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Customer Reviews of “Nicarao Havana Sun Grown”
“Just a quick note on these, Try em!! Best bang for the $ in a long while. Hope these prices last.”
JG of San Diego, CA
“Pretty damn good. Kind of spicy woody flavor. Strong but smooth....The draw is extraordinarily smooth with even burn.”
JG of San Diego, CA
“I won't give you all the BS about taste, this is just a very good anytime cigar and is well made, will order again.”
HS of Lawrenceville, GA
“Found another value priced cigar. Easy draw, stays lit, even burn, plenty of smoke, and tasty. I will buy again, and again, and again. Good cigar.”
FS of Gaithersburg, MD
“I love these cigars, bought them on special once and havent moved off of them yet, great flavor, nice pull!”
“These cigars are much better than their cost. Beautiful wrappers, full of flavor, perfect draw and very slow burning. They would be a bargain even if they weren't on sale. I really like the fact that they come in bundles to keep the price down. I will probably buy them again.”
“My wife bought me a bundle for my father's day gift and it was very good. The construction and burn were excellent and the flavor profile is very similar to the Rocky Patel Sun Grown but far more affordable. Do yourself a favor and purchase a bundle or two. This cigar would pair well with a nice glass of Crown or strong drink of your choice. I was pleased with this purchase.”
“The Nicarao Havana Sun Grown is my favorite Nicarao. Damn it..if you like a stick that provides volumes of aromatic smoke resting or what ever...a beautiful white ash...a flawless burn line..and impressive flavor notes..well what are you waiting for? A perfect "Columbo" cigar because the thing is no fuss no muss..providing all of that stage perfect smoke AND the stick stays lit for all of those camera shots as well...wonderful!”
“Got a 5 pack. First 2 started with a tight draw but opened up at 1/4 th inch in. Burns even, stays lit, and has a nice aroma. Would recommend that anyone try.”
“Picked up a bundle of toros, smoked one ROTT, and it wasn't too bad...... let them rest for a while in the humidor, and they really came alive. I was thinking the same as an above poster while smoking it.... VERY similar to the RP Sun Grown (which I love) at a fraction of the price. This will be a staple go-to 2 buck stick.”
FW of Miamisburg, OH
“Decent cigars. I'm about halfway thru the bundle of 20. In fairness I don't think rating a cigar on first out of package after delivery is a fair assessment of the sticks. I did try one off the top of the bundle out of curiosity and prepped the rest for addition to my humidor (I freeze all new sticks for 3 days then gradually bring them back to temp before adding them to my collection). After adding them to my humidor I tried one about 3 days in, then a week in, now I'm a month or so in and damn. The flavor has gotten better and better with each stick. I'm not smug enough to give you all the little nuisances and subtle essences. "Oak-y with leather undertones" and all the crap. LOL. I'll say this, the flavor is decent, not very harsh on the palate. Good smoke, decent burn (I've only had one out of 9 so far that needed some touching up with the torch about half way in). At the end of the day you are getting a nice sun grown for a really good price. These won't become a staple in my humidor but I'll damn sure bring em back at some point in the future.”
KN of Freeport, ME
“Amazing cigar for the price. Very tasty, lots of smoke, good draw and good construction.”
“Good for a every day smoke....needs time in humidor”
“Not what I expected,inferior taste,decent construction,good draw,slow burner,less than desirable taste.Would not recommend to beginners only .Generality rate this cigar as fair at best”
LR of Revere, MA