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J. Fuego Corojo Oscuro Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “J. Fuego Corojo Oscuro”
I picked up two bundles of these on sale @ $29.99 a bundle. Got them today, opened them up picked out the worst looking one, put the rest in my Vinotemp/Humidor at 65 degrees and 65-68 RH to "settle". Fired up that stick and man this is one fine smoke. Even at the current "regular" price of $49.95 it's a steal! Sorry, if you don't like 'em but that's more for me!
MW of Arlington, TX
Got these on a one day deal. Thought how can I go wrong with a Fuego cigar? I was right. Couldn't wait and lit one up. Blast of pepper, nutty, woody, sweet, and very creamy. Earthy and rich, and well balanced. Can't believe it tastes this good out of the cello. Construction is good although the Ecuadorian wrapper color isn't consistent, but who cares? Tight seams. Few veins. Firm in the hand. The last third, it's just showing off. All the flavors, which now include some cocoa are blasting away. Spicy as all get out but the creaminess tames it nicely. Such a rich tasting cigar. Can't wait to see what they are like after I put them to sleep for a couple months. At $2.50 a stick, it is just ridiculous! A blind taste test would have me put them in the $7-$8 range.
PK of Milwaukee, WI
Update on my first comment: These are very good cigars and at CI's price, they're worth every penny. The very first one that I smoked was, for some reason, fantastic. Two bundles later, I've changed my opinion slightly: they're not as good as Oliva V, AB Prensado, or Ashton ESG, which is what I wrote in my first fan mail. Still, buy em and enjoy em!
MG of Cherry Hill, NJ
What an excellent cigar! Smooth and tasty, it doesn't get any better than this. Oliva V, AB Prensado, Ashton ESG, whatever, J. Fuego Corojo Oscuros are right there. Buy 'em and enjoy!
MG of Cherry Hill, NJ
I received the Sizzler sampler. I thought to smoke the least expensive cigar of the bunch. So I got the Fuego Corojo. What a nice looking stick. Burns even, perfect draw, nice flavor, solid medium bodied smoke. I don't know about you but I'm picking a bundle right away to see what time can do with these.
JM of Aguada, PR
Folks, what can I say here that no one else has said? This is flat out a wonderful smoke, and for the price point, you just can't go wrong! The flavor profile is simply wonderful and compares to a lot of other more expensive cigars insofar as quality and flavor. If you're looking for a good everyday stogie at a good affordable price, pick these up!
JM of Ocean Springs, MS
Whatever you do, do not order these cigars....leave them for me. This is what corojo is supposed to be. Strong, spicey, creamy, and smooth. Great draw. Nice even burn. Construction is excellent. The price is insane for a cigar of this quality. I've ordered 6 bundles of the toros so far. Please don't run out of these.
Yeah, these stogies are horrible...<Wink, Wink>...they are not as good as the best cigars I've ever had <Wink, Wink> should not buy these, because there are better sticks available at $10/ea...<Wink, Wink>
I was not impressed. The low price didn't even offset the poor quality of this cigar. The wrapper was thin and very weak. Using a punch caused the end to split like crazy. Once lit the cigar split from the foot on up. I could gripe more but I'll just say pass on this "deal".
Buy these cigars and smoke them until you burn your fingers. Sip on some cinnamon whisky during for a nice smoking experience.
DC of Vassar, MI
I got one of the sticks and a sampler pack. While the taste was phenomenal, the cigar burned so unevenly, that it was very disappointing. I will definitely give it another try because I know that this could happen to the best of cigars. If not for the great taste, I would never try the cigar again. Will post another view after I try another.
SJ of Toledo, OH
My every day cigar. Would recommend.
An absolutely delightful cigar full of flavors that mix wonderfully together to create a smoke that is complex and truly smooth. Rich and full bodied. I can't say enough, but let me finish with this: one draw from this cigar and you'll double take at the price you paid because it's a steal.
PJ of Monroe, GA
A very enjoyable stick. It looks nice and smokes even better. Spicy-sweet and smooth. Very pleased with this purchase.
FF of Eau Claire, WI
Got this as part of a travel-a-dor sampler. Pretty good cigar with most of the flavor toward the middle. It did however, burn a bit unevenly, but still not bad for the price.
BB of Brooklyn, NY
WOW! Don't let this mild looking stick fool you it's a real smokers cigar. Solidly built with floral notes and coffee in the first two inches. The complexity grows as you get closer to the middle, the finish has a savory sweet leather tast. I burnt my fingers on the very first one. The cigars arrived in perfect shape, after removing the sleeves I put all of them in the humidor, except for one!!! Shipping USPS is the way to go as far as shipping, Two days and the whole order was still fresh. Thanks CI
DL of Eugene, OR
OK smoke for the price. Well made, but tended to have a bitter aftertaste.
AS of Greensboro, NC