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Nub by Oliva Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Nub by Oliva”
Color me skeptical. But the media blitz drew me in like a lemming to the cliff. I bought all 3 types and tried the Cameroon first, right out of the cello. What a pleasant shock. The hype was absolutely true, hence, it wasn't hype. (Nub) From the first to the last puff, this little thing was an absolute delight to smoke. Heaven knows what a little aging will do. I actually burned myself a couple times near the end because I didn't want to let go. I've read how they experimented to get this amazing product to be what it claims. Now the question is....does this revolutionary cigar start a replication process by other cigar makers? Considering what the Olivas have accomplished, the pricing on this cigar could have been much, much higher. What a find!
PK of Milwaukee, WI
A friend of mine offered me a, 4x60 Nub Cameroon. I had seen them in the C.I. catalog, but i had not tried one yet. Glad i did, A very tasty stick, indeed. Medium body, spicy sweet with a finish i can only describe as a dry woody taste. Good way to kill an hour. I'll rate it a solid 88. The order is in. Thanks C.I., your prices enable me to have a respectable stash. Later.
VB of San Francisco, CA
I Have yet to meet a nub I didn't like and the Nub Plus Habano was no different. Great quality. Definitely worth picking up.
KB of Shelbyville, KY
I had my first (Nub) today. Planned to smoke the Cameroon as a starter cigar on my way to the 5 Vegas Miami Knuckle. I never made it to the Knuckle. This is easily the best Cameroon cigar I have ever tried. Chock full of flavor, smoke, and smooth tobacco. A certified winner.
SS of Portland, OR
I tried and liked very much ,the 4x60 Cameroon ( Nub) . Now i'm smoking a 4x64....more complexity, more flavor....more, more, more. Love it.
VB of San Francisco, CA
Lets see, where to start. I was a little stand offish about this cigar (Nub) when it came with a sampler I order. So, I lit, I smoked, and I was AMAZED. I smoked it all and the ash stood straight as an arrow. It finally fell when the fire was burning my finger tips, a good 60 min later!!!!!! WOW, I have entered bizarre-O world and I think I am going to buy real estate.
JC of Louisville, KY
New to big name cigar smoking I ordered a few samplers from CI; great fast, free shipping, the short nub cigars smoke just as long as any full length burn very even and very very smooth. I'm not a big fan of maduro's at all but these actually weren't too bad. They were of the highest quality compared to other big name brands. once i found my nitch of the cigar I like the most I'll be ordering more boxes.
MJ of Montgomery, AL
This is a serious cigar. (Nub) I tried the Cameroon and was pleasantly surprised. This little firecracker has definitely found a home in my humidor. I normally like my cigars on the bold side, but I find this one exceptional. I got pepper and some walnut taste from it. I especially enjoyed the 2nd third, where it seemed to be a little more bold. I knocked the ash off at about 2+ inches. Very fun. However, I wasn't able to get mine to stand on the ash like the ad shows. ;)
S of LLexington, KY
I could not wait for the Nub to arrive in the mail. I was so anxious I fired one right up -- and oh my! -- The flavor you savor on the first puff! No longer do you have to ease your tastebuds into the core flavors of a cigar; this is instantanious. The flavor is intense, but the cigar is not. It has a slow, cool, razor-sharp burn. At first glance it looks like a short smoke, but it is at least an hour of goodness. This cigar is quite simply, a marvelous creation. Try them all! Each brings its own unique flavor, and you will not be disappointed. I expect the hype around these cigars will catch on with other makers. I noticed 5 Vegas Miami following suit with their "Knuckle" cigar, and I expect many more will follow suit with their brands.
JS of Lynn, MA
Tried the Nub Maduro and wasn't impressed. Save your hard earned cash and try a 5er of Gurkha's Park Avenue Maduro.
PP of Denville, NJ
Received a (Nub) 460 Connecticut in the mail today and fired it up. The construction was excellent, not to firm to the touch with an easy draw. This cigar has a slow and cool burn and lasted a bit over one hour. I really enjoyed the mild to medium flavor and consistancy throughout the length of the cigar. Will try the others until I find my favorite.
EF of Murrieta, CA
Just finished a "466 Box-Press Torpedo" and surprisingly it lasted a solid hour. It is was an amazing smoke. I ordered several singles to try and I will be ordering a box on my next order. If your on the fence about the Nubs order a few singles like I did and you will be very happy you did. One of my top go-to cigars now.
DB of Poquoson, VA
I've now smoked all the Nub offerings. These cigars are pleasant enough for me, except the Habano one I got virtually came apart. Obviously, at least to me, this was just an individual cigar, because the others were very well made, offered an excllent draw and even burn. Even though they're stubby wee things, they all burnt for a good, solid hour. To me, they offered nothing particularly special in the way of flavour, but I'd never refuse to smoke another. I thought at first it was just an interesting wee gimmick, but they all proved to be very good, indeed. Not favourites, mind, but very good cigars.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
I bought the Connecticut 3.7" X 58 5 pack from CI to try out. (Nub) I have now smoked 2 of these particular Nubs, and I am now a believer. The construction of this Cigar was excellent and wrapped very neatly. The burn was near perfect on both of the Nubs that I had, which impressed me a lot. If this Cigar isn't rated above 90..I will honestly think the system is flawed. If I had to compare this particular Cigar, I would say a cross between Diamond Crown # 5 and Montecristo White (rothschilde). This is just a fantastic smoke IMHO.
AS of Royersford, PA
I was feeling a little experimental when I was restocking at my usual cigar (Nub) haunt locally when I need a few sooner than mail can supply. My fellow aficionado in arms suggested I try NUB, and I had already heard of them, but I had a natural aversion for spending $8-$11 for half a stick. So I as was a bit bearish on the offer. But he knows what I like and insisted I try it - fair enough, I picked up the 4x.60 Habano, and was pleasantly surprised. Almost right off from crafting a even crown to burning it back about a 1/8 of an inch it was rich and had a bountiful bouquet. A couple weeks later swung in and picked up the Connecticut. That was even better [I thought] than the Habano. I have been thrilled with the accents I have been tasting in more experimental blends with Honduran and Broad leaf blends - this was no exception. The pack on it will fight ya so you won't be disappointed that you didn't blow right through it right away. It'll put you down for a good 25 to 30 minutes... trust me, very nice. This diversified offering from Oliva factory to be is a bold statement. Not a huge fan of the 5 Series and others, but NUB wins the day. My rate, this stick: 89
C of SSouthern, CA
Just tried my first Nub, a 4x60 Cameroon. Wow! Started off with a burst of flavor & smoothed right out down to the "nub". I call this a "buzz bomb" as it packs a punch & I picked up a buzz about a fourth of the way thru & again about 2/3 thru the stogey. This little gem has an awesome draw & holds its ash like a much pricier cigar (just like on the August CI catalog cover). One of the smoothest medium blends I have ever tried, the flavor will not overwhelm you & leaves you with a very pleasant aftertaste. You will not be dissapointed!
WW of Peoria, AZ
These bad boys are short, but not on quality or flavor! NUBs are, dare I say, GENIUS! They are nothing short of amazing. The wonderful flavors hit you from the very first puff and keep on coming. Do yourself a favor and smoke as many as you can!!
JS of Trenton, MI
I bought a 358 Connecticut Nub last week. It was made great. Nice smooth draw, even flavor throughout. It had a long and cool burn lasted right around 45 minutes to an hour. I would highly recommend it to all new cigar smokers for sure but I think everyone would enjoy it! It is by far one of the best cigars I have ever experienced!
JA of Springfield , MO
I got 10 (Nub Cameroons) in a Joe's deal. After a couple months in the humidor these are great, with a wonderful flavor, and a terrific construction and burn. I thought Nub was a gimmicky cigar before I tried it; I was wrong. I normally don't like such a large gauge, but these are different somehow; I still get a lot of herbal flavor from the Cameroon wrapper, which I like. I've only got one left at the bottom of my humidor for long-term aging. I'd like to try the Habano next.
SF of Hot 'lanta, GA
I just got home from work to find a small little box sitting on my counter. First I wondered how it got into my house and then I realized what the box contained, 24 beautiful Nubs (464Connecticut) and a nice little Sampler box of 6. First I added all 30 cigars to my Cordoba Humi and then grabbed one and lit up. Oh boy what a beautiful smoke it is. Smooth and super full of flavor right down to the nub of the Nub. I recommend these to anyone and everyone.
CO of Roseville, MN
These little cigars,(Nub) taste great from the 1st light. Burn was even and habano was tasty to the last puff. mine smoked for about 45mins, but i never put the cigar down.
JJ of Hamburg, NY
I am usually a fan of bolder cigars, but once I fired up my NUB, I was very surprised at the flavors that hit me right away. The texture and aromas it left me left me ordering a box (and then some) and for my friends who I ended up sharing these little bad boys with are in the same boat as well! A must have for your humidor!
DT of Buena park, CA
One of my top 5 cigars. The 460 Habano is in permanent rotation in my humidor. And with CI's prices, it doesn't break the bank.
MM of Clayton, NJ
After two nub Connecticut' s a two word review will answer all questions: Great Smoke! This stick gets an A rating in all categories. The only improvement they could make is to drop the price.
KG of Acton, ME
Sitting out here on my patio while my dogs are running and enjoying my first Nub, a 460 Habano. I have to say, from the color I was expecting a completely different flavor-more earthy. From before I lit it, there was a LOT of spice. I am saying this after I was eating some habanero cheddar cheese earlier and almost burned my mouth. It has a nice spicy flavor throughout so far, and hope it continues to the end although it has mellowed quite a bit. Lotd of smoke and nice white ash. I think it was down about 1 1/2" before the ash fell off. Great stick, I think I will have to get a box of these to have on hand for my normal occasional cigar outing. I smoked this after I picked it up today at the store. I can only imagine how good it would be after sitting in my humi for a few weeks.
DS of Covington, WA
It started about 2 maybe 3 months ago when I had first Nub (460 Maduro) up at the CI superstore. I was VERY amazed at the time it took to smoke and how white the ash was. On march 16, 2010 I smoked a 464 Cameroon and the ash did not come off until I put the this baby down. Oh the ash was at lest 3 inches long, I have the pic to prove it.
BI of Reading, PA
I bought a box of 460 Habano yesterday. Smoked my first one today. Gotta say that the NUB aint half bad. I think a couple months in the humi will make em even better. This way i can burn down some of my FREE CUBA gars. The NUB might even replace my Arturo Fuente 858 as my fav gar.
RB of Lehighton, PA
Just smoked a Nub Cameroon today and honestly was not that impressed, the cigar tasted OK for the first half and became harsh towards the end, will not be buying again. I did however like the Nub Habano much more, could be that the Cameroon is just not my flavor profile. Happy smoking!
AV of Alpharetta, GA
I've found my new favorites. I've been wanting to try Nubs for some time now & when a sampler offer came into my email I couldn't pass it up. The Cameroon was fantastic & I found myself enjoying all parts of this cigar. The draw was great, the ash held firm & the smoke was delicious, I say delicious because I couldn't believe how pleasant the smoke seemed when it blew back into my face (I smoke outside). I've already decided that these little gems are gonna be my next purchase, the only decision now is whether or not to go with another sampler or try to decide on a specific box! If you haven't given a Nub a try, you're only cutting yourself short, you gotta try'em, trust me.
JK of Cape Coral, FL
I must say,normally I don't smoke anyone's cameroon but this NUB TORP.cameroon-4x64 WOW!!!!I'm a beleiver!This cigar is one of the best I've ever had-period and lasted a good 1hr and 10mn-just awesome-try'em you'll get more!!!
RK of College Park, MD
This might be the perfect golf cigar! I have tried multiple sampler packs of Nub, and I love them all. The Habano and box press Cameroon are my favs, but you really can't go wrong with any of them. Very smooth draw and even burn. Smoked a few dozen so far and have not had to relight once. If you haven't tried it yet, do yourself a favor and try a Nub.
DW of Argyle, NY
The NUB Habano is excellent......Love them so much went out and bought not one but two boxes of the 466 Habano, Smooth, Great Taste, perfect size...
ES of redford, MI
Finished smoking a 460 Habano and I really enjoyed the sweet rich smoked it produced. I burned evenly and lasted a long time. It did get rather hot towards the end, but it was no problem. Construction was excellent and the draw was perfect.
TS of Corona, CA
From the first time I became interested in cigars, I've wanted to try a Nub. I got a 5 pack with the herf n' go combo (excellent idea and deal for starters and experts alike) and I fell in love with the Cameroon wrappers. I bought a box (I'm on a college student's budget by the way) because they're that good. I feel like a 91 is too low of a rating, these guys deserve at least a 98. Smooth draw and beautiful medium taste. GET SOME!!!
DR of Tampa, FL
Picked up a pack of Nub Habano 358. Good 45 minute smoke. Married outstanding with a glass of Chivas. A little flash of spice up front that mellows quickly. Some chocolate and a little vanilla. This just joined my "must have in my humidor at all times" list! Great cigar!
JA of Omaha, NE
Wow the Habano Nub was fantastic. Very smooth all the way through. I was a bit hesitant on the single price, for the size, but it lasted just as long as a good robusto. The only CON I could mention. Since it is so short, dont smoke on a breezy day outside. You might get a bit of smoke in your eye.
DH of San Diego, CA
Nub Connectiicut is a great morning cigar. Mild, but flavorful. The cedar and nut flavors compliment a mug of Joe well. The Maduro 460 is fantastic and very close to the descriptions of flavor mentioned in the ad. Chocolate aroma, rich tobacco, chocolate and coffee flavors. Slightly spicy finish. Fantastic selections.
FR of Las Vegas, NV
After receiving the 5 pack sampler, I left them in my humidor more than a week. The Habano was a great 40 minute cigar, but the others were only 25 minutes more or less. In addition, there were even burn problems with the other ones. My review doesn't reflect what others had to say, I'm only writting what I experienced. My humidors have two hygrometers in them, so that I can see if they both give the same reading. It is safe to say that my humidifier wasn't the problem, maybe I'm at fault is some way. It should be noted that all had good flavors when I wasn't having to work on them burning even. The other reviews demonstrate that this is a well liked cigar, I'm just not one of them. It would have been better for me, if they were 6 X 54, rather than the 4 inch claim to fame. However, every cigar smoker should purchase the 5 pack sampler, just to give them a try. I'm going to purchase a sampler of Davidoff, just to find out why they cost so much, and the description doesn't give any remarks as to the high cost of the brand.
DM of Taylor, MI
The Num Habano 460 is a great smoking cigar without a doubt. Since I received these in a sampler, I wanted to see if they were worth the cost they go for by the box. Because of this, I used a stop watch to see how much burn time one would get from a 4 inch cigar. To began with, it is around 2.5 inches from the top to the ban around the cigar, which is located right where you would hold it. Then you have to deduct the cut you have to make since this was a torpedo. When the burn has reached the ban, there is only 1.5 inches left more or less. With these factors added in, the cigar is no longer 4 inches, depending on how far down you make your cut. I smoked the cigar until my fingers started to burn, which took 25.22 minutes for me to finish the cigar. The time would have been less had I have put it out before it reached my fingers. There other cigars I have in my large humidor at half the price of these, that will last a good 45 minutes or longer to smoke. For me, the flavor of this cigar does not make up for the short burn time or the high cost. You be the judge.
DM of Taylor, MI
Just had a Conneticut today and really enjoyed it. One of the smoothest Conneticuts I've ever had. Taste wasn't the greatest I've ever had, but good. Draw, construction, and burn were all fantastic...would definitely smoke a few more of these.
AL of Evansville, IN
My first experience with A Nub Cameroon. Now this is what A cigar should taste like. Good tobacco flavor with enough spices to keep it interesting. Huge amounts of fragrant smoke and to top it off enough nicotine to give A slight tingle to the lips and tongue. A well rounded and satisfying experience. This could be my new favorite. I will definitely be ordering more. Personally I scored this one A perfect 100. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this smoke.
RB of Rockmart, GA
A tasty cigar start to finish, just as promised. Definitely a mood lightened on a bad day, or even just fun with the guys. I'm definitely a future customer of Cain.
CM of Maryland Heights, MO
Just came in from smoking my first NUB habano. Very nice experience. Rich volumes of smoke left me wishing this were a 5-6 incher. It truly did incorporate the sweet ending of a great stick start to finish. Once it was at the point I could not hold on to it with my fingers, I employed the old burnt matchstick stabbed into the nub trick (no pun intended) as a makeshift "roach clip" to take that puppy all the way down. I did have to babysit it a little with some fire. Started off with an even burn but towards the end had some uneven issues. With these flavors, that was the least of my concerns. My biggest issue was the "man tears" that we're shed once I had to lay it to rest. Don't judge me..
JH of Lawrence, KS
I received a sampler pack of Nubs from a CI special and have since become hooked on the 460 Cameroon. Two months later I'm on my second box. The smoke tastes and smells like sweet spices and cedar. Despite not tasting like dirt and tree bark, they pack one hell of a punch!
JS of Bristol, TN
Absolutely love the nub!!! Burns for a solid 45 minutes to an hour before even coming close to getting warm. Nub Maduro 464 Torpedo highly recommended!!!
TB of Macclenny, FL
I have been a fan of the nub cigar since they came out with Nub connect 460...
RB of Homosassa, FL
I was originally passed by these cigars every time for a cigar that was a bit more of a handful, until my friend had me try one. I've tried a few of the NUB line and have been impressed with every one! Not one of these cigars has lasted less than a 45 minute smoke for me. My personal favorite is the NUB Habano Torpedo 464. This cigar has the deep full flavors that you would expect with a Habano cigar with the full, robust flavor as well. Like I said each smokes lasts for at least 45 minutes and burns very evenly with no touch-ups. I could smoke one of these every day!
I recently purchased a box of the Studio Tobac Connecticut & received a freebie 10 pack Nub flight sampler. I liked the big STCs, but they are a bit over the top. The 3.7 X 58 collection contained Connecticut, Maduro, Habano & a Cain straight ligero. I prefer this size, which smokes like a robusto or rothschild. The Connecticut is creamy smooth, loaded with cedar & spice & a very nice medium bodied treat. The Habano is spicer, bolder & a delicious after dinner smoke. I have yet to try the Maduro or the Cain offerings, but intend to soon. These are the kind of deals that allow me to try new blends while keeping the per stick cost very reasonable.
The Cameroon is great. The Habano is great. Love these little fat smokes.
TR of Shady Side, MD
This review is of the Nub Habano 4" X 60 jawbreaker of a Gordo Robusto. Part of a 10 count flight sampler freebie, it has given me a chance to check out a few cigars I have been meaning to try. I purchased the Nub Studio Tobac Connecticut monsters & got 10 nice Nub offerings in tow. The Habano is one. The concept of hitting the sweet spot immediately after lighting seems to work for Oliva. That, I will give them. The Nub vitolas are always well constructed, firm & heavy. Oliva blends are mild to medium, with wrappers that boost the experience....Tasty clouds of smoke deliver a medium bodied spice note. A very nice after dinner 'gar that should last a good hour. Not bad for a 4" stogie. If you like Oliva blends & don't mind the fact that the ring gauge is so huge, give Nub a try.
I have been meaning to try the Nub line for sometime. Along came a nice flight sampler freebie offer, so I pulled the trigger & scoffed up a box of the Studio Tobac Connecticut monsters. A big 4" X 66 & mild, I smoked 1, reviewed it & put the other 9 away for some seasoning. 10 beautiful Nub offerings, of which this Habano 3.7" X 58 is 1, came along as a freebie. That brought my per stick price down to a mere 3 bucks & 2 bits. I find the whole concept of a short fat cigar, which in theory burns at its maximum potential from the start, curious. Does it work? Or is it just marketing jive? The big Connecticut lasted an hour & was smooth as butter the whole way. The Habano stick I am reviewing here starts off medium & after 20 minutes, has only developed a 3/4" ash. Dry spice & hints of cedar, wood, earth & cinnamon are present. No sweetness detected, but a very solid medium bodied experience, that coats the palate lightly & remains cool throughout. To me, Oliva's attempt to hit the sweet spot works & works well. Intensity seems to build, as the smoke progresses, but it is not a big increase. What you taste, is pretty much what you get for the duration. In the case of the slightly smaller sized 3.7" X 58 vitolas, that is about 40 minutes, or a rothschild to a robusto length. You can actually snub these out with the ash still intact, although I prefer to roll it off just past midpoint, then rest it for a few minutes, before finishing the smoke. I can highly recommend the Habano blend, for taste & its quirky approach, using gordo dimensions, in a small cigar. Finding it at a discount, makes it just that much better.
These are the perfect cigar for the guy or gal who does not have an hour to smoke, but wants that 20-30 minutes to be full flavored smoking experience. I find these cigars to be of superb construction, probably the best I have seen in a non-Cuban cigar. They are so expertly made I suspect the folks at Oliva are using a machine, or some sort of mechanized technique, in their construction. If not, and they are truly 100% hand made they are using master rollers to make these. Densely packed, but affording a great draw. From start to finish the taste and flavor is the same, which I think was a design aim for this particular cigar. The Cameroon is full flavor, more so than the Connecticut. The Connecticut is really nice, smooth, tasty and has a soft after taste. I'm a big fan of these, and have some other shapes and sizes in my humidor now, which I will review when I smoke them. Should go well with any drink from coffee to wine.
DG of Connor Twp, ME
I ordered a Nub Maduro along with the Legal Limit Cigar sampler and smoked it this past Labor Day weekend. What a great cigar! Don't let the small size fool you, this cigar was awesome! Great smoke and very delicious. Cool draws and perfect burn. I really enjoyed this cigar and will definitely order some more. Thanks CI for having great prices and for shipping quick!
HD of Brooklyn, NY
Just got in the Nub Connecticut 460. I am a beginner cigar smoker and have tried around 10 different cigars. By far this is one of the best cigars that I have smoked. Got a 5 pack smoked 1 and have the rest in my humidor to age it a little more. Smooth taste. Will definitely be getting more.
JH of South ozone park, NY
Got a box of 466... fattest cigar I had tried. I was under the idea that this cigar could be smoked in less time, but in both sticks I´ve tried, I´ve spent a good 60 minutes. I´ve been a smoker for several years, and usually smoke big cigars. But for some reason this cigars are too strong for me. Not in the flavor but in the nicotine content. I need to learn how to tame this cigars, but I will keep trying.
RV of Boulder, CO
Warning.... Smoked the 460 Habano and out of the 3 I had, all 3 were exactly the same. Burn was perfect, construction was perfect, tight perfect wrapper, however, it did not taste as good as it looks. The draw was way too tight on all 3 of them and it tasted like wet ashes. I expected more from Oliva. I smoked one literally minutes ago and it was such a bad experience that I had to throw it out and write a review on CI. Please don't buy this. There are plenty of better and less expensive smokes out there. Way too many to waste your money on this....
RF of Jeffersonville, GA
Nub Cameroon: Easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Heavy smoke output that is dry on the palate. Solid medium strength with medium to full flavors. Flavors of black pepper, saw dust and fall leaves. Medium length finish of charred oak with only a mild spiciness. Flavors are smooth and blend well.
Nub Connecticut: Easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Heavy smoke output. Smoke is slightly dry on palate. Mild to medium strength with medium flavors. Flavors of mild sweet cream, caramel and hay. Medium length finish of cedar and an ever so slight white pepper spice. As with other Nub cigars, becomes smoother in the second half with milder flavors.
For some reason they found a place on my list of "very goods". I don't care for most large rings or cigars with Connecticut wrappers, however: First choice is the 464t maduro. Second is the 460 Connecticut. Third is the 464t habano. Not for everyone, but I enjoy these....
I am usually pretty picky on my shorter cigars, but after meeting a rep at a event and getting my smoke on with a 460 Habano? yeah, I'm definitely a NUB man now. I love how Oliva figured out how to get you straight to the sweet spot of the cigar from the start. It's a great cigar for road trips or just a few with the crew.
CM of Columbia, MO
I had bought a box of Habano 466's and found many rolled a little tight at first but after setting in the humi for a couple weeks or more then they were good to go. Just got a box of Maduro 460's and found these to be perfect right out of the box. I belive these are a better tasting smoke to me, especially when you consider I usually stay away from maduros. Great smoke!
Got a couple Nubs as part of a sample pack. Right away I noticed how beautiful they were. The Maduro especially had such a nice looking wrap that I didn't want to smoke it. But the true test of a cigar comes from smoking it, so I lit the fat little thing up. For me, the true measure of a cigar's greatness can be found in how willing you are to risk burning your fingers and mouth the get those last few puffs out of it. I smoked this thing until my lips touched ash. My only complaint is that it was only 3.5" and left me wanting another 3.5".
MW of Huntley, IL
Tried the 460 Connecticut Torpedo last night. I was very excited to finally spark this stick. Pre light aroma was sweet tobacco, slightly cedar, with a gentle barnyard back. Cold taste was similar, with tons of natural tobacco flavor and hints of something dry, maybe nutty? It burned for just under an hour, I laid it aside with just less than an inch left, when it began to smoke hotter (not hot, just warmer than the rest of the stick) and it tasted a touch harsh. Overall, a good smoke with a perfectly even burn with no touch ups or re lights, and it never dropped its ash. My only complaint is that it was a straightforward smoke with little complexity. Somewhere in the middle, a peanut or cashew type aroma emerged, but largely it was simply a creamy, medium-bodied cigar with TONS of smoke, and an even, light draw. I was left wanting for a but more character, a little more mystery, maybe? It's unusual for a cigar to be too light for my taste, but this one somehow left me wanting more.
JK of Seal Beach, CA
Just finished a Nub 358 Cameroon and I have to say, this is one helluva stick! Perfect right to the end. Great burn, great taste and smooth to end. I'm definitely making these a regular in the rotation.
GP of Scottsdale, AZ
I love these cigars, what a treat. They're not cheep but are well worth it. You won't be disappointed . My favorite is the Connecticut wrapped NUB it's smooth and great tasting. Olivia just makes unbelievable cigars.
Excellent cigars, great smoke, Nub is the way to go. I recommended them. Thx RR
Nub Cigars. Wow. If you are looking for a darned good cigar to enjoy while walking the dog, sitting on the patio or even cleaning your rifle this brand is the brand to purchase. I have been a NUB fan for a number of years now. The creator of this cigar has truly dialed in the winning combination; the sweet spot on the cigar begins around the 4" mark and ends when you begin to draw heat. I recommend this brand to my fellow cigar smokers because you can't go wrong with this one. Nothing complex, just good tobacco in a very well made cigar.
DS of Chillicothe, IL
These have become my favorite cigar. Mellow yet flavorful. Perfect smoke for me. Thanks CI for the great prices and timely shipping!
ML of New York, NY