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Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.33 out of 5 Based on 9 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo”

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5 out of 5
Awesome smoke
Complex flavored yet smooth goes great with a nice cold beer or a good scotch
2 out of 5
General review this cigar.
1. Taste was fair. 2. Draw. Packed very tight. Difficult draw. 3. Constant relighting.
5 out of 5
I waited to try this one… Bummer
i'm stingy with the 5 star ratings but this one deserves it.. This is a great smoke. Strong and spicy with strong mineral tones, it's a winner. It has a good burn and a ton of thick smoke. If full and Nicaraguan is for you, try this cigar.
4 out of 5
Good cigar
Ive been smoking these for about 3 years now. I typically reserve them for late night bourbon and bbq nights with the boys. Definitley a strong cigar but that being said i think its nothing overwhelming. Its a nice blend of oaky ,earthy and creamy with just enough spice that you can detect it in the nostrils. The only reason im giving it a 4 and not a 5 is they never burn perfect or light up easily. Still the flavors are totally there.
5 out of 5
One of my all timers
Full bodied and smooth. For me it's one of those I enjoy after a nice meal to cap off the evening. They are consistent, low maintenance, and high quality. A man's dream.
5 out of 5
Nice draw, smooth taste
Really enjoy this cigar...exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be ordering another box.
5 out of 5
A serious smoke
Bold yet subtle flavor. Distinctly pleasant room-filling aroma. Just watch the hair grow on your chest while smoking.
3 out of 5
The dark corojo line are my favorite "go to" cigars as of late. Quality construction and amazing flavor. The sampler were all cast from the same mold, quality top notch!
5 out of 5
Great Deal
great cigar with a great sample
Customer Testimonials
Just finished my very first one of these and was completely blown away. Have been a fan of Joya de Nicaragua's line for some time, but this one may be my new favorite. Very rich cocoa and earth flavors. Definitely not a cigar you want to miss out on.
Got a sampler with one of the J D N Antano Dark Corojo in it. It has been in the humi for a couple of months or so and decided to smoke it the other day. I agree that this is a strong cigar, but it is also very smooth and smoked beautifully from start to finger burning finish. Never did it bite, get hot, bitter or anything else. As I got into it a ways I kept expecting it to get stronger or something but it pretty much stayed the same. Usually I would be disappointed when a cigar does this, but not so with this one. The flavor was amazing; it was clean on the pallet and I cannot imagine how I could have asked for a closer match to the Cubans I bought in Canada a long time back. The flavor and the strength and smoothness; WOW. If they will all smoke like this one did, I will have a new favorite. Don't be afraid of this cigar, it is strong but a real treat .....NO BITE!!! Saving up to buy a box
This is without a doubt one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. it is a great tasting, full-bodied cigar, well worth the money!
Picked up a corona sized 5 x 44 at a local B&M. An absolute fire cracker that lasted for one hour 15 minutes. Pleasant full bodied flavor and absolutely no strength buzz to ruin the experience. When I financially recover from recent excessive stogie purchases, I'm going to do a little excessive purchasing on this stick.
The first premium cigars I ever bought, back in 1975, were Joya de Nicaragua. I was impressed. I'm a pipe smoker, so I don't buy a lot of cigars, and for all I knew many other premiums might be as good as Joyas. Recently, I stole (bought) the sampler + humidor combo from CI - a fantastic deal, and a sampler of Dark Corojos to see if they were as good as I remembered, and what size I might prefer. I'm still no connoisseur, but I think the dark wrapper makes them even better. Far and away the best cigar I've ever tasted!
Joya de Nicaragua makes some of the strongest, most flavorful cigars available today. Antano 1970 has long been a favorite of mine. Celebration is very good too. Along comes Antano Dark Corojo Doble Fuerte & all I can say is "WOW"! I received 3 robusto sized toros in a freebie deal when I purchased a box of Celebration coronas. 2 days off the truck & I am smoking my 1st Antano Dark Corojo, ever. I am duly impressed, too. The red tinged dark brown wrapper is skillfully draped over a tasty blend of 3 year aged long filler that brings some real full bodied muscle to the party. Cedar, cacao, black tobacco & an underlying sweetness highlight a roller coaster ride of full flavored goodness. Smooth as a baby's bottom & complex to the extreme, I have instantly fallen in love with ADC. The El Martillo's 5.5" X 54 frame seems a perfect vehicle for displaying the delicious tobaccos at play here. Construction is firm, heavy & spot on. I cut the double cap to allow scads of smoke to rush forth from the trademark easy draw. Highly recommended to fullheads or anyone ready to make the move toward ful bodied/full flavored done right. 94/100 Stupendous! I wasn't halfway through my toro, when I put a box of the Peligroso coronas in my basket. Thanks to the freebie, the normal cost of well over 4 bones per stick, gets knocked down to 2 clams & 4 bits.
I have been smoking cigars for many years now and I feel that I am pretty well versed in a great variety of med-full bodied cigars. I have to say through all the years and different cigars I have tried this has to be my favorite. There are others that can compare dont get me wrong. But not for the money, this is by far the best 7 dollar stick money can buy. That is of course speaking of this brand, if I have the chance to grab this cigar in the Pesadilla 4.7x60 shape, there is no other choice for me. It is simply perfect. Fat short and the perfect taper. As soon as I make a little room in my humidor I will be ordering another box of these. If I could only smoke one cigar the rest of my life, the Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo Pesadilla would be it.
i was left pretty unimpressed by this offering. i have a good variety from "cheap" cigars (seconds, puros indios etc) to premium, ab tempus, pepin garcias... when i smoke one of the premiums i expect it to wow me. i was not wowed by this cigar. it felt strong, but there wasn't a whole lot of flavor so to speak. it picked up in the last third as i approchaed the band.. now that i think of it, the jdn rosalones is in the same boat... maybe jdn just isn't for me, but i'd rather smoke a "second" cigar for 1.5$ that has tons of flavor and maybe burns a little wierd over a "premium" 6$ cigar that's flat.
This cigar is not for the novice. Full flavored and strength, great taste, even burn, nice aroma. Offers a lot of smoke with almost no effort. I love this one! Be sure you smoke it on a full stomach.
excellent flavor.
I hopscotch around, rarely smoking the same cigar more than once a week. This flavorfest of a cigar has cured my ADD. Wonderful flavor bomb. I have yet to smoke one that was a bummer. Great draw, fluid construction, emphatic ligero flavor and a superb wrapper. Can't get enough Antano Dark Corojos!
I received some of these in the Cigarfest Sampler a few weeks ago and they have become my new favorites! This is a truly full-flavored cigar, no doubt! A true flavor bomb. I've been hoarding back the last two but I can't resist them much longer. It's a good thing CI has more!
I received one of these after signing up with CRA as one of my free cigars. It has a great burn, aroma and taste. I can already see myself ordering more of these.
This cigar has a decadent chocolate aroma before lighting and continues on in the first 5 minutes of smoking in taste also. Spicy and somewhat earthy until an overwhelming tart sweetness of red wine takes over. If you like sweet cigars that are chocolatey, this ones for you.
This is my new favorite! I like strong, but this is the smoothest I have ever had! PERFECT! As I said, my new favorite.
Great full bodied, full flavor cigar but not for the novice or timid. These start off spicy and build from there. In my opinion, one of the best cigars, period. This one is in my top five favorites.
I've been waiting for these babies to pop up again...scored 10 of the Toros at 48% off CI regular price, 12-21-11...awesome deal. I do have one issue with the comments made by some on this cigar...and other cigars...why do you need a full stomach to enjoy the smoke of any full bodied/strength cigar? Good God Almighty, I inhale all of my smoke and when I can take it through the nose like this baby, so much the better...swallowing the smoke just makes it taste better.
Strong cigar that will put you down if you're not prepared for it. Same complexity and strength as the regular Antano 1970 but with a slightly darker and richer edge on the flavor profile that is very satisfying. If you like strong ligero-type intensity, complexity and spiciness, this is a perfect cigar. Just make sure not to smoke it on an empty stomach.
Wow! I really didn't expect this cigar to be what it is. Earthy, robust yet smooth. Strong yet balanced. What a winner!
this is an exquisite cigar; have smoked full-bodies for over 40 years and these rival anything over that time span. and that includes cubans.
As far as this cigar is concerned, I can just about put ditto marks under the comments made by Steve. A score of 88 is to denigrate this powerful smoke. It's not made for the smoker who wants a mild, gentle cigar, but there's not a puff of harshness in the thing. It's a slow burning, very flavourful cigar, beautifully constructed and pleasant.
This cigar would be more appropriately shipped in a miniaturized reproduction of the Ark of the Covenant replete with golden runes, jewels, and bas-relief figures of angels exalting the heavens. This cigar is, to me, holy and I regard this a treasure to behold and to besmoke. Everything from the look, with its tar-paper-looking jet-black oily appearance, to its smell, which is like pheromone-enriched perfume of the Gods, to its taste, like that of molasses, raisin, oak, and leather, is absolutely intoxicating. Truly one of the most if not THE most remarkable cigars I've ever had the pleasure of smoking--each experience is like a religious ritual and each cigar a holy sacrament. Sermon delivered, expect a treat of the fullest of full smokes on the market that coats the palette with a torrent of robust, dark flavors. Best smoked on a full stomach (in fact, necessary), this stick will weaken your knees and shake your hands lulling you into blissful cigar submission. Ask for forgiveness from all the cigar swill you've consumed in your careers and pick up a box, truck, or cargo container of these and keep them close at all times. Ite, missa est.
Scored a fiver on MMAO-what an awesome deal!I had a wonderful 2hr thrill ride with the "El Martillo" size-5.5x54 JDNADC on 1st week of Jan.2011.Smoked one the same day received and all I can say is,this is a real "muscle"cigar.This was so complex and strong there is no other cigar I can think of that can touch this one.Very slow burn(and I did not baby it either),2 hours,burn stayed perfectly even the whole time,the dark corojo wrapper is a nice change that adds more complexity to the original Antano menu.If you are a full-flavor/full-body fan or just curious about a true work of cigar-making art with great history behind it ,give these a shot.Well done Dr.Cuenca,as always C.I.thanks!
Cannot understand why the Antano Dark is not a top-shelf primo everywhere. I have been trying and re-trying "prime" smokes for a long time and have yet to put my fingers around a cigar that blends aesthetics, impressive hand made blending of tobaccos, and a real "cigar experience"...until I ran into this beauty. Thanks CI, and thanks to the "Doctor" at Antano.
JDN really swung for the fences on this one, and hit it straight out of the park!!! I've been enjoying an El Martillo,with two fingers of Ron Zacapa 23y.o. on the rocks, and after 15 years of smoking cigars (I've been a true-blue JDN fan since '95); I would actually put this cigar up against my beloved FFOX XXX (Power Ranger): it's that good! Definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you like 'em stout; this is the stick for you. Just remember to stand up slowly, after this 2-hour rollercoaster ride.
I love the Joya Dark Corojo. I finally have a worthy replacement for my all time favorite Joya Antano Grand Reserva.
During CigarFest weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Joya de Nicaragua's Master Blender, Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca. Some friends and I were sitting outside our room when he came over to chat. The good Doctor offered all of us a cigar, and I chose the Antano Dark Corojo. He told me that it was a truly full bodied smoke, and he wasn't kidding. Full of flavor and power, this cigar did not disappoint! For those of you looking for something strong, this is your smoke. Highly Recommended!