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La Aurora Barrel Aged Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “La Aurora Barrel Aged”

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5 out of 5
A Fine Cigar!!!
This beautiful cigar looks as good as it tastes and is a quality smoke
Customer Testimonials
Enjoyable cigar with unique flavors not typically present in other cigars with a certain creaminess that balances out some of the complexities in this smoke. Enjoying one now. These age particularly well in the humidor. I waited to write a review; the first one I had OTT was bad. I learned not to judge a cigar without aging it first. This one probably more than most. Probably the worst experience off the truck I've ever had and this aged and has really turned into a fantastic cigar. I recommend the Churchill.
I'm a big fan of La Aurora Cameroon - in fact it is the cigar by which I measure most others. But they have become kind of pricey so when I was offered a deal on a 10 pack of these I thought it was worth a try. I am very glad that I did. The rich, oaky flavor makes me think the tobacco has, indeed, absorbed something from those rum barrels. There is a gentle pervasiveness about it mingled with a smokiness that is tasty and enjoyable. When I was looking for something new and delicious this is what I was talking about. Be warned that my cigars arrived pretty dry and the first one I smoked straight out of the box was not to my liking. Expect these to spend a few weeks in the humidor before they're ready. I'm guessing they will age in there wonderfully, that is if I can manage to save any.
WOW to the WOW!!!
Been a fan of Aurora stogies for a long time. These are a nice new edition. Could I tell that they were aged in a barrel? Well, no. But they are tasty and burn well.
La Aurora Barrel Aged Robusto - For for me, this is a great change of pace smoke. A very nice looking offering from the folks at La Aurora. Construction and burn are impeccable. A whisper of spice throughout with very noticeable oak overtones. Interesting that every leaf used to construct this stick is aged in rum barrels. Rum is typically aged in once used bourbon barrels and it shines through here with a subtle woody sweetness on the finish. Certainly medium bodied and a smoothness that comes with a La Aurora product. Very nice. Although I typically smoke stronger cigars I found this to be quite enjoyable.
I just received my order today,and couldn't wait to try one....What a great cigar! Lots of thick smoke ,nice even burn ,and the taste.....FANTASTIC,these will definitly be in the regular rotation from now on.I have quite the inventory of cigars ,and always like to try something different,these are a keeper!
Just going to echo most of the rest.... Great smoky slow burn, nice unique full flavor, hard to describe, and nice consistent draw and burn. Top notch!!
Wow, this robusto size started off as a spice bomb, then quickly faded to a wonderful smooth/rich taste. Well worth the time.
This is a fine cigar. I was intrigued by the look of the wrapper. It is medium plus and worth every penny plus more. Just excellent!!!
I just smoked my first Barrel Aged and all I can say is "WOW." It's a great smoke! Subtle sweetness and just enough spice. It's a nice med-full bodied smoke that won't leave you disappointed.
A great full bodied cigar. I could not believe how smooth this one was. I loved the subtle hint of spices and fantastic aroma. Gotta make sure to stock up on these at a great price! Highly recommended! One of my favorites!
Got this in the La Aurora #2 sampler, a good full-bodied cigar.
I chose the( Barrel Aged Robusto) to be smoked first out my recent diverse purchase, an I have to say I was NOT disappointed. I only hope the rest of my order is as delicious as this. For such a dark Maduro, the smoke was smooth and clean. Though ordered as a novelty with the whole "Rum barrel aged cigar", I can easily say this will be first of many to join my regular rotation. Just a hint of spice upon lighting and smooth, creaminess down to my burnt fingers. The question is not whether to order a full box, but whether to order Robustos again, or Churchills so that I may enjoy it even longer. Either way you go, you will not be disappointed. Order a box today!!
One incredible cigar!La Aurora Barrel Aged I'm new to cigars and have been trying a few different ones and this one is EXCELLENT- just ordered again!