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Diesel Wicked Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Diesel Wicked”
Box of 13? Diesel is so tricky! Buy a box, savor the cigars (you will love them) and enjoy the awesome surprise inside.
WR of Williamstown, NJ
Sure is a surprise inside. I almost threw it away LOL!!
JM of Stockton, CA
This cigar is the equivalent of the mythical drink, the pangalactic gargle blaster. It's like getting your brain smashed in by a gold brick wrapped in a tobacco leaf. It is incredibly strong, powerful flavor, and ABSOLUTLY AMAZING in virtually every way. If you usually smoke milder cigars, don't bother putting yourself through this one.
BG of Jessup, PA
I just recently tried one of these cigars. I was hesitant at first because of the price so I only ordered a sampler. That was a huge mistake. I should have ordered a box or ten because this cigar is amazing. This is my new favorite stick. It has an amazingly smooth chocolaty earthy leather taste. Stop looking at the price tag and BUY THIS CIGAR!!!
JM of Bowling Green, KY
Great tasting smoke, no construction issues. Not as strong as the description states. Nice smooth smoke tasting of quality tobacco. Bought a box and have no regrets.
AM of Grand Rapids, MI
Great cigar if you love the full bodied cigars. But I am curious, what is actual brand of the surprise inside so I can buy more?
Just received my 5 pack and couldn't wait to try one. Wonderful looking cigar with no flaws. Pre-light draw was excellent. Very easy to light and the draw was effortless. Produces a vast amount of nice, white smoke. Great tasting with hints of coffee and earthy flavors. Perfect burn from start to finish. Although this was a full body smoke, I did not find it overwhelming. Another winner from A.J. Fernandez. If you enjoy great cigars, you must try this one if you can get your hands on one.
Not as strong as I thought it was going to be, but super smooth and a great smoke!
The best Diesel of them all. Great to have them back and a surprise I the box again! All I can say is outstanding!
AK of Farmington, MN
Smokes excellent and the draw is about perfect. The flavor is more mild than I expected. It reminds me of Rocky Patel 1990 12 year.
JH of Arlington, TX
YES! Now the Holidays really are happy. I love this cigar, and have been looking longingly at the last three in the humi...when what to my wondering eyes should appear? Diesel Wicked "In Stock" on the CI website, along with a 20% off store wide discount announcement. It's a miracle. Get 'em while you can.
If AJ rolls it, I'll smoke it. This has got to be his best effort to date. Looks like a dark chocolate bar, only tastes better. Had one after Thanksgiving dinner. What a great smoke. Don't be afraid to go to the dark side, this is one cigar you don't want to miss. Fabulous.
My new favorite! My next order will include a box of these!
PE of Saint Louis, MO
Flavor wise, it's a top 5 of all-time for me and I've had most of the infamous players (Padron 1924, Feunte Opus X, and the like). Burn, ash, smoke, are behind only to Undercrown/Liga (draw was PERFECT). Bottom line, if you like full-flavored smokes, it's worth every penny for a $10 special occasion vitola! Full flavor, yet smooth as silk!
SJ of Tatum, TX
Very tasty smoke; I will be ordering more.
PF of Bradenton, FL