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Nestor Vintage Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Nestor Vintage”

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5 out of 5
Nest or Vintage 454
Great cigar. Very smooth, slow burning, good tasting.
Customer Testimonials
I bought a box of rhe Connecticut and of maduro. Both come in a nice wood box and have a fancy red ribbon tied around the bundle; a nice touch. Both were pretty strong and tasted like cedar chips right off the truck however, after 2 months in the coolerdore, milded up nicely. I probably wouldn't reorder the Connecticut as the flavor didn't really appeal to me, though they were leaps and bounds better than some other sub-2$ sticks. Connecticuts were rolled a bit loose as well. On the other hand, I really liked the maduro, mild and dark tasting, nice and firm with good draw. They were satisfying and went perfect with a cocktail at night. After 2 months, they were great, will definately reorder!
A lot of flavor for the money but don't expect an even burn. Keep your lighter handy. If you don't mind the fuss they are worth a try. I have been coming back to these on and off for years.
This is about the Connecticut shade version of the Nestor Vintage 747 series II. I bought 2 boxes of 50 in 1998, and smoked all but one. Awesome cigar, rated right up there with the best I've smoked. I left one in the humidor. 9 years later, it was starting to show wear and tear on the wrapper, so I decided to smoke it- that was the BEST cigar I've ever smoked, bar none, including some fine Cubans I've had. I now have a box of Nestor Reserve Maduro, and getting another box of 50 747's to put away for 9-10 years, it's a great cigar now, but the wait is definitely worth it.
The maduro (Nestor Vintage 747) is and has been my favorite cigar since 1998. Spice and chocolate abounds from this cigar - especially the 4X54 size! Do NOT let the price fool you - you get a spicy, cool smoking stick that can stand its own against almost anything IMHO. There will be some relighting here and there but it's minor compared to what this baby gives for your effort.