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La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especiale Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especiale”

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Rec'd a Club (5.7 x 47) in the CI Mild and Mellow Sampler #4. I'm searching for a mild-medium bodied flavorful morning stick. This is not it. The construction, burn and mouth feel are excellent, but absolutely no discernible tastes (at least to me). At $4+ per stick it's just not interesting enough to smoke on a daily basis.
Love the aroma the creamy taste the draw is fabulous a cigar that keeps you satisfied I smoked la Gloria cubanas for years never had problem by these really great.
Received this cigar in the Mild & Mellow Sampler #4. I'm a novice cigar smoker but am beginning to acquire my taste for the different flavors of cigars. In my opinion this cigar started off with a spicy, bit harsh flavor. Eventually it had a nice change to a mellow, almost fruity flavor. A very enjoyable cigar.
I tried this cigar only because I was forced to buy one in a cigar shop even after I purchased 10 the night before in the same place! I was pissed but after a few puffs of this cigar, it really brightened up my day!! lighter than usual for me but this stick had my attention from the start! flavorful complex cigar with a perfect balance of spice and smoothness! getting a box today!!
I've purchased two boxes of these cigars because I am a big fan of the La Gloria. Although the cigar is good (although a little on the light side for me), the label stuck to virtually every cigar. So when it came time to remove the label it was constantly tearing the cigar with it making it difficult to smoke. Not good. I have not bought them since. BTW this has never happened with other La Glorias so I don't know what's up with the Artesanos. And yes, I keep them in a controlled environment.
The La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro....I found the stick to be medium in body and strength. It was creamy and had some pepper with some faint vanilla undertones. The construction was excellent however for my taste the flavors were not tasty enough to keep this cigar from getting boring. Not a bad stick if you like the above flavors. 85.
La Gloria Cubana Artesano's Retro in toro size. What a tasty stick. Great in the morning.
thanks to joe's daily deal i have had the great pleasure to sample many cigars that i would have never purchased at my local cigar shop. i have 2 cigars that are now the only cigars i will stock, one is la gloria cubana artesanos retro. its perfect in every way, the draw and the taste can only be compaired to my 2nd favorite cigar, the alec bradley american classic....what a
Similar to the La gloria originals. Well constructed and perfect draw with a mellow spiciness. A great morning smoke. Not a strong as my usuals but worth ten more in my humidor.
Got to agree with Steve-O on this smoke. One of the best I've tried recently. Got a couple from a brother when he came to visit. Man! I wished he had brought more. A really great, flavorful, complex, intriguing blend. Get some while you can.
Got one as a freebie with an order and was knocked out by it. Went to my local store to get a few more to see if the first one was just a fluke. Trust me folks, this is no fluke. An amazing cigar, I will be ordering a box. Thanks CI
got one as a freebie from the sister site and all i can say is wow. great smoke