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Customer Reviews of “La Reloba Sumatra”
“As a fan of Don Pepin cigars I am pleased to report that La Reloba Sumatra is now my favorite stick put out by the Pepin family. I recently ordered a five-pack after reading about them on CA's "top 25 for 2011". The description sounded excellent and right up my alley for what I prefer in a cigar. Sure enough the article was correct and this cigar will quickly become one of DP's best sellers. The cigar has a constant sweetness that is with you the entire smoke, as well as a hint of coffee and strong hints of vanilla. It's almost like smoking a cup of coffee with vanilla added with the cream. Sounds ridiculous, but smoke one and you'll agree. A must try in my book and one I will always have aging in my humidor to enjoy after resting for a little while. Good job Pepin!!”
RW of Atlanta, GA
“Astoundingly great smoke. A perfect example of sumatra wrapper flavors with supreme complexity and elegance balance. Like RP Decade but even better due its greater level of balanced flavors. Sweet wood flavors predominate, but some spice, vanilla, and herbal/floral notes are clearly noticeable. Some sumatras can be harsh or overly sharp, but this cigar sublimely melds the wrapper with its binder and fillers. At this price, this is a must try. If you can find it, pick up as many of these as you can.”
SN of Oakton, VA
“Don Pepin cant be stopped! How many good cigars can this guy make? Everything he touches turns to gold and the Reloba is no different. This is a great cigar that burns perfect and looks and tastes great. I think im gonna stop buying all cigars that arent made by Pepin. The quality of his cigars are always perfect and i can not say that about all the other cigars on the market. I hate when i spend money on a 5 pack and 2 of the cigars are duds. With Pepin cigars i have yet to get a dud and i have smoked around 50 so far. The price on these are a good bargain and the corona is my favorite.”
JK of Saint John, IN
“An amazing cigar for a great price. Don Pepin has many masterpieces under his belt and this is a stick that can rival his most famous creations.”
CV of Manassas Park, VA
“Oh My Lordie...! This is one AWESOME stick!!! My previous fav from Don Pepin was the My Father..... until I lit up one of these babies... WOW! In one word, "excellent." The construction of this cigar is beyond the ability of most other makers. I mean, it's just about perfect. I use a punch on the bottom of my Bugatti lighter to open this one up and, unlike so many other brands, the wrapper doesn't flinch! It stays perfectly wrapped at the nub without cracking. And the wrapper itself is impeccable. Brown leather matte finish almost suede like. And the veins protrude up just enough to remind you this is a cigar to take notice of. It's paired so nicely with most any coffee but try and stay with a mild or medium so the rich, bold flavors of this wonderful smoke linger on you pallet for a while. I'll be back for more of these real soon. As an added bonus, my girlfriend mentioned the exhaust of this cigar "smells incredible!" So there you have it, a richly textured cigar, good price, and wifey approved!”