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Matacan Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Matacan”
“I took a shot on a bundle of these a few weeks ago, and I am so glad I did. This is a legit cigar and for a great price. Very well constructed, even burn. The flavor was nice too. I'm not going to get flowery on you here, but I will say this: if you like Te Amo, Matacan is a steal. Scientifically, I couldn't tell you why, but there is a great earthiness to Mexican tobacco that you aren't going to get elsewhere. It is definitely distinct. Here's the deal though: you either love it or hate it. The good news is that this is an inexpensive way to find out where you stand. Like I said, this cigar can hang with a pricier smoke any day. Definitely worth it. I'm psyched to see that CI is continuing to stock it!”
RS of Warwick, RI
“Smoked one upon receipt, and was not impressed. I will let them rest in the humidor a couple of months and will give it another shot.”
DB of Baker, LA
“Actually ordered these based on a review in "The Cigar Companion", a book I acquired some time back. Surprised these would be listed in such a publication, I took a chance on them. I ordered the No. 4, and being the impatient type I am, tried one pretty much right off the truck. As someone else mentioned, I too found it a bight tight on the draw, but only for the first inch or so. Flavor was leathery/dry, not at all unpleasent, but not a premium either. I noticed it getting a bit "snakey" toward the end, so figure this is about a 2/3 smoke-able stick. Again, not a bad thing, especially given the price! Another home run in my book, CI!”
MT of Phoenix, AZ
“I am so happy to have gotten a bundle (#4) at such a great sale price! Matacan was one of the first cigars I ever smoked, and I've become big fan of Mexican cigars. I haven't seen them on the market in a couple of years, and it's nice to see them again! These really benefit from some time in the humidor, as the rustic outer wrappers tend to dry out easily. The flavor is great and solid, not necessarily complex, but different from other kinds of cigars--Mexican tobacco tends towards a a kind of "oakiness," I guess you could call it, and a slight sweetness. There none of the bitterness of cheap tobacco, so don't let the price fool you. Matacans sometimes have a slight tightness, but once they get burning, they're usually very consistent.”
JS of New York City, NY
“I like to burn tobacco, not money, so I usually go for the inexpensive cigars. Sometimes that doesn't work out so well, but this one is a winner. It's a little lightly packed, but has great flavor and is one I'll definitely order again. It's also pretty cool that it's filled with a traditional Mexican tobacco from the land where cigars were invented.”
“I ordered these a while back because everybody was back ordered on my usual Pirates Gold. Good flavor, nice even draw and burn. I have no complaints at all especially for the price. I have stashed about ten in my "save for later" humidor and will see how they are after being aged a bit.”
“I didn't know CI carried the Matacan or Te Amo brands. Over the years, I periodically order a bundle of both brands. I can't explain why, but I agree that Mexican tobacco has a distinct earthiness that is different then other tobaccos. Some like it, and some don't. I do. I'm sad to see the Matacan brand go down, so I hope CI can figure a way to keep it available. I think the Te Amo version is a slightly better smoke, but this one is good too.”
“They are an awesome cigar no problems with them”
DT of Fairhaven, MA
“Speaking for myself, I enjoyed the burn, the aroma, and the taste of this particular cigar. Excellent choice for myself. In fact, I've returned to purchase another bundle!”
AB of Oklahoma City, OK
“After almost 30 years of smoking cigars I have tried several from Mexico. This, like all the others, is uneven in taste, burn, and draw. I will be trying others but NOT this again. If a cigar is bad, just as if it were good, it should be the same all the way through (consistent quality, whatever it may be). I have cut anywhere upto 4" off these (in 1" pieces) trying to get a decent smoke with little success.”
WH of Lanse, PA
“Have to say I did not find these a good smoke. I threw many away because they did not draw, I assume because they were wrapped too tight. I would not order these again.”
“....badly packed, slow draw even after I pierced length of cigar. The few I could smoke I had to cut in half. Don't buy!”
VS of Cleveland, OH