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Staff Reviews for Indian Tabac

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Indian Tabac Maduro

Welcome to a complete different spectrum. Indian Tabac Maduros put the "POW" back in cigar smoking. If you love Macanudo, Lord of Jamaica, Don Diego, or Carbonell, don't bother with this one. I'm shocked. I've never been more surprised than when I lit this one. The first 5 drags almost knocked me over. Let me start by saying I smoke a lot of maduros. Usually, and I stress usually, they yield a milder, almost sweeter drag than it's natural counterpart. Nope, not here!

This cigar is gorgeous. Silky, dark brown maduro wrapper (not black like some of the maduros coming from Perdomo and CAO) with hardly a blemish. I pulled the Tomahawk for this review and at 6.0" and 52 ring, it's a plentiful cigar with a lot of tobacco stuffed in there. I use a bullet punch b/c I'm too clumsy with a guillotine and I sucked some air through just to make sure it wasn't plugged. There's nothing I hate more than plugged cigars (well, except maybe a plugged Cuban cigar I smuggled from Cancun - that's a story for another time.)

Like most Indian Tabac cigars, this too lit with ease. Just a few seconds with the torch and it was fired up. Well, prepare yourself for the first 10 drags. It's spicy, damn spicy, and strong. It's almost like they jammed hot sauce in the center. My tongue tingled, my heart started racing, and I couldn't believe I wanted more. It's a flavor I've never experienced. So powerful that I needed more. Again, this ain't no beginner's cigar. The burn is perfect and the ash will hold for a long time. As you know, I smoke these on my 45-minute ride home and on an empty stomach, it made me light-headed and jones'n for a Big Mac.

After about 10 minutes, the "POW" subsides quite a bit. It starts to mellow and by then, you're ready for it. The smoke is generous and the complexity of the flavor tell you the tobacco has been sufficiently aged. You'll want to smoke it to your fingertips and I promise, the second one will surprise you just as much as the first.

Indian Tabac Maduros offer a great change of pace. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. Remember my words about those first 10 minutes. It really doesn't compare to anything else I've every smoked. Enjoy!