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Kopi Luwak by Oliveros Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Kopi Luwak by Oliveros”
“My intent was to buy them just because of the novelty of the relation to the coffee featured in the movie "The Bucket List". I typically only smoke Drew Estate infused cigars. I have to say the Kopi Luwak really was a pleasent smoke. Good draw, nice medium body, the infusion of the coffee has a great flavor and aroma, and a very natural sweetness to the tip, not overwhelming. Great Size ( the "Luwak"), Definitley a keeper! 8.5 / 10 (Again, I only smoke infused cigars so I can only compare it to similar smokes.) Enjoy!”
RS of NY Mills, NY
“I'll make it short and sweet: I have found the love of my life. A large shipment of these awaits my birthday.”
CC of Plymouth, MA
“It does tend to get more sweet after a little aging I found out, Having one now after I let them age and the additional sweetness is noticeable. I still recommend giving them a shot, but im not one for the sweet stuff.Should have smoked them all sooner :/”
TB of Mount Sterling, IL
“This is not a gimmick cigar fellas, it's the real-deal. I have expensive tastes and I like the unique as well; being that Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world I tried these. This most definitely could be my new favorite cigar plain and simple. If your gonna spend the money on cigars anyway, spend it on these.”
TB of Mount Sterling, IL
“Absolutely a most delicious after dinner cigar. Best enjoyed with a sweet drink and my personal favorite with a Light and Sweet Coffee. Nice even burn with a thick smoke. The GF really enjoyed it as well. Definitely recommend it.”
SD of Williamstown, NJ