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La Herencia Cubana Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.41 out of 5 Based on 17 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “La Herencia Cubana”

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5 out of 5
Great Value
These are a very good bargain. I highly recomend them. I never buy a cigar over $10.00 because I have a hard time detecting the value. I am particular about what I smoke but also very interested in value. If you are like me and are wanting a good cigar that is reasonable and you can smoke it to the but while having good flavor, then I think you will like these.
5 out of 5
very good. fast smoke
very good. fast smoke
5 out of 5
Excellent deal
I'm enjoying these cigars. As someone else mentioned, the taste changes after the first inch. More than worth the price.
5 out of 5
Great cigar not quite top shelf but not a top shelf price. But a very enjoyable smoke..
5 out of 5
“I RATE ★★★★★”
4 out of 5
Pretty Good Smoke..
Pretty Good Smoke..
5 out of 5
Just as advertised .. Will buy again
4 out of 5
Nice smoke! Smooth
Nice smoke! Smooth
2 out of 5
The lesser of the AJ Fernandez brand
Looked forward to tasting this one as I love San Lotanos, Man O War and Diesels by AJ, but have to say it was disappointing. Not as flavorful as the SL's or as strong as the MOW's or Diesels...was a good experiment but probably won't order again
4 out of 5
Mighty Good Tasting Toro !
Got two 5 packs of this La Herencia Cubana Toro, Mighty good cigar over all, Great draw and burn line, Noticeably different from the La Herencia Oscuro Fuerte, which has been a LONG time favorite of mine, a bit milder but quite tasty just the same. Given a choice--if both were the same price--I'd pick the Oscuro Fuerte.
3 out of 5
Ok good flavor nice burn
Ok good flavor nice burn have to sit in the humidor little too long other than that ok
4 out of 5
Great every day cigar
I'm biased, since I like almost everything AJ Fernandez produces. My #1 is New World, followed by the new Enclave, and close behind that is the Relic. The La Herencia offers similar quality tobacco with some extra creaminess throughout the smoke, at a very affordable price for a daily cigar. Try a 5-pack, you have nothing to lose, and only a new daily cigar choice to gain.
4 out of 5
Hard to beat
Affordable every day cigar....I recommend this cigar !!!!! SJS/ South Louisiana
5 out of 5
La Herencia Cubana Torpedo is a truly enjoyable medium bodied cigar at a great price.
5 out of 5
La Herencia
If I write a positive review the price will go up, don't smoke these, they are mine, all mine
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Reliably delicious...
These are quite consistent in quality and flavor, and indeed are a medium/full cigar, though probably on the medium side of that line... I have smoked a lot of them, and they really are a very pleasant experience. The '5' star rating would probably lean more to the high 80s area. I think as you smoke for more years the tendency may be toward ever increasing strength, but these still satisfy, and don't bust the bank.
Customer Testimonials
Wow what a great cigar!!! The taste, draw, and the burn was more than I expected. Very good wrapper. I will be ordering more. Thanks CI.
I've smoked two of the Toro size I rec'd in two different CI Kitchen Sink Samplers. The first one did not impress. Like many of the other sticks in the first sampler, it had construction/burn issues. The second one was a different story. Perfect construction, very good burn and enjoyable. I've had differing experiences with Sumatra wrappers. Some leave a very dry aftertaste on the finish. This wrapper was not one of those, thankfully. The cigar opened with quite a bit of strength, but quickly settled down to a medium bodied, medium strength creamy profile. I cannot say much about the actual flavors except they were pleasing. Sweet tobacco seems to be at the forefront and again very creamy textured. The draw was somewhat resistant in the beginning, but opened up nicely as the cigar warmed up. Lots of thick smoke. Very good as an anytime smoke. If they stay at this price point, I will be buying boxes when my coolidor has some room in it.
Plain and simple. I am huge on cigars with extreme draws. This is one of them. Smooth, full, slightly sweet with deep rich pure tobacco taste. If you love your full bodies as I do, try these. It's currently burning my fingers because I can't let it go. Love it!
I smoked my 1st La Herencia Cubana a while back & was pleasantly surprised by the flavor, construction & price. A good quality medium bodied cigar. What puts this deal over the top is the 5 pack freebie of one of the best blends anywhere, the deliciously bold Core. 5 Toros would set you back nearly the cost of the entire box purchase, making this another "no-brainer". If you haven't had the pleasure of trying Core, this is your chance. Be forewarned that it is not for sissies. If your idea of full flavored is a Macanudo, look elsewhere.
Smoked my first one this morning in a sample pack. Now ordering my first box. Great cigar for the money.
As I type this message I am enjoying the toro. I picked up two of these beauties when I bought my usual bundle of everyday stogies. This is one of the best constructed cigars I have ever smoked. It has a solid ash, a good draw a very mild to medium strength. I note cedar and leather but nothing overpowering, just a damn good cigar. I have ones in my humidor that cost a lot more but aren't near this good. My next order will be a bundle of these goodies.
This is one of my three favorite cigars, add the diesel unholy cocktail and man of war runination to the mix. The la Herencia is very flavorful and outright delious, I highly recommend them.
After getting one in a sampler I have since bought a box of toros, a box of torpedoes, and a box of robusto, along with countless 5-packs. The problem is I keep sharing them with golf buddies and then they are constantly asking for more. I suggest not sharing as now I have 2 friends that like me rate this as their primary smoke, on the bright side they always invite me on golf outings as I ALWAYS have a hef-a-dor full of these babies with me!!
Got 2 of these in a Sampler. Very nice cigar, smoked easy, great flavor. Burned all the way down and kept the flavor consistent. Will have to order a box of these!
This is my first ever review as I have only been smoking about a year, I am a fan of the mild to medium body cigars. I received one of these in a sampler and WOW! I am very impressed and very hooked now, this is so far the best cigar I have ever had within my taste profile, I have a few cubans in my humi and these taste just like them, I am definitely buying a box of these beauties, give them a try!
This is a decent cigar as is the oscuro version. Nuts and buttered toast with some nice spice. final third was bitter. This cigar would benefit from time in the humidor. It's not a great cigar as so many suggest. It is a good value.
I highly recommend this cigar!! I've gone through at least two 10-packs of the Solomons, and I'm about to finish my first box of the Toros. This is a cigar that will always be in my humidor. The flavor is smooth and the draw is always perfect. I would be willing to pay well over $100 for a box of these, so the less than $65 that CI charges for a box of Toros is a no brainer.
Sumatra fans rejoice ! This is one flavorful, smooth stick. Got the first one in a sampler and have since bought 2 boxes. Nice medium body goes well with a brown ale on a Saturday afternoon. Great price for a great product. Like the Oscuro version also.
Sumatra fans rejoyce ! This is one flavorful, smooth stick. Got the first one in a sampler and have since bought 2 boxes. Nice medium body goes well with a brown ale on a Saturday afternoon. Great price for a great product. Like the Oscuro version also.
I wrote before but need to write again. This is an excellent cigar. Nice even burn, easy draw, peppery, plenty of smoke!!!!!! I smoke the Lonsdales and find it great to "sip" on. I would put this against any higher priced cigar.
Wow. Bang for the $ is high. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have. Click buy now and get your buzz on. Wow again. LHC is legit.
A similar flavor profile to a Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic, at a third less cost!
Great aroma for starter. Very well built (solid ) . It's has a fine taste throughout the cigar. I've tasted better but this will do. For me this one a medium strength. Flavor stays the same throughout the smoke. These are great bargain. Sooner or later I'll be making a purchase.
I don't know how or why these are labeled as being "medium/full strength", because these are without a doubt, full strength. I think they taste and smell great, although they have a strong aftertaste which I'm not really a fan of, but I guess that's what you get with all full strength cigars. It is also the most spicy out of all the cigars I have tried when it burns down towards the nub. I am definitely a fan, but I let one of my friends try it (who is not very accustomed to smoking), and without inhaling caught a strong head buzz with a side of stomach pain.
Finally got around to trying one of these that a came in a sampler I ordered. Since I wasn't familiar with the brand, I really wasn't expecting much. After trying the robusto, I can definately be put in the "love it" group. It is an oak and leather tasting cigar with a long peppery finish. This cigar is deceptively full bodied. The burn and draw were very good and the price is fantastic. The only argument I have with the staff reviews is the complexity. This cigar is a little one sided, but it is very enjoyable.
Ordered another box..........I am hooked. Nice job on a cigar that is affordable.
This cigar was in a sampler. Lit it and WOW......Spice and pepper-never before with any other. Stayed together,no spliting or unwrapping, burned even enough. The other fan is correct, you really need to sit and make time to enjoy this one. Ordered a box right after I smoked it. Thanks
I've been in the sales rep side and retail side of the cigar industry for 7 years now and I've been smoking for nearly 10 years and I'm heavy smoker (5-7 cigars a day typically) I've tried nearly every brand the industry has to offer and at around $3 a stick this is the best value I've found. The LHC isn't all that complex, however the construction is better than most brands you'll find in your typical brick and mortar store. And even though it does lack complexity the leather and pepper nuances you do get from the cigar are incredible. A dynamite buy that blows out ANYTHING in it's price range. If I only had $60 to spend as a general consumer, I'd buy this everytime.
What a great smoke tons of flavors beautiful draw great amount of smoke if you let them rest in your humidor for awhile you will really appreciate this fantastic cigar.
Just wanted to put in my thoughts on this great cigar. I first received these in the Blue Chip Combo #8. I smoked all five and deceided I need a box. My box of LHC toro arrived in the mail and one was smoked right away. The rest are now in my humidor. These cigars are a bit peppery and spicey upon lighting the cigar, which is fine with me. They tend to mellow out, which a smooth tobacco taste on your palate. The last third or so is the return of the spice and pepper. Great complex cigar. The burn is even along with plenty of blue grey smoke. Take your time and enjoy this one. I drive for a living and can average two hours on the toro size. Enjoy La Herencia Cubana. Thanks CI for another great smoke "n" deal.
O....MG!! That is all you need to know!!
I recently smoked my first La Herencia Cubana. This is the best made cigar I have ever smoked. It had a perfect draw, burned cool, straight and slow (1.75 hours) with decent flavor. Good stuff!
This cigar is of excellent construction, great tobacco and wrapper. Here is a quick opinion: Burn...couldn't be better,very even and ash held well. Taste...first inch pepper and spice, then pepper goes away but spice remains. Flavor increases in intensity twards the end, all the while retaining the spicey flavor that lingers on the aftertaste. The finish is creamy, and intense. This is not a cigar I would burn while riding the mower or walking the dog. It's complex, needs to be smoked slowly and savored to enjoy the flavors to the fullest. I will always have some of these "Saturday night" cigars on hand, I love it!
I've tried the toro and the salomon, loved them both. Cuban flavor at about $3 a stick. The only bad thing I found was the wraper tends to burst on the salomon, you want to keep those well humidified. Terrific flavor great even burn, and perfect draw every time, they never dissapoint!
The first thing I noticed with this cigar was its excellent construction. The wrapper was slightly veiny, but I like that. It is rolled tightly and perfectly straight. Upon lighting it burns and draws as good as any premium without any touch ups. You really have to wait until youre about an inch or more in to get the great flavor and aroma this cigar offers. Clean, woody and subtle tobacco flavors are all there just not right away. The combination of strength and smoothness is amazing. There is spice but it never bites or over powers. La Herencia Cubana is a winner.
(La Herencia Cubana) Robusto. What a great smoke. I love these things. Leathery and Tobacco flavors throughout. There is much more leather in the Robusto than in the Torpedo or Toro. Even burn and great draw. Smoked it down to about an 1" and it was still cool and yummy. A bit spicy on the tongue but just enough to remind you that you are smoking. If you have not tried this smoke, do. Happy Smoking
The (La Herencia Cubana) has become one of my favorite cigars. The robusto from first light starts off peppery for about an inch, then mellows out and gets more of a creamy woody flavor. Then the pepper comes back, leaves again, and then finishes with a hint of the pepper. The torpedo has the same characteristics but they are not as intense as the robusto's are. I can't decide which one I like better but I do know one thing, I love them both. To be honest, I enjoy this cigar more then many many $6-7 cigars I have had. For the price this cigar is a steal, I highly recommend buying a box.
Like most of the other fan mail, I too was intrigued when I read about this new smoke (your marketing department is doing a great job). I got a sampler of these(La Herencia Cubana) and have been thoroughly impressed. The first one I had was the Lonsdale, not my favorite size, but a really good smoke. I know this sounds funny, but this cigar tasted like tobacco, I know it should, but so many have other nuances, and this was just straight up tobacco. I loved that. Today I had one of the Torpedoes and again was quite happy. Burn and draw were flawless. The construction was good, but there were some big veins that seemed out of place, but I dont look at cigars as much as I smoke them. The flavor again was tobacco, wood, pepper initially, but lots of cedar at the end. This stick will become one of my faves. If only CI would blow them out and I could buy them all :-) Happy Smoking
I read the staff reviews on this brand (La Herencia Cubana)and decided to try them. I bought the toro size. It's gorgeous in every way. Beautiful wrappers, great construction, perfect draw, razor sharp burn, and oh my goodness, the flavors! What an outstanding tasting cigar. Lots of everything in this one. Layered spicy goodness in a well balanced cigar. I am nubbing my first one and this sucker has been deelish from the get go. Never got harsh or hot, while the flavors just kept building and building. To my taste this is medium plus bodied with plenty of stuffing. I really like these. CI does it again, amazing!!!! Great staff reviews too, right on! Thx
Just smoked my first one (La Herencia Cubana), and though it will not replace my Indios Maxima's and ITC SF Maduro's as my favoites, this cigar is definitely a keeper for a good daily smoke. The review is spot on - flavors, construction, and steady burn are some of the excellent qualities of this brand. It satisfies in all respects - including a great price point. You guys at CI always deliver the goods as you introduce me and my fellow cigar lovers to new and pleasurable smoking experiences from all of the worlds best growers and torcedores. Keep 'em coming CI!
All the reviews are dead-on target. The La Herencia Cubana opens smooth and creamy and about an inch in (and every 5 minutes or so after that) a hefty dose of peppery spice slams the palate. The roller-coaster ride continues to the sad and inevitable end... creamy/woody/SPICE/creamy/woody/SPICE. Very nicely constructed, wonder flavor, nice low price point, and a great change of pace, only available at CI!
I was intrigued by the review, so I decided to give the La Herencia Cubas a shot. The review was spot on. While I can never really identify the flavors that some others can, I must say this cigar has a very interesting flavor profile. It hit me more on the second one I smoked. Earlier that day I had a small Cuban cigar and the La Herencia I had in the evening seemed more nuanced and flavorful to me. Sure surprised me! One of the reasons I love CI is that I am constantly trying and enjoying different blends and learning to appreciate the differences. I am a cigar smoker of many years standing and until I starting buying from you guys less than a year ago, I was bored with almost every cigar I smoked. Thanks for lighting up my taste buds!!
La Herencia Cubana is a totally worth-while cigar. Long, firm ash, pleasant although faint pre-light aroma, dead-even burn, good looks, medium strength and gentle, very pleasant flavour. I don't know if it tastes like rosebuds or bagpipe seasoning, but it's very enjoyable and I'm going to buy some more. Try it...good cigar.
This review is dead on! Medium-full bodied. La Herencia Cubana also has a subtle natural sweetness to it. Very Nicaraguan. Straightforward and smooth. Not super complex, but definitely not bland. There are a lot of big name cigars out there that can't come close to this one. Something you can smoke often and not get tired of. Quality construction and good draw. Worth every penny. My current favorite "go to" smoke on the cheap. Flavorful and rich. Not the best cigar out there, but one of the best in this price range for sure IMO. Would take it over Oliva G, 5 Vegas Classic & Gold, and a host of others.