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Nat Sherman Metropolitan Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Nat Sherman Metropolitan”
I greatly enjoyed the Metropolitan Maduro 5-pack so much that I went to order a box and accidentally ordered the Natural instead. It turns out the Natural is just as good. Unlike most mild cigars it had a great deal of flavor to it. Both the Metropolitan Maduro & Natural will become a permanent staple in my humidors from now on.
JD of Jupiter, FL
I'll never know why I waited so long to try this wonderful cigar. This is simply the finest rolled cigar I've ever held in my hand. The neatness of this hand made cigar is artistic. The cap is round and clean. The draw is perfect. The smoke is like butter, real butter not some whipped spread with 27 ingredients with names we can't pronounce. This is butter cream, with hints of light spice in the mix. The pepper is faint while the new leather is up there with the butter. I would not label this as a Mild cigar, but just a small pinch above mild. To me, this cigar sits right in that just right area of flavour. Please do yourself a favor and try one of these. You'll see why Nat Sherman has been around so long and has some of the very best cigars money can buy.
The Nat Sherman Churchill is my 99.9, what a cigar. The taste, the draw is the leader of a fine cigar.
JM of Ballston Spa, NY
I just had to post. I never thought I enjoy a cigar this much, the taste, the draw, I cannot put into words. In my life I have very few enjoyable moments but having a Metropolitan Churchill makes my day.
JM of Ballston Spa, NY
Nat Sherman Metropolitan Maduro (Banker) Very easy light despite the very large ring gauge. Very good construction, draw and burn. Above average smoke output. Thick and oily on palate. Mild-medium strength and medium flavors. Flavors of deep leather, mild dark spices, aged tobacco and caramel. Deep leather and sweet cedar on a medium finish. Slight bitterness set in past half way, likely due to the large ring gauge of this example.
Nat Sherman Metropolitan - Natural (Union) - Cold draw of sweet nutmeg, caramel and citrus. Very easy to light. Excellent construction, draw and burn. Heavy smoke output that is slightly oily on the palate. Light to medium strength with medium flavors. Crisp citrus and caramel flavors with sweet brown sugar, leather and cedar on the finish. Very refreshing blend with no spice or bitterness.
I will be purchasing many more of these! Great cigar.
MP of van buren, AR
AB of Seattle, WA