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Mario Palomino Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Mario Palomino”
This one surprised me. Got a bundle of em on sale... Expected average smoke, nervous they would have to be given away or lay in the vault for 10 years. Nope! Beautifully wrapped n capped, steady draw, even burn, creamy plumes of smoke; not too mild but not quite medium, taste was creamy throughout and totally satisfying. Very happy with purchase and definitely keepers!
DC of Beaumont, TX
Lancero: Easy to light. Above average appearance, construction, draw and burn. Some extra attention of more frequent draws needed at times to keep lit which is not unusual for a Lancero size. Heavy smoke output for this size and slightly creamy mouth feel. Mild to Medium strength and mild flavors. Sweet cedar wood, hay and hints of sourdough bread with a slight pepper tingle on the short finish. Flavors remain consistent throughout with a slight increase in strength at half-way point.
Tried one before giving them time in the humidor. Draw was a little tight, a little extra effort to light, and the burn was even. The flavor was mild to match the body, nothing exotic but very enjoyable. I would buy these again when there's a discounted deal, but I probably wouldn't pay full price for them. If the humi makes a difference I'll repost.
GD of Valencia, CA
Do not buy. The first box I got they were all dried out and cracked. I returned them for a new box. The replacements looked better but once I smoked one I realized they too were a dry, stale, harsh smoke. I returned them also for a refund. Thats the last time I buy a closeout cigar. At least CI`s customer service was good.
BS of Mussey, MI