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Arganese ML3 Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Arganese ML3”

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I bought a box of these here over a year ago and have been desperately waiting for them to come back into stock. These are absolutely fabulous. If you pace yourself, this is close to a two hour smoke. It is smooth and rich with a clean burn and no bitterness. I like to enjoy these on the weekend with my coffee. This is a cigar for sitting back and relaxing. It is well worth the money and time spent.
I got a sampler of these a few years back and was surprised at how much I liked them. They don't look like much, and they tend to burn lopsided but the flavor really grows on you. I found myself reaching for them over much more expensive sticks. So I am certainly glad they are back again. I was really rationing my last box.
Outstanding in this latest batch. 2013 looks real good fora resurgence of these classy smokes
Im new to the cigar world so I started off with the a few sampler packs. One of the packs was the 12 days of Christmas and ML3 was my fav. Ive tried a bunch more sticks since then...nothing expensive but ive kept thinking about the ML3. Through trial and error my choice of wrapper is a maduro and I feel the ML3 is the absolute best ive tried so far. As most of you know CI sample packs give a nice mix so I feel I have a much better sense of what I like. Being a beginner smoker I dont think I can tell the subtle differences in brands and blends but this one I absolutely love!
I have tried many like it that cost much more but it still remains the best cigar for me and Cigars International price makes it an incredible value. Thank you, I hope you can keep it in stock.
I love my Arganese Maduro's, but when I want top-notch enjoyment you can't lose with the ML3. It gushes with tasty oils chocolate and coffee. Yum Yum and they last 1-2 hours. So make time for full enjoyment...PHILO
I gave these to my dad for Christmas and he is in love. An avid cigar-smoker, he prefers Maduro Torpedos, but this one really thrilled his soul. He mentioned the depth of flavor and the quality smoke. I will order these for Father's Day too!
These turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. I'd never even heard of this brand, but decided to take a gamble on a box of the Robusto size. First half was outstanding flavor! It got a little bitter after, but still not bad. I'm thinking of trying one of their milder smokes next. Highly enjoyed.
Good cigar; good value!
One of the best maduros on the market!
For the price it's definitely not bad. Parts of it tasted really mellow and creamy, other parts tasted a little harsh and dog poo poo-ish. It's a cheap cigar to give to your mooching buds. After aging 2 years it's not much better. For the price I would buy again. But only if the Nicaraguan 2nds, Ligero Laced 2nds, Factory Overruns, and Original Cubans were all sold out at the same time. Maybe I had a bad one, but I believe there are better and even cheaper options for better tasting smokes.