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Plasencia Reserva 1898 Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Plasencia Reserva 1898”
With CI's vast inventory of great cigars available, I occasionally like to try something new. The Plasencia Reserve 1898 was an example. After smoking the first stick, I read the expert review and once again agreed with the 90 rating, and pretty much what was written. The best point about this cigar was the phrase "full-flavored, not full strength." Agree 100% with the great range of powerful flavors, especially earth for the first 2 thirds of the cigar. The flavor reminded me very much of another new cigar I've grown to really like: Legado de Pepin. Summary: try it and you will not be disappointed...and don't be surprised if this cigar starts becoming more plentiful in your humidor.
Plasencia Reserva 1898 Box Sampler. Magnifico, Fastastic, Yummie! One of the best I have ever smoked. The only thing I don't like is the label because it can be difficult to get off so you can burn the stick all the way down.
ND of Nooksack, WA
I just received the Reserva 1898 flight sampler, ordered 4 of them and plucked the Robusto right out of the box for a try. A great smoke, very long light grey ash with an even burn. I would give this a 90 rating, medium plus strength with a rich smooth tobacco flavor. A stickler about cigar construction, this one has the high quality roll I expect from a fine cigar. Two days later the other sizes got a light up. Rare to have similar taste across the various sizes, these deliver the same rich tobacco taste. One to sit back, relax and enjoy! I agree the label is to big covering more than needed, and risky to remove without tearing the wrapper.
A fantastic cigar. The smooth presentation of the blend is exceedingly delightful. The staff review is a good guide to understand the quality of Plasencia Reserva 1898. Absolutely top shelf guality.
CF of Gig Harbor, WA
Magnificant and balanced and the best cigar I ever had the pleasure of smoking. Staff review is very accurate. Make sure you have the time to start, enjoy and finish smoking this great cigar before you light up.
CF of Gig Harbor, WA
This magnificent cigar is smooth and subtle and after awhile the great flavor builds. I save this cigar to be the last smoke of the day after enjoying a few other very good brands. I would enjoy it at anytime of the day but I have 250 other lovelies that becon to me. It's like quitting a winner.
CF of Gig Harbor, WA
I pretty much agree with your staff and customer reviews. This is a very nice stick and the fact that I got 2- 4 pack boxes for an amazing $15 just adds icing to the cake! Very smooth and creamy start. Develops just some slight pepper in 2nd 3rd. Needed a roach clip...Didn't want to put it down.