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Perdomo 2 Limited Edition Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Perdomo 2 Limited Edition”
"Just finished a Perdom2 Limited Edition, the words for this cigar is Top Notch. I was unable to put it down will purchase more for my enjoyment in the next year."
DS of Las Vegas, NV
GF of Tega Cay, SC, my brother, I nubbed it, too!!! This is a great cigar!!! The rich tobacco sweetness is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CC of Petersburg, VA
Thank goodness Nick has decided to bring these back (Perdomo 2 Limited Edition). I "cut me teeth" on these back in the '90's when these were all the rage, and have been missing them for quite sometime. I'll be buying more ASAP, and I recommend you should too.
JA of Cincinnati, OH
Taste like feet???? RP of Napa, you need to get the old socks outta the "humi". I smoked the Cameroon Robusto last night: Perfect burn, lot's of billowy smoke, stayed cool all the way to the "finger burnin" nub. I haven't smoked a Cameroon this good since my last La Aurora Preferidos. Buy 'em before I do!
GF of Tega Cay, SC
It doesn't get a lot better than this. Everything about this cigar is top-shelf....draw, burn, ash, the lot. A pity America doesn't bestow knighthoods...young Nick Perdomo would be on the honour's list!
MC of MLeesburg, VA
Just smoked a maduro robusto that my brother gave me and boy I gotta say...I was pleasantly surprised. Nice easy draw, tons of smoke, nice even burn all the way to the nub, and the taste....WOW!!! I'll be picking up some of these for sure!
MM of Clayton, NJ
This is gonna short&to the point..."THE BEST CIGAR I EVER SMOKED(Perdomo 2 Limited Edition) !!!"A must try....
JB of hagerstown, MD
I don't know guys. I tried three of these on three different days just to give them a fair chance. But I must say that these things are awful. They taste like feet.
RP of Napa, CA
Really enjoyed the Perdomo2 Limited Edition Epicure Cameroon. Can you say huge bellows of smoke!! Effortless draw, smooth and nutty. Went great with the IPA I was drinking and the pistachios I was snacking on. My only complaint is the wrapper was cracked at about the half way mark, so when I got to that section the wrapper began to peel away. It still burned nicely and I was able to finish the stick. I am drawn to maduros so I am putting in an order for the Epicure Maduro. Thanks CI.
BI of San Francisco, CA
The (Perdomo 2 Limited Edition ) are just as great as I remembered the previous Perdomo 2's! Very glad Mr. Perdomo put these back on the market, as it's a wonderful cigar! Thick, leathery and such a smooth smoke.
GR of Sterling, VA
I have to say that these are very, very good. They are, to me, a solid 90 plus. To the guy who said they taste like feet, please, I will take all you want to get rid of (LOL).
CS of Rock Springs, WY
Picked up these in the "Plumpin' Premiums Sampler" I didn't smoke them right away as I have only been smoking cigars a few months now. My wife and I sat outside on a beautiful thursday evening, so I decided to give one a try.. boy I'm glad I did. Very pleasant draw, lots O smoke and helluva good flavor. I will definitely be adding these to my gradually growing rotation!
TP of Glendora, NJ
Phenomenal smoke. Great complexity, supremely balanced. True maduro flavors shine vibrantly without any harshness. If you love maduros, this is a classic example of maduro favor at its best. Great as an everyday smoke (given the price).
SN of Oakton, VA
To whom said it taste like feet.should store this great cigar in a humidor!!!! Not in a shoe...
MS of Gastonia, NC
WOW! By far one of the best cigars I've ever smoked. Straight from the get-go you are hit with a tremendous assortment of flavor that lasts throughout the whole cigar. Sweet and peppery were the two flavors of many that stuck out the most to me. It was so enjoyable. It changes flavors effectively, has a great burn, nice chalky-white ash and quite frankly, just tastes phenomenal.
FR of Staten Island, NY
These are great! And affordable! I am a Medium bodied cigar fan and these things are full of flavor. The peppery taste is tamed by the sweetness and it's a very enjoyable smooth smoke. Give yourself time to enjoy these, don't rush them or smoke them on an empty stomach or they will creep up on you and make the room spin. Nick Perdomo made these unique and they are a grand slam homerun for me!
Fantastic! Excellent draw and medium+ strength.
JB of Harker Heights, TX
This Cigar is Awesome! Packed with loads of flavors that will satisfy any enthusiast. I absolutely Love it and so will You my freind.
GP of Lake George, NY
This is my second review of these. I'm not going to lie. I sometimes wonder why I even smoke other cigars. Everything about this cigar is top notch. Wonderful. From the moment you put your hands on it you feel the soft sponginess that doesn't ever go away. I've had humidors that have lost some humidity and these still somehow stay spongy. From the first light; billows of white smoke that don't stop or lessen throughout the whole stick. My buddy and I concur this is our favorite, most consistent cigar of the years. It's also a flavor explosion. Sweet and peppery throughout. Words can't do this cigar justice. I'm telling you to get your hands on one of these.
FR of Staten Island, NY
These are really quite nice. Good value too. Sweet taste and creamy smoke.
SR of Frederick, MD
These are great. Haven't even finished my first one yet, but here I am. Perdomo never ceases to amaze.
DA of Anaheim, CA