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Oliveros Classic Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Oliveros Classic”
Bought 50 Coronas when these were $34.99. First one right out the mazo tasted like dog crap. After sitting in the humidor for a month, they upgraded to hot lettuce. Now my 1876 Reservas are bumping against them, and they taste like hot lettuce. I gave away most of these Oliveros Classic Crappers to my neighbor, and the rest to the garbage, where they belong. The worst cigar I ever smoked, and that's saying something. Drug store Garcia Vegas taste like La Aurora Preferidos compared to these turkeys. I can't believe I smoked more than one cigar, should have sent them back. I was hoping each new one would improve-they didn't.
EI of Stow, OH
Bought several bundles of Oliveros Classics, and let me tell you, that was money well spent! Great mild cigar and like others in this brand, possess exellent consistency in both construction and flavor. Truth be told, Oliveros cigars are underrated and underpriced, and I promise you won't be disappointed in this great cigar. And for the price, what's not to like?
B of VWyckoff, NJ
Just got done smoking the (Oliveros Classic) Toro with my morning coffee. One delicious cigar. Very surprised after being a full bodied smoker for 30 years. The construction was flawless along with the draw and burn. You must try this cigar with your morning coffee. You will be thanking me later. YOUR WELCOME!
RS of Sylvania, OH
I received my bundle of O Classics (Oliveros Classics)Thursday Jan 25, 2007..First time trying them..CI has never steered me wrong on recommending a cigar...this one is smoooooooth, nice clean tastes like a Cigar should, burns evenly and has a great bouquet (yes, a former Marine can say bouquet); I'll order these again..most excellent buy!
JH of Joshua, TX
These Oliveros Classics are awesome cigars for the price. They aren't going to win any awards or blow you away, but after 6 months of aging on them it's not hard to realize that they're well worth it. Their construction is great, they burn extremely even and they have a pleasant flavor. These cigars are perfect for giving out to friends without feeling like a jerk. I'm very happy with my purchase, and when I run out, I'll definitely have to place another order in here at CI. If you're looking for an inexpensive, everyday smoke, you can't go wrong with the Oliveros Classic.
BP of Lambertville, NJ
Got another Great Deal from CI on these (Oliveros Classic) and I have to tell you these are a really smooth smoke.Oliveros has a mild slight nut flavor, that makes this cigar a pleasure to smoke anytime. If this cigar was any smoother , you couldn't hold it in your hand. If I had the time I'd chain smoke these sweet treats all day long!
J. of H. V. 3Long Island, NY
Sat on patio and lit up the corona after 3 years in my humidor. First noted even construction and mild sweet tobacco aroma upon first puff. Definitely not what I expected as I remember buying a bundle for less than 20$. First inch down noted relatively even burn but a flakey ash. Plenty of white smoke and cedar flavor with no after bite. Consistent at halfway point and I did not feel the urge to stop smoking as many "everyday" cigars do. Teeth were noted in the ash. No wet lettuce taste (I found that description very funny). Finally let the cigar rest right before the band. 6.5/10 not bad but not great. Nice friendly cigar to smoke when you have the urge but don't want a powerhouse.
RP of Mcallen, TX
This cigar(oliveros classic) is a GREAT cigar for the money! Great taste and quality construction.This is my new every day smoke.Thanks again CI for another super deal on an above average smoke!
DM of greenwell springs , LA
I bought some of the (Oliveros Classic) Corona Grande's. This is a great cigar for the price. Good flavor, good draw, very well constructed. Worth every cent!
KS of Norco, CA
Being a long time fan of all Oliveros cigars I knew this special (Oliveros Classic) at a buck a stick was a no brainer. What was delivered was exactly as expected. I very very nice cigar at an incredible price. I have paid upwards of $7 apiece for these in my favorite stores. They are bar none the most consistent even smoking cigars I have ever seen. Having smoked well over 100 Oliveros in about 10 years as well as countless other brands. I have never had a poor burn or draw on any Oliveros. Needless to say even the very topshelf cigars can burn and draw poorly, but not an Oliveros. They deliver exactly what they promise time and again, to a regular stogie smoker that means alot. Thanks CI for delivering yet again, well done!
SL of Commerce City, CO
Great anytime cigars (Oliveros Classic)! Well constructed with a floral aroma, nutty taste, even burn and an ash that holds on.
RC of Hendersonville, TN
I just received my shipment of Oliveros Classic in record time. Yes, CI does spoil us with great cigars at bargin prices. And then there's the 'Internet Specials' a literal gift from the 'Cigar Gods.' After toasting the tip, and lighting the cigar it literally takes off like it has a mind of it's own. No crooks in the road just full ignition; long white ash, hints of cidar, and a slightly peppery sweet finsih. I also bouth two of the CI Leather Covered lighers and what a crisp pin-point flame - another gift this time I presume from the 'Sun God' of rightious 'Gar Flame.' Spoil on CI Dudes, Robert Music City USA (Nashville for those who are clueless).
RC of Hendersonville, TN
Good smoke for the money (Oliveros Classic). This is one of my favorite everyday smokes and a staple of my humidor. Try it, you'll like it.
DP of Pinehurst, NC
WOW this has to be the best buck a stick deal ever (Oliveros Classic)! (Look around the web, these babies go for $5+ each elsewhere). These are super-mild in both flavor and body out of the box, very reminiscent of a Macanudo Hampton Court. A little aging tends to thicken their body a bit, making them all the more better. Also, draw and construction have been flawless. Add in CI's FAST shipping and you've got a great all around buy!
DW of Huntsville, AL
WOW!! What a great smoke (Oliveros Classic) for the low, low price! Once again CI comes through, thanks to a great price, great fan mail suggestions and great service! Could smoke these every day!!
JO of Wheaton, IL
excellent smoke for the price (Oliveros Classic)-it is an easy to stay with smoke that your friends will think you paid $5.00 for a stick-I recommended it highly
LB of east haven, CT
Hi...I've been ordering these cigars for a while now. I have to say that I did share the experiences of others in uneven burns and poor construction...but my last 3 orders of toro size have been perfect. And as for the lousy taste cited by earlier reviews, I have to disagree very strongly. This is fast replacing another economy bundle brand as my favorite "everyday" cigar. No, it doesn't measure up some $5.00 cigars I've smoked. But it's unfair to trash this brand for flavor, and the quality control problems have gone away, at least in the toro size I order.
DH of Silver Spring, MD
I find a lot of so-called "mild" cigars are really just bland. No so with the Oliveros Classic! It is a mild cigar with some taste to it. I really like the tobacco flavor of this blend. It's not really very expensive either. Only bad thing: I have found uneven burn in 2 or 3 in a churchhill size bundle. I don't know if it's cigar or my lousy humidor. But mostly, the construction is good enough. Can't go wrong with this blend if you like mild but tasty cigars!
DH of Washington, DC
Surprisingly good low cost smoke. (Oliveros Classic) Pulled this one out of a brown bag and it was better than some of the costlier smokes in this grab bag. Nice consistent burn and draw. Held its flavor to the end. You would actually feel 'guilty' puffing this one as a yard smoke but @ 1.30 or so a stick who cares! Should be a Gonz pick.
EO of milwaukee, WI
(Oliveros Classic) is a great breakfast cigar. for my rustic palate, they compare favorably to Macanudo, the gold standard of mild cigars. I often smoke the corona during the first part of my morning hike to help get me out the door. Who says cigar smoking is unhealthy. . .
HW of San Diego, CA
I bought the Oliveros Classic Toro 5.7 50 it's a great smoke I will buy this again. Try it you'll like it. Price was great too.
DO of Davenport, IA
I rate this cigar a 90 (Oliveros Classic)! That's right, a 90 rating for a buck and a quarter smoke! An outstanding, smooth, mild-medium cigar with a lot of smoke. Every bit as good as the Fuentes that I've been smoking for 15 years. Complex taste of cedar and leather with an underlying creaminess. A little bit of a peppery finish that you taste after the cigar is gone, all topped off by a nice floral aroma. My new favorite cigar. IT'S JUST THAT GOOD!
RC of South Bend, IN
I like this little cigar. The Oliveros Classic is a mild cigar that is perfect for a quick cigar fix. Unlike the little bitty cigars that I find wayyy to similar to a cigarette, this easy drawin' cigar still has all the character of a nice mild smoke, but with less time commitment.
SL of Watauga, TX
I just tried an Oliveros Classic in the Corona size after reading the reviews here, figuring I'd risk a $20 to see if they were right, or what. They are dead on! A very nice. mild, creamy, everyday smoke for under a buck apiece! I like it a lot and am very happy that I ordered it.
JH of gorham, ME
Been collecting from CI for only a short time-3 boxes/3 bundles've been stashed in the humi & just broke into the Classics today. These are well made, burn & ash well. Whoa. I'd say they were heady strong though. Just right for an after work fix. Looking forward to having one again tomorrow. Very recomended econo stick.
DJ of Spokane, WA
Quoting a friend of mine, "These taste like dirt." I have to agree. I bought a bundle of the coronas as a cheap hand out cigar to all my mooching buddies. The bundle I got was packed very loosely so I ended up spending most of the time picking spitting tobacco grit out of my mouth, and the rest of the time trying to even out the spotty burn. The flavor profile wasn't all that bad, as I am a big fan of a Sumatra wrapper, but it quickly went south after about the first inch of each cigar.
CG of Indianapolis, IN
Just got my twofer of coronas. So far I'm very impressed. Smooth and mild but not tasteless. Excellent construction. Draw improved as it warmed up. I may have found my go-to everyday smoke. These could be an expensive boxed cigar but I'm glad they aren't.
JS of Lincolnton, NC
I got my bundle of Oliveros Classic Toro's and was disappointed with the construction, too loose which allows them to burn to quickly and get hot. When you get a firmly rolled one it is a pleasure to smoke with outstanding flavor
AB of Jacksonville, FL
Superb value for the price! I bought 25 Coronas not too long ago. Burns fairly evenly and has a very good taste. I would definitely recommend these cigars to others and will buy these again.
CF of College Park, MD
As a caveat I'll first say that I've only smoked one and that right out of the box (Oliveros Classic) as soon as it arrived just like one should never do. I just tried my first Oliveros Classic, corona, bundle of 25. It's a wonderfully forgiving and mild smoke, perfect for a chilly afternoon stroll in Chicago with a wind that should have, but didn't, corrupt the evenness of the burn. I'm truly amazed at the quality of the smoke for the cost. These taste far better than the under-a-dollar price. If the rest of the bundle lives up to the standard set by the first then I have my new everyday. I can't wait to see what happens when they've spent some time in the humidor.
MA of Chicago, IL
I have just found my daily smoke (Oliveros Classic). The corona variety of this cigar is one of the better cigars I've purchased from anywhere. The smaller size in that fantastic Sumatra wrapper is tasty from start to finish. This is a definite humidor stuffer, do yourself a favor and order a mazo or three. Excellent cigar. The construction is impeccable, and the wrapper ooh la la! Great smoke at a fantastic price.
TK of everett, WA
This cigar dosnt come close to good...not by any sense of the word. Unfortunately I purchased 25 of them. Hints of ... lawn clippings and closing with nothing. I wont finish one of these!...I guess the great men at CI have gone and spoiled my taste by offering consistant top notch stogies. This buy was no ones fault but my own.
DN of Albuquerque, NM
Ordered two bundles of Oliveros Classics-one regular other maduro. The classic smoked and tasted as good as usual,good draw on each stick. Can't say same for the maduro, taste was good but too many were hard on the draw, hard to the touch from the band on up(rolled to tight)need more quality control on them.
JT of Saint Louis, MO
I got these for my birthday back in November. I smoked one a couple of weeks later. It's not a bad smoke. It doesn't have a ton of flavor but it's still a decent mild smoke for the price.
KB of Shelbyville, KY
I have purchased this cigar as an inexpensive mild everyday cigar with some flavor...the bundle of 25 makes the price extremely attractive compared to other "everyday low priced" bundles, but the quality is way way above the bargain bundles in my opinion. But what I forgot was the excellent construction. No matter how ineptly and in a hurry I light one up, the burn is even throughout the cigar. Wasn't paying attention and the ash hung on one and half to two inches...almost like the famous "nub" cigar...
Okay, lets be real. Can't afford to smoke those awesome $5 to $10 cigars all the time. This one works for me. I like to have that daily smoke, and the Oliveros corona is tasty, burns nice, and is worthy of going down to the nub. Yah, it starts out a little on the mild side, but once you get past that first inch or so it starts to deliver. It's not your super premium, but it can keep you satisfied until the weekend comes and you break into the stash of premo sticks. If you have a better one for a buck or less, I'd love to try it.
So I orderd 25 of these... So when I went to try the Oliveros I was really worried. lit one up and though ...this one is not bad, wish I had bought more of these and less of the others. at a buck and some change per stick, I can take them to work and if one gets crushed or damaged prior to smoking, or if I do not have the time for a nice slow burn cigar I do not feel as bad (not that I want to waste these as they really are quite good for the price.) I would highly reccomend these to anybody who wants a mild knock about cigar for those less formal occasions, or for when out and about and limited in time.