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La Perla Habana Classic Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “La Perla Habana Classic”

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5 out of 5
An appreciated, relaxing smoke.
From the minute I light it up to the finish, these are by far one of the most appreciated relaxing cigars
5 out of 5
La Perla Habana Classic Toro is an amazing smoke. Took a chance on this one and ordered a box. Was very very impressed with this cigar. Have one left and amazing saving this one. Strongly recommend this to anyone.
Customer Testimonials
Dollar for dollar one of the best cigars out there.
A very good medium smoke. The cigar started a little rough but quickly mellowed and provided a tasty smoke. Very light notes of leather with hints of white pepper. This is a great everyday smoke, paired well with black coffee this morning. Overall A-OK!
Like a few others mentioned, I also did a "gentlemen 's deuce" bundle and got 5 Punch cigars with these. I detected no pepper as others had stated. Just a great tasting smoke that was smoother than I had expected. Wonderful cigar!
Gentleman, you've done it again, as mentioned above, I bought this special pairing for the Punch, my favorite. I was quite pleased with your choice to pair it with. I didn't taste the pepper. It was smooth and flavorful, with a very similar taste to the punch. Quite a deal for ten cigars, both keepers.. I'm about to order a couple of deuces more right now so I don't miss out. Again, excellent choice and my humidor will stay stocked with both. Thank you.
This is a well made cigar. Slow burner but an easy draw with a creamy smoke. I often chew on these around the house before I step outside to smoke it. They smell awesome. Always keep a box in the humidor. Good daily smoke.
This is a well balanced medium cigar. Excellent all around smoke. I will be adding this one to my collection. Everyone should try this cigar!
As another review brought out, this cigar has plenty of black pepper. Not being a lover of any cigar with the black spice, I didn't care for the La Perla Habana Classic. However, those who like pepper with a small amount of tobacco flavor will love this. Since there are so many positive reviews, maybe I received ones that were less than par.
26 September 2011 These La Perla Classics came in a special with Punch Pita's. I was after the Punch as I have smoked them for many years. Had never had the Perla Classic before. The La Perla Classic is a nice cigar though. I am hot and cold on Indonesian and Sumatran wrappers, usually not overly crazy about them. This cigar, tho, is a nice, spicey, earthy, and medium body smoke. The Torpedo burned perfectly with a tight ash and has a wonderfully spicy finish. Truly an enjoyable cigar. Good price--will be adding these to my humidor.
This is a classic nubber. It starts out a little too peppery and low on other flavors and the slowly evolves into goodness to where I stick a toothpick in it and keep puffing to the point where if I take another puff I'll get a blister on my lips. This stick could make me believe in evolution, but I know that God made the tobbaco leaf...proof that he loves us.
For the price, these sticks rock! If you like a leathery tasting cameroon wrapper, you have to try these. Very, very consistent flavor throughout, perfect draw and burn, and the construction is perfect. Definitely a diamond in the rough. Burns and smokes like a cigar easily three times it's price. A bundle of these is on my short list of upcoming purchases.
I recently purchased some boxes from CI, among them was the LPH Classic Belicoso. I thought $39.99 for a box of 20 was a pretty fair price for a brand that's talked about a lot recently and has got several positive reviews, so I decided I'll grab me a box. This belicoso is a chunky guy, measuring 6.2" by a 52 ring gauge, and feels firm and stuffed. No soft spots, nothing. The wrapper is an Ecuadorian dark brown but-not-so-maduro wrapper. Prelit aroma was a little bit peppery. One thing I noticed about the construction was the cap. There's something wrong about the cap which I just can't figure it out. I've had a couple caps almost go off while removing the cellophane, and a couple more with a small wrapper crack, but nothing major. It's the part you clip off anyway. The draw was great. I hate very loose drawing cigars, makes me feel like I'm smoking a water pipe (shisha, hubble bubble, Argila whatever you call it)and I just hate that unopposed draw. But tonight's cigar had the exact bit of resistance I like on my cigar. A promising start. The first puffs were tasty right away. Pepper was so prominent it gave me a feeling of putting black pepper powder on my tongue. It actually got annoying sometimes. But as the cigar burned itself down, the pepperness started to balance out and give way to more smooth flavors. I'm not very big on describing flavors; I don't really know the difference between earth, wood and leather. But I know when I'm liking what I am smoking and this was certainly a smoke I was enjoying. The smoke was abundant, the burn was razor sharp perfect; didn't need to touch it all the way to the nub, not a single time. The ash held out for almost half the length of the stick. In the photo below you can see it holding out to one fourth of the stick's length, but it continued holding up for even more till I was too bored of having to take care while handling it so I just ashed it. Verdict: very good cigar. I can easily give it a 6 or a 7 out of 10. Medium to full bodied, it gave me a slight pleasant buzz when I was done, as well as burned hot finger tips. I am certainly looking forward to try other blends from LPH. At these amazing CI prices I think this will be very soon.
I really liked this cigar! It has the perfect draw and lots and lots of smoke. A true med bodied stick and it burns so nice. I'm kinda shocked that I'm the first to comment on how good this gem of a cigar is. enjoy.
One of my 3 or 4 absolute favorite cigars. If you like a medium bodied cigar these (La Perla Habana Classics) are very nice indeed. Smooth as silk with a nice earthy flavor. And with this cigar there is no waiting for the flavor to mellow out. It is smooth and flavorful from start to finish.
These cigars (La Perla Habana Classic) are so good I want to unpack one of my old roach clips from my younger days. I just want to make them last!