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Man O' War 2nds Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Man O' War 2nds”
“An absolute steal. Taste and construction is identical to the regular production. These cigar makers are so anal about the looks of the wrapper, but I couldn't tell the difference. Is it really worth paying near double this price for the 1sts, just to have a band on the cigar, and a box? However, you must age these a couple months first to smooth them out, but that goes for the reg. production also. After that, these Men 'O War are ready for fightin'.”
AD of Rochester, NY
“I smoked a MOW 2nd back to back with a regular MOW torpedo. Absolutely no difference in flavor or complexity. If you can tell the difference, you need to get into the cigar rolling business, you'll make a lot of money!”
GR of Sterling , VA
“I'm here to put your fears to rest concerning the Man o' War "seconds". I've always liked the Man o' War line, particularly the plain old Man o' War. The Ruination is a bit stronger than I care for, and the Virtue a bit too mild, but the Man o' War is like Goldilocks' third try - it's just right. So when I saw the Seconds I was tempted, but also cautious. Figured there had to be something wrong with them. Finally, though, frugality overcame caution and I picked up a bundle of the coronas. I've had six or seven now, and every one has been perfect. The flavor has been spot-on, and not a single burn or construction issue. I can't speak for the other sizes (yet) but, as a cigar-smoking tightwad, I can definitely give the Man o' War Seconds my stamp of approval.”
JO of Marietta, GA
“Best cigar purchase of the year for me. I love them!!!”
GG of Erie, CO
“Just picked up a bundle of Corona's yesterday and couldn't wait.... this smoke is amazing! Super slow burn, bright white ash that sticks to at least the half way mark. This cigars is solid and don't let the corona size full you into thinking it's a "quickie"... set aside a full hour for this bad boy. YUM !!! I doubt that I will have the discipline to let these "age" in my humidor. I'll gladly buy more when there's room in the humie.”
GB of Silverdale, WA
“I couldn't tell the difference between the Ruination and the Ruination seconds. These babies are tasty! Wrapper is good, burn is great, ash good enough. You can't go wrong! Just don't tell too many people; I'd like to continue to buy these!”
“These cigars are amazing. I originally got 4 Ruinations in the Cheaper by the Dozen sampler and was blown away. I then decided to try the Ruination 2nds and I cannot tell the difference. What an amazing cigar. You will not be disappointed.”
JW of Manassas, VA
“....Only half of these were ok. They had good flavor but the wrapper would peal off and some of the wrappers had holes in them when I got them. Kind of a risky purchase even at these prices.”
MN of Oregon City, OR
“These cigars are a great deal and definitely are up to par in the flavor department. As some have noted here, and the description says, the flaws are in the wrapper. I have only had one flaw that was through the binder as well and caused some smoking issues. My advice is to pick up some cigarette rolling papers from your local tobacco shop. They're dirt cheap, just tear off a patch, lick the cigar, and apply the paper. It will seal the hole and won't cause any flavor issues. That works for any cigar, and it has saved more than a few dropped sticks for me.”
CP of West Bend, WI
“Being a big fan of AJ Fernandez products, I am always on the lookout for deals. Man O' War 2nds are not the cheapest you can find, but do represent a major discount when compared to the full price of 1st run product. I had to try one of these MOW Robustos as soon as they arrived. First glance reveals very little difference between the 2nds & regular production cigars. The wrapper looks a bit lighter, but otherwise seems indistinguishable. They burn, taste & smoke like 1sts, which is what I had hoped for. Thanks to MMAO, I have less than 3 bones invested per vitola. A long cedar nap may even help improve this product. Overall, I am extremely happy with the purchase.”
“I've ordered AJ Fernandez overruns about 4 times and have been happy with all orders. BUT the MOW robusto 2nds are falling apart and in my opinion don't always taste like a MOW. Really unhappy with this order, I guess I learned a lesson.”
MW of Martinsville, IN