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07/09/2013 Who makes these mistakes and why are they called mistakes

A: Due to an agreement with the factory we can't disclose who makes them. I can tell you most of the stuff they make is north of $6 per cigar and they have multiple CA ratings in the mid-90s. They are called Mistakes because they showed up here many years back by "mistake" and we sold them anyway. What we found was people kept calling to reorder so we had the ingenious idea to reorder this blunder and call them mistakes since that is how we pitched it to our customers after that first shipment arrived. Fast forward nearly 10 years and hundreds of reorders later and they are one of our best sellers. They are not 2nds or overruns. Merely a hiccup at the factory that turned into a brand more successful than most everything we carry. In short, try a bundle they are darn good for the money.
by Bryan
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