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Staff Reviews for Diesel Hair of the Dog

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Diesel Hair of the Dog

Steve R

Let’s set the record straight....

Hey. How are ya? Been a while. You may have noticed a change - a big change. We just updated our site in a very big way. Aesthetically, you will notice an instant difference. But as you browse our site, you’ll soon see products are easier to find, vital information is more readily available, and the overall experience has been enhanced – tremendously. A ton of work has been done behind the scenes over the course of a year to bring you the best cigar shopping experience available today. We’ll always be improving, because it’s what we do, but we now have some time to get back to the fun stuff, like reviews.


My first review on our shiny new, and drastically improved site: Diesel Hair of the Dog. Buzz about this brand has been floating for a couple months now, and I first began burning this brand at the factory, back in June of 2012. I’m going to be honest out of the gates: I love this cigar. And, I’m about to tell you why.

First, a little disclaimer. Feedback has been mixed about Diesel Hair of the Dog. Some love it, some don’t. That’s fine. However, my purpose of this review is to set the record straight, and touch on the primary reason why some folks do not fancy the blend.

Many of today’s full-bodied cigars fool the enthusiast into believing they are full-bodied, using flavor as a catalyst. Certain strains of tobacco, and certain blending and fermentation processes not entirely focused on balance, allow a cigar-maker to create a cigar with a lot of flavor, but no real strength. Over time, our palates have been trained to focus on flavor and associate flavor with strength. Therefore, a full-flavored cigar will seem full-bodied, regardless of the true, underlying power of the tobaccos at play.

Diesel Hair of the Dog is the exact opposite. To be honest, it’s more of an oldschool full-bodied cigar. One you feel in the belly and feel behind the eyes. This is power. This is full-bodied tobacco. This is the way full-bodied cigars used to be. The way they should be.

You won’t notice a truckload of spice, or a harsh bite on the back of your palate. Your taste buds won’t be overwhelmed or confused by an un-balanced array of potent flavors.

You will notice a smooth, well-balanced bouquet with subtle yet savory nuances. These nuances will greet you gradually, in methodical fashion, keeping your taste buds interested and sensitive to change.

Here’s what I get out of Diesel Hair of the Dog. Each cigar opens with a feisty series of pepper and spices. This opening instantly warms your palate and awakens your taste buds in preparation for a deep, underlying complexity. Both wrapper and binder are ligero. Thick, dark, sun-drenched leaves responsible for the spices welcoming you upon first light. Then the fillers come into play. High priming Nicaraguan long-fillers from Esteli, combined with long-leaf tobaccos from the volcanic soils of Ometepe. These bold tobaccos are married with Piloto Cubano long-fillers for balance, completing a well-balanced recipe yielding subtle yet noble flavors. Once the initial spice winds down, Hair of the Dog unveils these flavors. Oak. Rich tobacco. Earth. Roasted coffee bean. Leather. Toast. Sweet tobacco. I note all of this throughout the burn, and no one flavor dominates, and they’re always backed by a subtle spice on the long finish.

But here’s the kicker: strength. I would no doubt classify this cigar as full-flavored due to the complexity and variety of flavors at hand. However, at no point do I feel like I stuck the action end of a shotgun in my mouth. Every time, when I sit back and burn a Diesel Hair of the Dog, I feel the power in my gut. A raw power that leaves me satisfied as if I just polished off a hearty meal. The Ometepe long-fillers are apparent,’s that buzz I’m feeling behind my eyes. I love that. That's the full-bodied portion. This cigar is strong, and if you can distinguish strength from flavor, you will most certainly agree.

This is not your average Diesel cigar. This is not Unholy Cocktail, nor is it Unlimited. Hell, if you removed the band you may not even know it’s a Diesel. But it’s damn good, it’s damn satisfying, and it will impress those yet to be fooled by other cigar-makers.