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La Perla Habana Classic Maduro Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.87 out of 5 Based on 15 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “La Perla Habana Classic Maduro”

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5 out of 5
Great Cigar!
Got La Perla Habano Madura Classic in sampler,loved the flaver,ordered a box of 20.Great cigar!Great smooth flavor!Great even burn!Great Price!Good job!C.I. International!Five stars all the way!Going to be one of my favorites!
5 out of 5
La Perla Havana classic Maduro's classic!
There are lots more expensive Maduro smokes but the La Perla Classic beats them when it comes to consistancy in manufacture, taste and a reliable 1 hour of pleasure!
5 out of 5
Nice, smooth easy draw cigar,
Nice, smooth easy draw cigar, definitely worth the money
5 out of 5
LaPerla Habana Maduro Gordo
Great Maduro for the $$. Perfect for Everyday!
5 out of 5
Outstanding !
I got two of these in a sampler and they were outstanding,I got a black cherry chocolate flavor from them,and will be buying more !
5 out of 5
Always a tasty good smoke at a reasonable price
These are one of my favorite cigars. Great taste with a good burn and excellent value. Reasonable enough to share them on the golf course with my cheap ass buddies. Buy 'em you like em.
4 out of 5
Good every day smoke...
A generally good every day maduro smoke. Sometimes the 6' 60 ring cigars don't burn evenly. However, they always offer a good draw and flavor...
4 out of 5
Solid Bang for the buck...
For the money, this is a great cigar. I smoked a few the day they arrived and I was a bit dissapointed, but after some resting in the humidor they became quite enjoyable. A solid maduro! I smoked several while cutting the grass, fishing, or just sitting around the fire with the guys. At their normal price they are worth it, but especially when you can grab them on sale... do it!
5 out of 5
The best
These are great. Just got them around noon and I'm working on my third. The rest I'm going to try not to touch for a few weeks while they sit in my humidor. Thank you CI. I've found my new favorite. For a very long time!!!!
5 out of 5
Gordo is the best!
Toro is good. Robusto is okay {sometimes, poorly handmade}.
5 out of 5
smooth and rich
dollar for dollar one of the best Maduros I have enjoyed
5 out of 5
Mr. C Browning
Awesome products, prompt delivery
5 out of 5
La Perla Habana Classic Maduro Gordo
Very smooth smoke, very consistent throughout. Plan on purchasing again.
5 out of 5
Tasty efficiency
always quick delivery. Great prices.
5 out of 5
love the cigar. lights well and the burn is perfect. my favorite
Customer Testimonials
I loved it! A beautiful cigar with a great taste. Very smooth and burns even and slow. I enjoyed it for two hours. It's a winner! It ranks high on my list of LPH cigars, right up there with the Wide and White Pearl. All of the La Perla Habana cigars are great.
My favorite wrapper is the Brazilian Arapiraca maduro. The one I like the best is the Grukha Ghost (10 bucks a piece). But the La Perla Habana Classic Maduro is so close to the Ghost at a fraction of the price, I always have a box in my humidor. Thanks CI for introducing this to me, now please try to keep them off back order, I'm down to my last 8 sticks, I need a box.
Smoked one (Gordo) right off the truck and was very impressed. The first 3rd was a little tight to start but opened up perfectly after about 10 minutes, burned cool & never got mushy. Was a very enjoyable 2hr smoke. I'll put the rest to nap for a month & see how they react.
I must admit that at first I was really disappointed, the cigar started out very harsh. I almost put the cigar out, but hung in and continued based on reviews I had read. Once I got through the first quarter it started to smooth out. I enjoyed the cigar thoroughly right down to the end. I put these in my humidor for a few weeks before I lit one up, but I believe after a few more weeks or a couple of months these cigar should be even better.
These cigars need to be kept at a lower RH than most cigars. I got a 20 ct on sale and wasted about 6 of them. Now that I have had them in the humi steady at 66% they are amazing for the price. Some wrapper issues aren't too uncommon. You may also find a knot here or there. I also had some off coloring on some of the sticks. But when you get a good one they seem to be really easy to enjoy. They truely remind me of an Ashton aged maduro. A smooth slightly sweet spice mixed with cocoa. A good humi bath at a lower RH is a must!! I would take a stab at these if you're a fan of "cheaper" maduros. Enjoy!!
Just finished my first La Perla Classic Maduro. A fine smoke down to the nub. Forget the expensive over rated cigars that are available today... This is the cigar for me. Full flumes of smoke and no afterbite. Can't beat this deal for the price... Well done CI...
A smooth, easy cigar with lots of lush smoke. Subtle cedar and spice mix that got better after a slow, unsteady start. For the price, a bargain for a tasty and approachable cigar.
Outstanding maduro. It has become a staple of my humidor.
When you consider how inexpensive these large ring toros are, you can put them up beside almost any maduro & the La Perla will hold its own. A good medium smoke with spice & flavor. Never harsh, they burn cool & deliver large quantities of smoke. You can find a better maduro, but you would be hard pressed to find one that can be had for as little as this one. Just one of four la Perla offerings that I keep in my humidor. The new Cameroon figurado, the Rojo & the Morado all shine & never break the bank. Probably one of the best buys in cigars right now is La Perla Habana.
I have smoked just about all of the La Perla line of cigars, but to date the Maduro is without a doubt one of the best maduros I have ever smoked. Great burn from start to finish and a very consistant flavor. I would highly recommend this cigar to all.
A very sweet and smooth tasting cigar from beginning to end. As far as taste notes go, I'll leave that up to you when you try it. The burn is quite excellent as well, no weird issues, and for the C.I. price you can't go wrong. ENJOY & ALOHA !!!
the la perla habana classico maduro is one of my favorite cigars next to a partagas, very smooth, and mild rich flavor, no burn when inhaling!!
Fantastic,fantastic, love these cigars!!!! No issues at all, humidor made them even better after just a few days. Will buy many, many more from MMAO!!!!!!
Do you consider yourself a true maduro lover? Then this just might be the stogie for you. Originally I ordered a different cigar hoping it wouldn't remain on backorder for long only to be disappointed week after week. Finally the folks at CI offered me a box of these in exchange and I grudgingly accepted. That's all changed since I lit up the first of these big maduro beauties. Smooth, darkly rich, wholly tasty with an easy draw and even burn. This is what a maduro should taste like ideally. A smoking experience that you'd have to be a human furnace to finish in less than an hour and the quality that you hope for but don't often find. Good call, CI.
A rich, smooth cigar with wonderful flavors. Good down to the very last puff. A great price for a very good cigar.