got this as part of a sampler. This is a very good cigar with a nutty/peppery beginning. It has a slight hint of chocolate. Very good even draw throughout. Smoked to a nub and was not harsh at all.
GOL-lee. Couldn't help myself:) The CAO Brazilia GOL is a very good cigar. Some of them are wound too tight though and have an impossible draw. The ones that draw easy are very enjoyable - they make lots of very tasty smoke and deliver a satisfying cigar experience. Appearance/feel is excellent. Construction is good except the little thin caps tend to pop off when the head is punched. I'm glad they're not any longer - seems to me to be just about the right size smoke. Just this morning I sat out on the deck after a big brunch with the Sunday paper and some black coffee - and a GOL, of course, which got me through the whole big Sunday crossword puzzle - and I wasn't in any hurry.... ....Anyway, when you get a good GOL, you have a fine cigar in anyone's book.
I ordered a sampler pack that had this CAO Brazilia in it, and this is great cigar! Beautifully made, great burn and awesome taste! I have tried quite a few other cigars and this one I will be ordering again. In fact, I liked this one so much I ordered another sampler with just CAO's in it. I received them yesterday and I am going to let them set in my humidor for a little while. Can't wait to try the other ones!
A pretty good cigar. Not a peppered as the Italia.
One of my favorites. Stays stocked in my humidor. Smooth taste with a slight kick of strength. Retro-hale is smooth with a slight citrus note. nice cool burn , every once in a while ill have a stick that burns a little uneven, but this is a winner imo.
Love them great stick
I just got these in and have smoked 2 so far.Very pleased. I actualy like the Partagus Blacks, but these may have changed my mind.very good draw and very good taste. Do not be hesitant to try...You will be sorry if you do. To me it finishes better than the Monticristo Media Noche. Just saying.
Spice, leather, earth... this cigar has it all! If you're a maduro fan and you haven't tried one of these, you're in the wrong. My go to cigar.
Not my favorite...somewhat bland and not a lot of depth in flavor. However it is full strength.
I had my first CAO Brazilia ( GOL) about 10 years ago, after reading about them in Cigar Aficionado. I picked up a handful of different CAO cigars to try from a local cigar retailer. The CAO Brazilia to me is CAO's finest offering. It feels good ,burns great, and leaves a wonderful spicy/ cocoa taste and aroma though-out. The cigar gets even more full bodied as you near the end. And you may possibly smoke the entire cigar without the ash dropping (amazing) This was one of the first full boxes of cigars I purchased. To this day I always make sure to have at least one of them, in one of my humidors. Today I could not resist the box purchase when CI offered a freebie offer with it. 25 of my all time favorite cigars for the price of 20! Great offer CI!
I completely disagree with those commenting that this cigar is only for "experienced" smokers. I have smoked about 50 sticks over the last three months as a complete newbie, and this cigar was not too full in flavor nor was it too strong. The flavor profile was extremely tasty and the strength was complemented by your A-typical maduro wrapper. I personally prefer maduros to most wrappers and maybe that helps me as a new smoker enjoy this particular smoke so much. The wrapper was well constructed, the burn and smoke output was great, and i found nothing to actually complain about. If you smoke cigars regardless of how long you have done it. You owe yourself to at least try this cigar. Very nice!
I have to say, I was a bit wary of these cigars at first. I have had CAO before, and wasn't impressed. These, however, are nothing short of excellent. They have definitely made my list of favorite cigars. Like others have stated, very flavorful without overpowering. Very even burn and strong ash. As I first unwrapped them to place them in my humidor, the smell of these cigars was like absolute heaven. Excellent work, CAO!
This was my first Brazilian Wrapper cigar. I have to say, the flavor is different from any cigar I have had. It definitely has a sort of cocoa fruity flavor and was smoother than I thought from the darker oily wrapper counterparts. All in all, I rate this one pretty high. The burn is unmatched by any other cigar...perfect!. I'll be getting some more Brazilian wrapper cigars to compare this one to. NICE!
I'm a newcomer to the world of fine cigars. I've smoked several samplers, and this is by far, the best one I've smoked. Enjoyable from the start to the last inch. The few CAO cigars I've tried were all great!
There are some brands you just don't enjoy. For me CAO is one of them. The one cigar I do like from their line is the Brazilia. This is a full bodied smoke most experienced smokers will enjoy.
I just came inside from smoking a CAO Brazilia Robusto that I got in the Backyard Boogie sampler. This is one awesome smoke, one of the best I have ever had. For a full bodied smoke, it was very mellow and burned well. I smoked it down to the nub and wish it had been a longer cigar. Definitely a cigar that needs to be in any humidor.
Been a fav since they released them. Tried all of CAO lines, like some; don't dislike others, BUT this one is a fine, fine smoke! My absolute favorite of the CAO family! I KEEP some of these in the humidor!!!
Great cigars. The flavor and strength of these bad boys are legit!
This is a beaut! I normally don't venture far beyond medium flavor, but this is a nice full body smoke. Not too much and very flavorful. I smoked the robusto and will be ordering more.
This is a beaut! I normally don't venture far beyond medium flavor, but this is a nice full body smoke. Not too much and very flavorful. I smoked the robusto and will be ordering more.
I just love a full bodied smoke in the morning with freshly roasted coffee. I've tried so many brands I can't even remember but the best by far and for the value is the CAO Brazilia. I chose the little cigarillos tins. And what an awesome value. They are the perfect size for a cup of coffee. Flavor is full like you need with coffee and oh so wonderful... thank you CAO for such an awesome smoke and CI for the great deal...!!!
Bottom line, Great full flavored cigar, At an excellent price. Keep on rockin C.I. !!!
Just had my first Brazilia and just found my favorite smoke. This lives up to all of the hype in the other reviews. Great smoke. The price is just a bonus. Much better than a lot of $10-15 sticks.
Yes! A GREAT maduro. My taste runs to medium-full. There are several maduros I've tried and liked ok but I've just had my first CAO Brazilia Lambada and it was fantastic. It looks and smells like it would be a heavy, full-bodied, cigar before lighting but the taste is fantastic and it's one of the few sticks I'll smoke down to 1/2" before stubbing it out. Absolutely going to get more. So far I've been very impressed with all of the CAOs I've smoked, but this one is my favorite.
This is one of my favorite maduros, like a strong coffee, but blended to smoothness with cream.
Used to enjoy Brazilian cigars years ago, Few are imported anymore. Brazilian tobacco has a recognizably nutty taste, and can also be strong. CAO has a great blend of Brazil tobacco with others, resulting in a full, satisfying, but not overpowering smoke. Still, this blend is for serious smokers and may overwhelm smokers accustomed to lighter blends. For me, it is a treat.
Too bad i can't smoke these all the time on my very limited budget. These are as good everyone says they are, and then some.
I'm working on the first Brazilian Corcovado from a box the wife got me for my birthday. I've smoked the Brazilians in the past and claimed them as my all time favorite, and this bad boy reaffirms this claim. Excellent construction, draw, and burn renders one delicious cigar. CAO, you are my hero! Buy a box today, you will not regret it.
Partagas black label used to be my favorite cigar until I had the Brazilia...the rest is history.
One of my favs! A "Best Buy" for the $$! CAO brands puts out a mostly very good cigars (by the way izzit "COW" or "KAYO" or "SEE" "AYY" "OHH"?? lmao!) but this one is so very tasty, heavy nuts, earth, oak and chocolate fill the palate! Love it with coffee! I always take the time to re-up when I order any from here.
I am not well versed in the CAO universe. A good friend offered me one of these and this cigar was very good. The flavors are not overpowering, but they do build nicely and offer some variations throughout the burn to keep me interested. I would rate it 87 and would consider buying some for my humidor if CI offers them up in unique sampler or something.
seriously ... tween this and the america ... one of the best sticks out there ... top notch stuff boys ... I pick em up when CI throws me a sale bone .. but ... Im a big fan of the CAO line so far ... to me .. for the price to pound ratio ... these are all well worth the cash ... from the black on out ... have never tried the Italia yet ... but Im headed there ... everything else has been awsome. I had made a review on the VR that the wrapper flaked ... but that was cause I didnt let em rest at all off the truck. Update: VR is excellent in the lower third especially.
This is an absolutely fantastic stick. Nice, even burn; smooth, cool draw; and as a bonus, loads of smoke from this one. Very full, but at the same time, easy to smoke. Highly recommended. 10/10
Having purchase these on the; "Make me an offer" site, I did as most of us do and smoked one off the truck. In this case, it didn't seem to matter since the cigar was a work of art in looks and in taste. I'm sure more time in the humidor will make it even better. This cigar is bold, a cloud of smoke, easy draw, and great construction. While it is not just like a Diesel unlimited, there are many things alike, such as; great construction, wonderful draw, bold tase without burning your palate, and a smooth flavor that could allow an FNG (name given to new guys arriving in Vietnam meaning Fu*&^ing New Guys) a chance to try a more robust cigar than they are used to. I must not be the only person who feels this way, since the sampler CAO packs are sold out. CI, would you please get some more of these cigars, I would like to try more than just the Brazilla?
Great smoke! Not always a big CAO fan but will be from here on.
This is the best maduro, for the money, on the market by far! Full-bodied, very rich, with a long, long finish and tons of dense smoke. Ususally very complex with peppery, rich sweet flavors and ocasionally floral flavors.
This is a "top, top, top" cigar. It is probably my favorite cigar overall and it is worth every penny!! Stong, balanced, smooth, flavorful, etc. Don't wait just get some now!!!!
I didn't find the cigar as described by a fellow CI buyer. It could be that he received a bad lot. I don't smoke the dark colored cigars very often, but after purchasing the Black Friday Sampler, I have a change of heart. As stated by another review, it is not for those who smoke on the mild side. However, for those that like robust but not over the top; This is your cigar. I noticed that they are not cheap in price, but I think that I should have a few of these in my humi for times that I go to the dark side of the force. Well made, great even burn, outter leaf with that oily look, and a fantastic draw. Thank you CI for including this in the Black Friday sampler.
Love the Amazon, but for whatever reason, I can't stand the Gol. I have had 4 Gol's now and each one tasted like ash. Very bitter and acrid. I have tried different humidity levels and still no difference. Perhaps it's just not my thing. But like I said, the Amazon was very enjoyable. I have one that has been sitting for over 2 years now. Gonna smoke that on my birthday vacation next month ;) I'll let the rest of my Gol's keep resting and see what a year does to them, then report back.
This cigar is not for the faint of heart. It's a perfect smoke for those that love a meaty, full-bodied cigar that will make you jump for joy!
The CAO Anaconda is my favorite cigar. I don't smoke them everyday, but when I have some time to enjoy a great cigar that lasts 2 hours plus, the Anaconda is it. It has a great taste with medium to full strength. Very pleasant experience!
God bless the man who made these cigars....come on CI get this po boy an irresistible deal on the box press pleeeease
The Brazilia is my absolute favorite smoke. Since the first one I had smoked, I use this cigar as my measuring stick to gauge any other smoke....and I had yet to find one that I prefer more than a Brazilia. For me the Ipanema is my favorite size, nice long smoke with a consistent draw and taste. Buy'em, you won't be disappointed!
Of all the brands I've smoked over the years, the Brazilia is still my all time favorite. Consistantly well-made, even burn, clouds of dense white smoke... not to mention the second to none flavour. You can't go wrong with this stick.
Ummm Can you say Knockout. This cigar is all that and them some. Well contructed, stuffed to the rim with flavors galour. Its not for the medium smoker. Its all Full flaver baby. One of my faves
After being turned on to the world of cigars, I tried my first Gol (CAO Brazilia). That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Bold and complex without being overwhelming. From the presentation to the finger melting nub a joy to smoke. My personal go to cigar.
In a word - smokeability. I may have just made that word up but I feel like it's the only one that applies to (CAO Brazilia) . For a guy who normally sticks to the safe mild cigars it was a real treat to try out this smoke labeled as full-bodied. Satisfying and not overwhelming in the least. To me, this is the definition of smokeability and this what CAO's blend is all about.
I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth mellowness this full bodied cigar (CAO Brazilia) displayed. The CAO, chewy, slow burning and loaded w/flavor. I'll rate it a solid 90. Enjoy, later.
I got my first two on a sampler(CAO Brazilia), picked up another sampler or two just because they were included. Since then have bought them out right in two different sizes. The wrapper on this cigar is my current favorite! When I get one that burns & draws perfectly it is the best cigar IN THE WORLD!
The CAO Braziliz Box Press is definitely worth the money! I had one last night and it had a fantastically even burn, but what I enjoyed most about this cigar was the taste. It had a very creamy smoke with dark chocolate flavors that lasted. I highly recommend trying this cigar!
A short, fat cigar with a lot of flavour. (CAO Brazilia) Excellent draw, firm ash and quite even for such a fat thing. I smoke them often.
Not that this cigar needs any more praise, but here goes. The CAO Brazilia is quickly becoming one of my favorite medium-full bodied cigars, if not, my favorite regardless of shape/size, even the Cariocas are great little smokes. What else can I say that hasn't already been said by the reviewers out there. Great taste, draw, beautiful smoke, smooth, even burning and very well constructed. The one drawback is that this cigar does need some humidor time (minimum 3-4 weeks) before you smoke it. I've actually found this to be true with most CAO cigars. I find it odd that given the price and quality of CAO cigars that they need humidor time, but if you really want to get the most out of these smokes just be patient and you'll find that it will be worth the wait, especially with the CAO Black.
The CAO Brazilia is a great full bodied smoke. I just recently added a few of the piranhas into my rotation and they're some of my favorites! Strong but not overpowering with an easy draw due to the large ring gauges, these cigars aim to please.
Wow, this is a full bodied cigar that is just full of flavor.This is not a wimpie cigar. It just gets better as it burns down. The flavor increase's and gets very complex. I would suggest this to anybody that enjoy's a real cigar flavor. The "CAO BRAZILIAN" is my favorite CAO cigar. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
I got two in a sampler(CAO Brazilia) and have to say is was very full flavored, robust, peppery - smooth, but never harsh. Lot's of taste left on the palate long after you retired the nub. Flavor was consistant start to finish with a slow even burn. Very well constructed. Wifey did not like the aroma...oh well! Great for the experienced cigar smoker, not the best choice for the newbie. I probaly would not buy a full box but it was a nice change of pace with a flavor you won't forget. Pick up a few for those full flavor cigar moments.
It's been a long time since I felt this way about a particular cigar. CAO has really done it here (CAO Brazilia). This is definitely my new favorite cigar! I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. Makes me want to stockpile boxes and boxes of them in fear of them disappearing. The salesman at the cigar shop almost chased me away from it saying it was strong and full bodied, but the truth is it only strong and full bodied with amazing flavor!!! Try it, you might like it too!
Whenever I need a vacation, I escape with CAO Brazilia. Even sitting on my patio is a rickety old chair, I feel like I'm on a sandy beach in sunny Brazil. Absolutely delicious and liberating. This cigar tastes amazing even before you light it! The cold taste is lots of licorice and... I can only attest the other flavor to those fig newton cookies. Just incredible. Do yourself a favor. When you're feeling stressed, light up a CAO Brazilia. Instant escape.
I am new to smoking fine cigars. My first order from cigars international included five CAO Brazilia's. I did not know about ratings at the time. It was my favorite out of my order, in fact I gave one to my cigar smoking friends to try. I made another order of a box of 20 before I knew that it was a 90 rated cigar. FANTASTIC!!!!!
Ozgener has an eclectic eye for these sultry smoking collections of his. The Brazilia is one of my staples. It has a dark oily wrapper with middle bodied essence with a full taste. Aromatic with a regal plume, a top shelf stick for the disearning maven of great cigars. Spicy with a leathery finish, consistent all the way through. My rate this stick: 90
These (CAO Brazilia)were the first cigars from CAO that I smoked; and I was a fan from the first puff. It's a very thick, chewy smoke. Full bodied and very flavorful. Doesn't hold any punches, but never shoots to kill. One thing to note though, stick with the smaller sizes, as the larger ones have to burn for a bit before you can enjoy their real flavor.
I bought a five pack of these (CAO Brazilia) after reading a couple of reviews and mostly out of curiousity. Man...what a lovely surprise!! The Gol! size (which is the one I bought) is a thick ring size beauty..The black color made it look like an ass whipper, but, it was a beautifully mellow, sooothing full flavored smoking experience...A good slow burner to boot..lasted 18 holes (I hit 14 GIR's on a totally deserted golf maybe it didn't burn all that slow)...I truly enjoyed it and am looking forward to smoking the other four that I purchased...Thanks to CI for offering so much quality product in five us newbies (cigar guy for only about a year and a half)can try lots of products for a minimal investment....Thanks again
I"ve wanted to try this one (CAO Brazilla) for a while now and the wait was well worth it. Beautiful construction, firm between the fingers and a great pre-light aroma. I almost started drooling as I was torching the foot. The first few puffs hit me with a bit of spice and a LOT of creaminess. As the cigar burns down, the creaminess increases. Slightly sweet with hints of coffee and cocoa. A fine cigar from great company, made MUCH better with the crazy CI prices!!!
Some of these (CAO Brazilia) landed on my desk the other day, and my first thought at looking at these dark, dark beauties was, "uh oh, those will be bitter, strong and kick my butt". Boy, was I wrong. Smooth, creamy...complex, not bitter or harsh at all. One of my new faves.
WOW! I never thought a cigar this size (CAO Brazilia) would take over 2 hours to smoke! But the entire 2 hours were filled with a smooth, rich, and robust flavor from a cigar that was rolled ever so perfectly and burned ever so evenly. It goes great with a dry red wine or a stout porter beer. Kick back and relax!
I def recomend these (CAO Brazilia)as the cigar with best of all worlds, its enough flavour so you never feel disapointed and is never overbearing or overpowerful enough for any taste. CAO hit it right on the money by making these and the Italia 55+ ring guage.
The CAO Brazilia is my absolute favorite cigar. If you like medium to full bodied cigars you have to try these. The dark Brazilian Wrapper is sumptuous. This cigar is so smooth and tasty I often have to remove the label so I can smoke it down to the nub. There are a lot of nice cigars that smoke good in the middle. But there aren't very many that taste equally as good at both ends too.
Smoking Cigars during a round of golf, makes an already enjoyable game complete. C.A.O. Brazilias are the icing in the cake!! Five Star Cigar in all categories.