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Cain F Nub by Oliva Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cain F Nub by Oliva”

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5 out of 5
Nub Cain F's are awesome
These stogies are a little stronger than I expected. I have smoked a few by now though and am enjoying each one more than the last. This comes as no big surprise to me because I've smokes several Nubs and never had a bad one.
5 out of 5
very strong cigar
Good cigar if you like em strong and dark. Smokes about an hour. good construction, and burn.
5 out of 5
Nub tastic!!
Great Nicaraguan smoke with taste of leather and spices. The smoke is great from start to finish! Big Bang for for the money!! Nub hit a home run with this one.
Customer Testimonials
Great stick, just up my alley. Full bodied, spicy loaded with black and red pepper spices. Just a good all around 'gar. Completely satisfied!
Cain F Nub is probably, well it is my go to cigar. I just really enjoy the spicy edge, the aroma, the burn, ash, smoke. You name it this cigar is on it. I still haven't found any cigars I enjoy more than Nub. I've never had a bad Cain F Nub.
Great little cigar! Love em. I am about to order a box.
Full fantastic flavor. Slow even burn perfectly balanced this will be a go to cigar for me.
I like my cigars like I like my women...short and fat! Seriously, this is an excellent smoke, with a nice and even burn, smooth draw and great flavor profile. Lots of pepper right at the start, then it smooths out into a very enjoyable mix of earth and toasty flavors mixed with spices. Very good...took it right down to "nub" and it never got hot.
Wow!Earthy,spicy,creamy-did I mention earthy?!The prelight smells just like rich soil and the post-light is just as product description and fellow reviewer indicate.Great work Mr.Leccia,as always,"high five",CI!.
Well, this is the first review that I have posted. I have to tell you that all of the hype for this little gem is correct. Starting with the appearance out of the wrapper. The Habano wrapper is beautiful and oily, virtually seemless. The burn was straight and true with no relights or fixing required. After about 30 seconds, my lips were tingling and the bold tobacco flavors hit the palate. At about the 1/3 mark, the cigar became remarkably smooth with some toasty notes and a sweet lingering aftertaste. It finished off with a bang and was never anything but superb. Furthermore, I am a somewhat aggressive smoker and don't like to leave my stogies burning on the ashtray very long and it never got hot until it reached my fingers (only real heat was on the fingers!). As a disclaimer, this cigar is not for the beginner, and should probably best be served after a hearty meal. I will buy plenty more of these to have as a staple in my humidor. My personal rating 92-93