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Diesel Hair of the Dog Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Diesel Hair of the Dog”
Delicious,(Diesel Hair of the Dog-torp/belicoso), very different and refreshing approach to flavor profiling. Description is as noted. Give these some rest time and you'll be rewarded for your patience. Great creativity on this one, proof that full body doesn't have to mean full of pepper,(although I love peppery cigars), this is a great display of blending talent,full flavor,complex,and full body. Well done Diesel, Thank you C.I. for "bringin" it!
RK of College Park, MD
Just smoked my first HOTD. First impression was nice construction and and nice cold draw. The burn was even and slow and had enough spice through the first inch. As it kept burning it had notes of leather and earth. The rest was all the same. Not too impressed. Im going to wait a few weeks before I smoke another.
JT of Howell, NJ
Ordered the Amistad solomon sampler. These are massive cigars. Out of all of these cigars, I liked Diesel hair of the dog. These are great tasting, full bodied cigars. Burn great, smoke great, taste great. I am going to order more of these. Can't resist. Thanks, CI.
Another great Abdel 'AJ' Fernandez cigar. The Hair of the Dog will definitely raise the hair on the back of your neck! These are one of my all time top 3 favorites. Perfect burn, aroma, wrapper, lots of spices and pepper flavor.
I've been a fan of Diesel for several years, and don't think I've ever received a bad one. Once again here comes this odd name; Hair of the Dog, and I'm so glad one of these was included in the sampler pack I purchased. A little more mellow than its siblings, but don't mistake it for a weak cigar. This is a fantastic smoke, that can be enjoyed by all med to full body cigar smokers.
I really like these belicosos. In fact, I think they're even better than the Unholy Cocktail and the Unlimited X. They have a nice full body and are plenty strong, but without an overwhelming pepper hit. I think it has something to do with the Ometepe tobacco used in this blend, but don't know for sure. Lots of leather and natural sweet tobacco flavors. Great construction too, with a nice tight burn line to the nub. Recommended if you're a Fernandez fan like me.
Sitting here with a Brandy and a HOTD. This is my second churchhill from the Cigar of the Month Club. Don't let the name scare you away from trying this great cigar. I definitely will buy a box of these to have around for that special occasion when nothing else really satisfies. The OOTD could very well become my favorite cigar.
ND of Nooksack, WA
I have tried several different sizes now and have come to the conclusion the HOTD is just about the finest cigar money can buy. A truly fantastic cigar!
ND of Nooksack, WA
This review is of the massive figurado I received as a freebie add on with my last internet order. 1 each of the maduro, habano & this habano ligero Hair of The Dog. I burned the maduro yesterday & reviewed it. Today I am enjoying the HOTD & know I am in for a 90 minute marathon. These light easily & burn fairly irregular. I have needed to correct the burn several times. Perhaps some aging would overcome this slight distraction. The meat of the HOTD is not as aggressive as some have reported. To me, it is a medium bodied dry spice stick, with lots of flavors going on. After the 1st 20 minutes, I have not perceived a major increase in strength or body. Really quite mellow, considering the amount of ligeros in play with this vitola. I like its ability to deliver full tobacco flavors, without overpowering the senses. You truly do feel the power of this vitola behind the eyes & in the gut. In a very pleasant way, however. Don't let this blends reputation stop you from trying it out. Medium bodied smokers should find it well within their limits & full bodied lovers may wonder what all the hubbub is about. All in all, a fine smoke, filled with taste & flavor, delivered in a way that won't throw you into sensory overdrive.
All I can say is, it's as described. I'm fairly new to cigars but I'm all about taste and so far DPG has been my favorite but this one is a different caliber. The flavors were subtle yet it kept opening up. Even into the next day the flavor still lingered yet its a clean one. Maybe not an everyday smoke for me but a few will kept in my humi. I do recommend a full stomach and maybe some fresh ice tea (something with sugar) if your not used to full strength unless you wanna be light headed. The downside to Hair of the Dog is it will go out on you fairly quickly, but that might be due the the Salomon shape, not sure.
MP of Aitkin, MN
I received 3 Churchills and 1 Salomon as part of a Diesel Sampler Pack a family member gave me as a gift. I smoked one of the Churchills last night and I have to say that I found this cigar to be very different, dare I say iconoclastic, compared to the modern interpretation of a full bodied cigar, especially when compared to other diesel blends I have tried. I personally did not care for it and neither did a friend who tried a few puffs. I am a cigar newbie though and have only been smoking for a few months so I am going to chalk that up to inexperience this time. I remember reading that Churchills are difficult for new smokers to to smoke compared to smaller shapes and I remember reading that this blend is not recommended for beginners. I can see what the staff review was saying about the subtle nuances of flavor but I didn't get the same flavors described. I tasted earthiness and near the last third at one point it almost tasted like a baked potato! Besides that not much else. My friend who is a bit more experienced tasted some notes he could only describe as sour though they where very subtle. The only thing I am not really happy about is the "old school full body" as the staff reviewer puts that leaves a solid feeling in your gut and a buzz behind your eyes. I felt no such things. If anything this cigar seemed lighter in that regard compared to other cigars I have been smoking lately which are also described as full bodied like Diesel Unholy Cocktail. I will give this cigar another chance though. My remaining Churchills and Salomon will be sitting in my humidor aging for some time until I feel I have the experience necessary to appreciate these cigars. If your a veteran looking for a new twist this might be your answer but if you're looking for something like Unholy Cocktail or Unlimited then this is not the cigar for you.
PF of Syracuse, NY
The wife got me a box of these for Christmas as I have come to enjoy the Unlimited and was curious about the HOTD. These are an absolute flavor bomb full of flavor with a mellow sweetness, hints of caramel, bread and spice. On first light the robusto slightly assaults the sinus and immediately mellows for a great smoking experience. Plenty of smoke and a decent burn although I do have an occasional wrapper split but it has never rendered a cigar useless. 15 of the 20 have been smoked and I know I will come back for more. A great cigar at an incredible price point! Thanks honey!
JF of Rockwood, PA
I did not enjoy this cigar. recieved it in a sampler. Sat in my humidor 2 weeks before i tried it. Strong tobaco with no smoothness. Peppery & made me cough on the retro-hale. Also a really tight draw. I could've just had a bad stick, but i will not be purchasing this again.
AB of Hampton, VA
The gordo was very enjoyable, they are strong yet smooth, they seem to get stronger with age. These short cigars last 1 1/2 + hours, with a perfect draw and burn. If you like em strong and tasty these are interesting.
I like all of the Diesel blends, but truly love the Hair of the Dog. Just one more example of how the master of tobacco blending, AJ Fernandez, melds varied long fillers to a San Andres binder & a Habano seed wrapper to yield a complex full bodied smoke. HOTD is worlds apart from the other Diesel blends. It is the Kool of the cigar world, in that it has an underlying menthol component that somehow works & works very well. Citrus notes mingle with anise & white pepper that give HOTD a one of a kind flavor profile. Some may find the taste odd, but I really dig it. It is refreshing, easy to inhale & can be compared to no other vitola I have tried, up to this point. Viva la difference! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a true change of pace or something rich, strong & inexpensive. 92/100
Wow! I loved it to the very end! I smoked the Salomon one day after receiving the shipment and I was delighted. Gorgeous plumes of smoke, wonderful aroma, fairly even burn. I couldn't walk straight after getting up from my recliner, but I hold this cigar in high esteem. Diesel always gets it right!
Till now I've been avoiding this cigar from a sampler, name is a bit intimidating. Pre-light draw tastes like roast fish and cornbread, odd, upon light up a strong but a sweet peppery blast surprises me. Hmm, reminds me of something, after a minute or two it slightly mellows out. Tabacco flavor is very high but it doesn't conceal other flavors, sweet pepper remains along with nutty goodness, this feels oddly familiar. Out through the nose is recommended but go easy (maybe 10%) anything more and your eyes will water, deja-vu! this cigar took me years back to when I enjoyed my first "island" Partagas serie P no.2. Wow! sweet Tabacco flavor lingers for hours, truly a treat!
MM of Bayamon, PR
Saw the reviews and couldn't resist. I bought two of the box of ten "shorty" and I'm glad I did. First, there's a blast of pepper, but just a blast, it quickly changes to a creamy, sweet tobacco, toasty smoke - tons of smoke. It shifts from each constantly, with a touch of spice, and the pepper lingering in the back round. Well balanced, and smooth. Almost tempted to light another to keep it going. It's become one of my favorites and if CI keeps offering the box of ten special from time to time, I'll keep them in my stock. Thanks CI.
RL of Manassas, VA
This is my favorite of the Diesel brands so far! Full-bodied and flavorful, flawless construction, excellent draw...everything I like in a cigar. Take a chance on these, you won't be disappointed.
If you are or were ever a Kool smoker, you will recognize the flavor profile of AJ Fernandezs' Diesel blend, "Hair of the Dog". Of course, it's menthol gone full bodied mad! And to be precise, the menthol is understated & merely a single component of a very complex, full flavored concoction. Tastes of cedar, lemony spices with a woodsy/earthy base, seem to cool what could be Diesel's strongest offering to date. Today, I sing the praises of a limited production run size I call the "Rabid Figurado" on steroids! This salomon measures a hefty 7" X 58 & can last up to 2 hours. Or about 40 minutes longer than the standard production "RF" @ 5.7" X 56. I cap about 1/3" & toast the small foot. Restricting the area lit initially, allows me to slowly develop the ash over the 1st 20 minutes. Both flavors & strength increase as the burn reaches the maximum circumference, then levels in for the long haul. That's the next hour, during which you will be presented with strong, spicy clouds of smoke. Not for the meek of heart, or Macanudoers, but highly recommended to all fullheads. If I had to pick, I'd take a Diesel or Unlimited 1st, but those 2 blends are top 10ers. 90/100, with the caveat that "HotD" may not be to everyones liking, because of the strength & the somewhat unusual flavor profile.
This is a hand grenade of spicy deliciousness in your mouth, probably the hottest roll of leaves that A.J. puts out. Two thumbs up if you're a Man O' War Ruination sort of guy. To my own taste the Diesels rank as follows: (1) Hair of the Dog; (2) Unlimited; (3) Unholy Cocktail.
Tasty blend, but I encountered burn issues with both that I had received in a sampler.
MC of Milwaukee, WI
All was as promised. Very satisfied with service and product.
KC of Mechanicsburg, PA
The Hair of the Dog is a really great tasting cigar. I enjoyed this one to the nub and beyond. It is meaty and has the right balance of spices and coffee, truly delicious. I must get some more of these bad boys. The whole line of Diesel cigars is off the chain. I haven't had a bad one yet!
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Pretty new to the world of cigars, Had my first HOTD last night, perhaps I didn't let it sit long enough but I had problems with the wrapper coming apart. I personally found it to be a little harsh at first but then mellowed out pretty well. It was a cool smoke, but don't know that I'll be buying again. Flavor and aroma just didn't appeal to me much.
BS of Moore, SC
I bought these on "Make Me an Offer" in Robusto and I'm enjoying my first born and I can say I am impressed. She stays lit a long time, she's on the milder side, but still maintains great flavors of leather and nutmeg, great smoke output, and a very low maintenance cigar. She's a winner in my book.
KF of Parkville, MD
I enjoy reading Steve's commentaries and use them as a guide both before I buy and after I smoke a particular cigar to compare observations. I smoked the Robusto. It was a quality cigar and the most striking impression was the smooth, rounded, flavorful taste. I would not call it a "bold" cigar, to my taste, but one that had a pronounced, rounded flavor from beginning to end with some interesting nuances along the way. I will buy more of these, in a Churchill, and give it a good run for the money. Highly recommend. Great recommendation, Steve!
RS of Crystal Lake, IL