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La Cuna Bin No. 85 Habano Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “La Cuna Bin No. 85 Habano”

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not happy to say the least every one is damaged they started unraveling as soon as they were lit vary poor roll not what i expected.
I love this stogie. First I'd like to say it's constructed very well. Second I'd like to let everyone know that the taste is a smooth buttery almond. It has a bit of a pepper note but it's not that strong. I really enjoy this cigar when I have time to sit and slowly smoke it. I like to pair it with a coffee with cream.
I was looking for a well made easy draw cigar for everyday, this is better than a everyday smoke. Nice wrapper, great draw and burns straight every time. I will be ordering many more of these while the sale is going on. Highly recommend
Ah, yes. The La Cuna Bin No. 85 Habano Salaman is a favorite of mine. But, I beg you to let it rest in your humidor for at least a few weeks before judging it. Then, it will be smooth with deep tobacco flavors and a touch of pepper. If you smoke it straight from UPS it will be sharp and cause a burning sensation to the tongue and throat. The construction is superb and the draw is perfect. It fits just right between the teeth.
I thought these cigars were rather enjoyable. My wife told me to burn my clothes... You decide.
Not a bad Stick! Some pepper hints throughout. Plenty of smoke and a nice draw. Three weeks and I'm almost half way through the lot. Pulled off the cello to mellow out in the Humi. I would purchase again for an everyday smoke to share with friends.
A really surprising cigar at a quite nice price. I am always hopeful, but usually a bit apprehensive, when approaching a sub-$2 cigar. This one is a winner. The torpedo, not a particularly easy shape to roll, is perfectly constructed. Not necessarily the prettiest girl on the block, there are some prominent veins and uneven seams, but at the end of the day... who cares? They're not nearly of sufficient magnitude to cause any burn issues, and the cigar burns evenly and well. The cigar is fairly well-packed (not as dense as some others costing several times their price), but, again, for the price this can be easily overlooked. The burn time is still in the 1-hour range. The taste, by far the most important characteristic for a cigar, is nice. A bit of creaminess, some sweetness and a hint of spice at the end. More complexity than the typical cheap cigar, and the cigar doesn't turn bitter towards the nub; it remains enjoyable till the end. A great value, and a keeper of a cigar.
This exceptional cigar will take some humi time as the wrapper is somewhat fragile until properly conditioned. To wait a bit is suggested. When ready, you will love this blend. Great flavor and abundant amounts of smoke. Don't rush this smoke -- Take your time and savor ------Will become a staple in my humidor.
I've bought the salomon size before and they were good. I liked this cigar and the price. You get a value for your money. Now the details: well made, good taste and long lasting smoke.
Pleasantly surprised! Great smoke from beginning to end. Got it in a sampler and loved it. As much or kore of a value than perdermo champagne. Try and enjoy.
I got one of these in the Half Wizard w/ McTwist Sampler. I knew nothing about them. I was pleasantly surprised. No issues what so ever. Nice and smooth; and tasty!
I got one of these in a sampler and I have to say it was beautifully constructed. It had a rather mild but pleasant taste. The only problem I had with it was the uneven burn, and yes I did have a even light from the start. If you like mild smokes it's worth a try but don't expect a serious wow factor.
Nope, not for me. I tried three of these over the space of two weeks. I found the taste ranged from literally nothing on the front end to funky as I got to the middle. All were consistent in this regard. Probably the first time I actually deliberately put the smoke down and said, "well, that's quite enough before I ruin my taste buds for dinner." When I mentioned my experience to one of the CI salespeople, they readily agreed and said, I'll find you a better smoke for the same price. Maybe it's for others, but it's off my list.
Had to add an update to my last post, since the cigar was completely different than the first. So much so, I couldn't leave the negative side I brought out. The second one I tried was nothing like the first in problems I encountered on the first. The sencond one was as close to perfect as you could get, with an even burn all the way down. The cap stayed hard, and didn't get soft until three inches from the end. It was a 40 minute plus smoke, and perfection in flavor from beginning to end. Maybe I these need to be left longer in the humidor, because they were both placed in the box at the same time. The first one was around two weeks in the humi, where as this one was more like 3 to 4 weeks. If this be the case, I would purchase a box of these in a heartbeat. Both of them came from samplers, and where 6 X 54 in size. It had plenty of charater, and a flavor that was med to full without going overboard. The smoke didn't irritate your throat in the least bit, even though it wasn't mild by any means. I'm not sure I would want to smoke the 7.1 X 58, but you can only get the 54 ring size in the sampler which I like. If the second La Cuna I smoked was more in line with the brand. I have nothing to say bad about this one, and I never had a problem keeping it even.
There are times when I go to write a review, I feel like I'm talking about a different cigar than others who wrote reviews. This is one of those times as I review this cigar. Having received it in a sampler, it was the first time I ever saw this brand. It delievered a huge amount of smoke, but didn't find it mild in nature. The toro I smoked had a robust flavor, and I'm not a fan of mild cigars. It has a nice outter leaf, and is a great looking cigar. The only thing that took away from enjoying it the way I would have liked. There was no way I could get close to burning it even, and had to use my lighter several time to keep the one side to catch up with the other. This had been in my humi that I monitor every day for the last couple of weeks, so I know it had been stored correctly. Other than this, it was a great addition to the sampler pack that had other great cigars. If you want to invest in a couple of good sampler packs, try the Half Wizard w/McTwist sampler, and the Black Friday Madruo Madness samplers.
Never noticed this brand before. It was a beautiful looking cigar. The burn and draw were great. It had good steady smooth, crisp flavor. A very good mild cigar that should be tried by any mild smokers.
Purchased a box of the Habano Presidente after reading positive comments here. Love the wrapper, nice pre-light aroma, and quality filler. HOWEVER the first two that I fired up had serious construction issues leading to a poor burn; the third was somewhat better but required a couple of relights. This could have been an above average cigar with better quality control.....but ya get what ya pay for.
I love this stick. Allow yourself a good amount of time to smoke it. Very smooth and mellow and I never had to relight it once. I would have ordered another box but my humi is full but once I get some room I will get some more and let them sit for a while.
Damn fine cigar. I like the shape, tons of smoke and good burn. The flavor lightly pepper and tones of wood. I agree with the staff report that the first few puffs are a little harsh but it settles down quick and mellows out. I suspect that more humidor time will solve this. I bought them at a good discount so thanks to CI and keep them coming.
Got these on a Joe's Daily Deal thing, my first exposure to the Salomon shape, seems like you have to draw HARD to get them going with that small lighting surface area, guess thats just nature of the beast, fairly middle of the road taste, burns reasonably straight, draw gets better once you get it going on the thick part, maybe some humidor time will impart a different viewpoint, , , , In synopsis > > > I feel like I got what I paid for on these La Cuna Bin No. 85 Salomons.
This may be the best deal on ci - no joke. I don't know of any other cigar this good for the price.
I just got of box of La Cuna Salomon's as an XMas gift and I was really surprised by the complexity of this stick, the burn was slow and consistent. I'm a big fan of cigar shapes that are not the norm for most and this one is fantastic. There are brands that over the years I return to due to their consistency but you have to love it when you find one that might not be around for long and say to hell with it and just enjoy. Lastly is the price,you get some serious bang for the buck here, even Scrooge would love this deal.
I bought a box of toro's almost a year ago now. I smoked a few within the first couple of weeks and thought they had a really nice taste but burned a little uneven and had a slightly tight draw. I let the rest sit in my humidor for about 9 months and lit one up yesterday. I still like the taste but ... I'm gonna stick with the bahia trinidad, five vegas classic and laurora cameroon for my everyday smokes.
If your looking for a decent smoke on the cheap, you've found it. Flavor's as advertised, the "La Cuna Bin 85 Habano", really hits the mark. Don't get shut out on these babies...they are just too good.
Got a box of 20 bin 85 on friday for $1.50 a stick and wow... These are the same smoke I was paying 6-7$ for at the local cigar lounge. Great draw, not loose, a good hour smoke. My only regret is not buying 2 boxes.
These are better than I expected. Quality control is better than average and the taste is like a more expensive brand - very creamy with a straight forward tobacco flavor.
La Cuna Habano Bin No. 85 is a very good straight forward cigar. I've gone through a box of torpedos and I'm working on a box of robustos now. Very solid construction, excellent burn and a great draw. They boom out big clouds of smoke with no canoeing or tunneling. I have never had to touch one up with my lighter. I generally like my cigars on the medium side and these are right there. Good flavors that are creamy with some cedar. Not a very complex smoke, but consistent and for the money they are a winner. I tried Bin No. 1720 and was not impressed. Stick with Bin No. 85.
I would have to say that this is the best cigar around (La Cuna Bin No. 85 Habano)!! Some cigars, when you smoke 'em you don't get that buzz until the end - and then it hits you hard! This one is perfect! It stays consistant thoughout and that flavor CANNOT be beat!! This is one beautiful cigar!!
This Salomon (LaCuna Bin No. 85 Habano) is a very good morning cigar. This shape is my favorite, and A.J. spins a good one. The wrapper is a medium brown and very smooth with fine veining. The construction is very good. Due to the tapered foot, they do tend to tug a bit when first fired up. Once past that point, they have smoked very nicely. Good draw, nice burn, and a very nice medley of flavors. The flavors range from a toasted caramel to various spicy nuances,along with earthiness. I find these to be on the lighter side of medium and great as the first cigar of the day. Normally, I prefer my cigars to be fuller bodied, but these have enough flavor to more than make up for that. I may have to try some other sizes now. I like these. Cheers!
Usually I prefer maduros, but I really like these cigars (La Cuna Bin No. 85 Habano). It's nice to have a little variety. I've had about 3 or 4 of the sizes. Not every one smokes the same. Some have had a little harder draw than others, but some are a dream to smoke and that's why I keep coming back for more. At their best, they are creamy, flavorful, beautifully made, nice color and body. For some reason, it was with these cigars that I discovered my enjoyment of the Habano wrapper. (Although I liked the Connecticut wrapper version, the Habano just adds that something extra.) Because of the name (and description) I originally bought them for the 85th Anniversary of our K of C ... all who had them really enjoyed them ... by then I became a fan. Great job, A.J., thanks, CI for a very good cigar at a reasonable price.
After letting them sit (La Cuna Bin No. 85 Habano) in my humidor for about a week, these cigars produced a fine smoke. I was happy with the oak and nut flavors and the flawless construction. I was left a bit wanting of a cooler, softer smoke- these smoke a little hot and dry for my liking. All around, a good smoke at a fair price- just have some cool water around.
I picked up a 10-pack on "Joe's Special," (La Cuna Bin No. 85 Habano) and had one off the truck - nice - can't wait until they settle a little. Plan on buying a box - good smoke. I enjoy a stronger cigar but this is a good every day one to go with - good draw - mild and mellow - good change of pace - price is right!
La Cuna Bin No. 85 Habano is outstanding in both the Habano and Connecticut wrapper. I highly suggest any cigar made by A.J. Fernandez. For these prices, you're getting the best bang for your buck ANYWHERE. Medium bodied, & loaded with flavor.
i bought a 10 pack of La Cuna Bin No. 85 Habano about 6 months ago, dropped them down for a 6 month nap. forgetting about them, i rediscovered these yesterday, and i must say this was a very nice smoke. cedary, creamy, a light floral aroma and a undertone of citrus, brought to mind the perdomo champaign reserve, medium body with a very long lightly peppery finish, this cigar is well made and burned even throughout and held its ash for almost 2 a full body fanatic so typically i wouldnt say this would be a go to cigar , but fans of macanudo ,5 vegas gold and perdomo champaign would enjoy this , complex and smooth. a winner. and the price , well, as usual ,nuts !