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Don Pepin Garcia Legado de Pepin Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.19 out of 5 Based on 16 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Don Pepin Garcia Legado de Pepin”

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4 out of 5
Another quality don pepin
I'm a big fan of don pepin Garcia cigars so when I found myself craving something different I thought these may fit the bill. I was right! With the combo of a corojo wrapper and a criollo binder these cigars are not short on flavor. I smoke between 16-18 cigars a week and a massive variety and honestly can't pick out a cigar that I can say they taste like. Great burn, perfect draw, great construction, and very unique. I would recommend trying these for sure.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
For a mild to medium smoke you just can't go wrong,burns slow last longer for great taste.
2 out of 5
Good draw and construction. Bitter taste after a month in my humidor. Big fan of the Don. Very disappointed. Will let these sticks sit another 3months.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Nice firmness steady draw very Cubanesk
1 out of 5
I've had Don Pepin before and liked them. These were a huge disappointment. There is nothing worse than a cigar that doesn't draw well. So far they are running about 60% bad. Maybe this was just a poor batch batch but...
5 out of 5
Great construction, great flavor, great draw!!!!! Wonderful " feel in the hand".........Price point---SUPER!!
3 out of 5
Don Pepin Garcia Legado de Pepin Gordo
Quality built cigar, good draw and very tasty for three quarters, but slightly underwhelmed on last quarter due to bitterness
4 out of 5
Good Stogie
It's a pretty good stogie...especially at this price!
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
I am a big fan of the Don Pepin Garcia Original cigar so I decided to try this one. To no disappointment, this is a great cigar. Will definitely purchase again!!!
5 out of 5
Very satisfied
I love ordering from you guys. Very prompt service
5 out of 5
A nice pleasant burn
5 out of 5
Great cigar
I've had a couple boxes of these cigars tastes as good if not better than CI's review, great burn rarely uneven
4 out of 5
legado de pepin
very good cigar.well made and good tobacco. A pleasure to smoke.
5 out of 5
Great smokes!
I am so glad I ordered these cigars, they are great!
5 out of 5
Great Stick! Probably my favorite Don Pepin yet! Great draw, perfect burn and oh so tasty. Extremely smooth and for the price it seems like robbery! Toast, nuts, sweet and perfect amount of pepper! I'm in love.....
4 out of 5
Pretty Darn Good
These cigars are an excellent value. Anything produced by Jaime Garcia under the My Father/Don Pepin Garcia is very tasty. And these are one of the most reasonably price offering from them. This cigar can get a little harsh if you hang on to it too long or smoke it too fast. But chock full of flavor. Also a larger ring gauge (if available) might smoke a little cooler. I've been through three boxes and had maybe two or three that didn't want burn evenly and zero too tight rolls that wouldn't draw right. That is to say excellent construction!
Customer Testimonials
A solid cigar, I must say. Good flavor, nice draw, ash and smoke output. I'm a huge fan of Pepin or any My Father collection cigars. Love to revisit them as often as possible due to consistency of the cigars. I will say that my expectation from this cigar was huge and it's not as I expected, but a very good smoke indeed.
This stick is DAMN peppery & delicious as hell. HEAVEN! Must buy, & incredibly affordable price for A 20 COUNT GORDO BOX!
Is this the cigar that Pepin will be remembered by through the ages? No. But that doesn't mean this isn't a good stick. I bought a few a around when they were newish to the market and noted that while they had typical Pepin flavors I was craving, they seemed to be a little too "fresh". They got very bitter towards the end and I could only smoke around 2/3rds of the cigar before I had toss it. Fast forward to today and a year and some change has done beautiful things to this cigar. It has picked up a creaminess that seems to come about from the flavors melding together so well. Bitterness is completely gone from the last third and I'm kicking myself for not buying more. If you're picking up some sticks, do yourself a favor and buy just a little more so you can really enjoy these cigars down the road.
Ok! I said it was a good cigar, but after smoking it all the way to my fingertips, I decided that it's a great cigar. The longer it burned the better it taste. Delicious in flavor and I love the aroma. Definitely will keep these in my humidor. I'm not going to smoke my last one until I get the next box in my hands. Getting those today, woohoo!
Good cigar.
Just received another box of these great smokes. One of the best burns out there. Definitely one of my top two favorites especially at less than $5 apiece. Always have these and the Acid Kuba Grande in my humidor.
The question to ask. Can Don Pepin make a bad cigar? I've tried to smoke every cigar he had a hand in making & have never encountered any type of poor quality. As a cigar wizard he has his mojo working & smaller less known brands should learn as much as they can from his abilities. As one review pointed out, there are no soft spots on this. How in the hell can he accomplish this and other makers can't? Once again the 5 pack of Churchills I ordered will become a soon to come box. I can only hope that the low cost of these won't change any time soon. In agreement with another review, this is bold but nothing over powering. This would be a great cigar for those wanting to move up in strength without blowing them away. The only problem I've had is trying to keep it even. This is no big deal when the rest of the cigar is wonderful. Being very serious. This is a must try cigar for those who are true dedicated Pepin fans or you just love good cigars.
I believe this is a CI exclusive and a great cigar. There are a lot of good moderately priced cigars but you'd be hard pressed to find a better one than this.
Got a box of these and I had to try one asap, they are an excellent smoke.
Boy, there's a lot to like about this cigar. Got 5 of them in the Summer Sampler, smoked one, and then immediately bought a box. Flavors keep unfolding, with leather, cedar, earth and a floral component. Construction is incredible, but I've never seen a Pepin stick that wasn't well constructed. Nice, even burn all the way to the nub. I'm going to make sure I always have some of these around. By the way, if you're just starting to smoke fuller bodied cigars, this would make a great starter.
These are outstanding smokes! Full bodied, Cuban-esque, perfectly constructed. Vintage Pepin Garcia! The My Father juggernaut rolls out another gem!
Great smoke, one of his greatest! Highly recommend if your a full bodied smoker...
Just got one of these in my CI cigar of the month box. Puffin on it now and it just keeps opening up. I've read a v cut is recommended but I did a full guillotine cut and it's a wonderful. Will for sure be getting more of them!
Another winner from Pepin Garcia. Provides a mix of multiple flavors throughout the smoke, and is more medium or medium-full rather than other full-bodies Garcia blends (Tatuaje). One hint: have patience and do not smoke these as soon as they arrive off the truck. I did with the first stick and I actually told myself I wouldn't order them again. After trying another one after sitting in the humi for a couple of weeks, it delivered a totally different experience and moved onto my Garcia favorites list.
"To start I'm a Pepin fan all the way, so some bias is inevitable. As I wait to see if my $79 bid for a box of 20 churchills wins, I will tell my fellow enthusiasts that I have already smoked 4 5-packs of toro and robusto size sticks. For the price it is vintage DPG. It compares to DP Black, 5-Vegas Miami and a couple of Tatuaje lower end varieties. I love the cigar, it is bold enough with plenty of taste. Not a lot of change as it burns but no weakening either. While some required an extra flame a spot, the effort was a small price to pay. At these prices boys....jump on it. Smok'em if you got'em"
I am wiating for these Don Pepin legends and hope they are as good as their others.
Just bought a box these babies before cigar afficionado rates it and will be out of stock or double the price. anyways I would not say this is a full bodied cigar but it has enough punch not to be called a light weight either. this is definitely a full med to light full bodied cigar (if that makes sense) anyways since this is a pepin cigar as usual great product as expected right of the bat. Cuban style construction through and through. The wrapper is oily and reminds me of la requiza by tatuaje. Triple cap of course and flawless cuban wrapper perfect amount of tobacco means no soft nor hard parts on the cigar, now lets talk about on how it smokes.. This cigar is a medium bodied cigar that reminds me of an aged cuban partagas. The burn was perfect all the way through even on a windy day when I smoked one. Lots of aged tobacco, leather, pepper and cedar although the strength profile never changed from start to finish, it was an extremely enjoyable cigar. The after taste reminds me of my cuban cigars as well. Once again pepin has done it again and created a future 90+ rated beauty, buy a box or two while you can still afford it.