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Customer Reviews of “King Havano Black Knight”
“Got a great deal from C I on these beautiful maduros. They taste and smoke as good as they look. Nice pepper and earth tones. burn very well with lots of flavorful smoke. A 5 star cigar to enjoy after a good meal.”
JV of Floral Park, NY
“Well, Oliveros has FINALLY brought their A-game. By that I mean, they now offer an entirely new lineup of tasty premium Nicaraguan smokes (see the King Havano trio), and this bad boy "The Black Knight". The Black Knight is medium-full, very smooth and a delicious. I know it looks really powerful but it isn't, which is good because I don't always want a potent pepper-bomb. This one is a gem, and puts many others to shame. I'm an Oliveros fan now. Oliveros has arrived at the party with something for everyone. Give them a try.”
AD of Rochester, NY
“I smoked my first Black Night Mace last night and I must say that I was very impressed. I'm not a real big fan of Oliveros, but that being said this is a very well made smoke. Rich and full bodied smoke that will coat your palate with its intense flavor. Smoke this after a nice meal and pair it with a good scotch or bourbon and your taste buds will be delighted. " Great Job Oliveros on a well crafted masterpiece"”
RW of Keystone Heights, FL
“Well, have to say that this is a good one. As far as taste this stands out towards the top. Really nice smoke. It burns evenly and has a stout flavor all the way through but never gets over powering.”
CS of Rock Springs, WY
“Bought a couple of 5ers of the Black Knight for a good deal.. and I wish i got more!! Smoked one the other 'knight' and WOW. Lasted 2 hours, ample amount of smoke, smooth... and to me flooded my senses with dark chocolate. It was like smoking a dark chocolate candy bar, but not any crap chocolate like hershey's or nestle, like rich velvety billowy swiss or belgian coco. Anyways it left a great impression and i can't wait for the next one, you won't be disappointed. And if you are send them to me.”
KM of Summerville, SC
“I picked this cigar up at a casino a few times to try something new. I liked it so much that I got it every time I went to the casino until they finally ran out. It is worth every bit of the $8 per cigar I spent. After they ran out I looked everywhere and CI was the only place I could really find it. Every cigar shop I checked does not carry this black beauty. The most surprising part of this cigar was the flavor. The chocolate and the gentle spice make it a winner in my book. It is one of the first cigars I did not even want to put down until I finished it. It is not a strong cigar whatsoever but the body is out of this world.”
MB of Gaylord, MI