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My Father Flor de Las Antillas Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “My Father Flor de Las Antillas”
Spice Up Front A Tad Above Medium Bodied, Pepper, Cream, A Wonderful Cigar. Will Be Purchasing More Of These In The Future. This Cigar Will Always Be In My Humidor.:)
MF of Bogalusa, LA
This Cigar Is Everything As Advertised, Spice Up Front, Chocolate, Fruit, And Cream. It Will Always Be In My Humidor.
MF of Bogalusa, LA
This robusto was impossible for me to put down. Good from start to finish and remaining in the medium body realm. Very complex with big booming clouds of smoke. Just glad I picked these up on a hunch before Cigar Aficianado named it #1 of 2012.
BS of Slidell, LA
A carnival of flavors cruising through the olfactories with this one! Palate-coating, heavy with peanut oil/sweet butter, caramel, maple, some subtle leather with that classic Pepin mystique present throughout.
EJ of Pittsburgh, PA
This is the best cigar yet from My Father Cigars. With the release of Flor de las Antillas, Jaime and family edge a step closer to Don Pepín's flavorful palette with distinct flavors of dark fruit, chocolate, earthy leather, and spice. A medium-bodied rendition of the San Cristóbal, this cigar is truly the flower they hoped it would be. Get you some.
CZ of Gainesville, GA
Solid cigar it has that cuban type flavor,I always have a couple in my humidor.
FS of Trujillo Alto, PR
Wonderful. I think the best cigar you can buy at this price. I've smoked thirty doller opus x and this cigar doesn't beat that but is way up on the scale
the cigar is well smokes evenly and is not overpowering. it is a great cigar for the price. I dont think I would rate "the number 1 cigar of the year", but it is a quality smoke. I would buy it again at this price, but not for more.......7/10 spider....TOM
I heard good things about these sticks and obviously the cigar of the year award made me curious. I have to say I was quite disappointed. The burn wasn't great. The taste was similar in some ways to Pinar del Rio Habano Sungrown.... The taste was also just kind of boring and was not creamy or smooth.... A decent cigar that I overpaid for.
When nothing else satisfies, I reach for one of these babies. YUM!
ND of Nooksack, WA
I've heard people rave about these since it was named #1 cigar by Cigar Aficionado, and I'm happy to say I've finally had the pleasure of smoking one of these beauties. I had a box pressed toro that was beautifully packaged with a nice label and a ribbon around the foot. Nice looking for a $6-7 stick. It was delicious from the first puffs until the last nub with lots of flavor, good notes of spice, cream, and nice notes of tobacco. Perfect draw, not too firm or loose. And it was a good, cool smoke until the last inch that I smoked, and even that didn't get overwhelmingly hot. It's a great cigar especially for the price. I'm relatively new to the cigar world.... definitely deserves a 90+ rating. If you are curious to try one just as I was, I do recommend it. I had high expectations and it delivered.
AH of Virginia Beach, VA
Today I just enjoyed my first Flor de Las Antillas and WOW, much better than expected. Full of flavors, but mild to the palate. For me, it's the perfect morning cigar. Happy I found a box of them....
Let me start with this description: perfect cigar, just wished it was a Toro or Churchill, I could have enjoyed an extra half hour or hour of this stogie. One of Garcia Family's non-traditional medium-bodied sticks, named after Cuba's nickname Flower of the Greater Antilles. Smooth as silk, medium-bodied through and through even on the retrohale. Notes of nutmeg, cocoa, sweet wood (like fresh cut cedar - this is what makes it hard to put down. Gonna have to get some more of these!!
JM of Waipahu, HI
Great draw! One of the best draws out of any cigar I've smoked thus far. Wonderful taste of pepper and not once was the cigar overpowering to the senses. Great taste and smell! Absolute must try.
GM of Philadelphia, PA
Wow! Exactly as described in the copy, but I would add absolutely perfect burn, beautifully constructed, the box press is a delight to hold and smoke (I tried the Toro at a local shop), great balance and more than reasonably priced for this level of quality. I doubt they will remain this "affordable" for long.
A friend gave me one at a festival over the weekend and told me this is the last cigar I will ever buy. I told him that I have a collection of some of the world's greatest smokes in my humidors (which I do) and that it would be very hard for me to abandon any of my favorites to replace it with this no matter how good. I have many My Father sticks on hand, but I've never tried this version for some reason. Well, as soon as I finished smoking the Flor de Las Antillas, I whipped out my smart phone on the spot and went to CI to order a box right then and there, only to find them all back ordered. Although I don't think it will ever replace my ESG or Opus X collection, this is a phenominal cigar for a fraction of the cost of the premium Ashton or Opus X. Please get in another batch ASAP..
MC of Luling, LA
This is an outstanding cigar. It lights quick and burns slow. Unless you like to retrohale, I never noticed any spice or pepper. Full tilt flavor, without being overpowering. The kind of cigar you can savor, without it being the center of attention. Even at #1. Clean taste, with woodsy, nutmeg and sweet taste and aroma. Good smoke output too! Even new cigar smokers should enjoy this gem. Great price! Thanks CI
This is one of my favorite sticks in my rotation. A true joy to smoke from start to finish. Great easy draw and volumes of smoke. Hints of coffee, mild spice, cedar, and a burnt pistachio on the finish. Understandably a cigar of the year! Treat yourself and buy a box while they are still available.
RS of San Jose, CA
I had always hated cigars... I tried few times starting from 2008 to 2013 christmas when I got few as gift. I got 5 kinds and was thinking good that I didn't like until I tried this one. very first think that struck me was how complex is the smoke. by the time I finished first inch I was already committed to cigars. later I ordered top brand samplers of around 20 brands. I am still zeroing in on few brands but this one is still on top by wide margin. though today I got my second fav. I am surprised with its low price
ZH of lawrenceville, NJ
Get the Pepin salute right off the bat. Mellows out mid way through and the finish is excellent. Time for another box!
PV of Rawlins, WY
toro toro lura...awesome cigar from first sight to finish! normally i prefer maduro or powerhouse cigars. this just put me in awe with total balanced flavor from start to finish worthty of it's top 90 some NOW! and be happy you did...: )";
CH of Philadelphia, PA
Very nice smoke!!! Perfect Cigar!
JM of Hobbs, NM
I was vey hesitant to try this stick as I am not a fan of a lot of pepper in my smokes. This was an excellent stick and at this price point I had to buy a box. Well done!
AW of Goose Creek, SC
Fabulous cigar. Better than the Cigar of the Year 2013 in my opinion. Hard to find in the local shops. I just love smoking these.
MT of Tabor City, NC
This is well deserving of the high ratings and still at a moderate price.
MK of Waianae, HI
One of the best cigars I have ever tasted, going back to the 90's when I smoked Cuban Montecristos and Cohibas. The draw is almost light but always the same throughout the box. And these cigars age well, in a good humidor. The best cigar out today.
JS of Purcellville, VA
This is a must to keep in your humidor. I always keep a few on hand as it is one of my favorite smokes.
DT of Saint Charles, MO
Phenomenal cigar! I smoke a lot of Cuban cigars.... and never considered anything else. I was pushed into trying one of these and have been hooked on My Father cigars ever since. I feel that Flor de las Antillas ties for 1st with the original "My Father" and is a very reasonable price. Buy it - you won't regret it.
LH of Naperville, IL
These cigars where amazing. I wish I had more. They let off a lot of smoke, way more then expected. I lit one up in a enclosed car and soon couldnt see anything. The cigar itself was good I will definitly get more, perhaps even a box.
MB of staten island, NY
You really should take Cigar Aficionado's rating with a grain of salt, but the 96 rating on this bad boy is well deserved. Fabulous in every area. Great draw and burn requiring no touch ups. The several I have smoked are always to the nub. Starts out with pepper and it develops wonderfully from there. You get cream, cocoa, cedar and a floral taste. Coffee tastes pop in and out. The finish is pepper cream and I retrohale just about every draw. In my opinion there is a lot going on with this. Easily one of my top favorites....
MP of Abita Springs, LA
Wow, what a great cigar. It has an aroma that is unforgettable. The aftertaste last long time and I really enjoyed this cigar all the way to the nub. I have to get some more of these big babies. It is a mainstay in my humidor. Wow!
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Bought two of these at my local shop to try. They charged $11 p/stick. It was, however, worth every penny. The pre-light smell was of hay and even barnyard earth. Pre-draw was smooth and the cigar is well constructed. I purchased the Toro. Have had two of these over the Fourth of July weekend. All I can say is "WOW!" For the money, at least as priced by CI, this may be the best cigar for my taste which range toward the medium-full bodied. The burn was even, the draw was wonderful. I detected flavors of earth that had been used to grow coffee, a natural hint of sweetness or light cocoa, some white pepper, all with a smoothness that is rarely found in a cigar of this strength. Sample this cigar at your local shop and buy it in quantity from CI. This cigar truly earns a 95-96 rating. At CI's prices, there is no reason not to fill your desk top humidor with these....
DS of Saint Paul, MN
The experts were right on this cigar. Viva Don Pepín once again. Nobody balances spice and creaminess like the Don. An excellent smoke across the board at a great price.
CL of Cedar Hill, TX
Outstanding cigar. Highly recommended.
MK of Winterville, NC
Has quickly become my go to cigar, any time I open my humidor (which contains several top quality Cubans) these sticks just stare at me. Can't get enough, and for this price you can not go wrong. Currently smoking the Toro and Belicoso sizes.
BV of Niagara Falls, ON
Very consistent smoke...not my favorite but definitely up there when I don't go to my maduros. Love the flavor and always a nice smooth draw. Only complaint is sometimes they come un-wrapped on me at the end of the smoke.
DD of Yonkers, NY
This is Jesus' go-to cigar; need I say more?
RO of Ringgold, GA
Being a beginner cigar smoker I found these an excellent smoke. I enjoy the taste and it was not over powering like some other cigars. The flavors appeared like people talk about unlike other cigars. I would keep these on hand.
JD of Leflore, OK
I really enjoyed this smoke. Just got them in a few days ago and couldn't wait to try it this weekend. Easy draw, great flavor, not overpowering. Want to let the rest sit for a little until summer. That will be hard. But I have some others that I like. Definitely one of the best that I have smoked though. Gotta try it if you haven't. One of my favorites.
MR of Kempner, TX
These are a great smoke. Nice even burn too.
Bought a 5 pack back in Jan. and loved them; bought a box this time and I rarely buy boxes, but these are a great medium/full bodied cigar. And a very nice presentation too! Just got the box and I can't wait to smoke one.
JR of Freehold, NJ
Excellent cigar from beginning to end.
These are amazing. I am so glad I purchased these. Only problem being is that they smoke too easy and my box was empty before I knew it....
Number One for 2012? This is a cigar made in perfection. Now I'm not saying it's for the folks who enjoy a mild smoke, I saying this is an excellent smoke with some fullness to it which adds to it's character. I've bought a couple of boxes now and these smokes will be part of all my cigar orders. This, in my mind is the best cigar without shelling out major dough.
SS of Chapin, SC
Well what can I say, I was at my local cigar shop and a guy walked up to me and asked if I had tried one of these fine amazing cigars before. I had not so I bought myself one, Since then I have hunted like mad for them. The Flor de Las Antillas by far caught my attention. Creamy spicey goodness melded into a perfect blend. I have now ordered yet another bundle of these pure joys and plan to keep them well in stock within my humidor. If you have yet to try one of these little gems I suggest picking em up and giving em a try.
DC of Pomeroy, WA
Holy Moly! One of the best cigars in my humidor right now. Thanks CI. Awesome!
Creamy dessert like flavors from a perfect torpedo. A truly relaxing, enjoyable cigar.