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Customer Reviews of “Kristoff Sumatra”
“I am a new-er smoker but so far I get more enjoyment from the Kristoff Sumatra than any other cigar. It beats the Undercrown. It beats the Liga Privada T52. It's my personal taste, I love all 3 of the sticks I just mentioned, but the Sumatra is just fantastic.”
KS of Munhall, PA
“This bad boy will gain your attention! A tasty treat.”
CB of Savannah, GA
“After years of smoking varying cost cigars, this is by far the best smoke I've had. The Kristoff Sumatra line delivers a beautiful appearance with a smooth and consistent burn and flavor. If I could only smoke one cigar the rest of my life - it would be the Kristoff Sumatra....preferably the Matador.”
TC of Indianapolis, IN