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Illusione Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Illusione”
Illusione may very well be my favorite brand. They're a little pricey, I know, but you definitely get what you pay for here. My personal favorite is the HL, which is to date one of the most complex cigars I've ever smoked, with layers of rich espresso, dark chocolate, and a delicious mixture of spicy-sweet tobacco. Now, I HAVE noticed that Illusiones don't tend to have the prettiest burns. The line is often a little wavy, and the ash never holds on very long. But that being said, I've never had to touch one up. Just don't expect the "stacked quarters" effect in your ash, or to be able to use your burn line as a make-shift ruler in the shop! Other than that, these are beautiful, flavourful cigars. Also take note - NOT for the faint of heart. These are very powerful sticks, so make sure to eat a good meal before sparking one up.
BA of Bronx, NY
I'm surprised more people haven't commented on this cigar. To be honest I'm also providing a bit of wisdom to any novice cigar smoker. When people talk about letting a cigar rest/age a while in the humidor they aren't "blowing smoke," so to speak. This Illusione Singulare has been sitting over a year now. From pre-light to nub I was really amazed at how much this cigar out performed its predecessors (5 pack). Delightful draw, even burn and a taste profile that evolved with each passing moment. Another aspect to the smoking was not to over puff the cigar as to preserve the flavor. Take time between tugs on the stick and the bouquet of the tobacco really comes through. There were so many flavors to speak of: cedar, almonds, cinnamon, sweet earth, spice, citrus and something unique that words cannot describe.
LH of Stockton, CA
These are really good. Had an Epernay version and ... there are some cigars that you just say to yourself... "this is what a cigar should taste like!" It was the toro sized one. Overall a well constructed, hearty, flavorful, complex cigar. Had no burn issues as reported by others. A top notch smoke! Right now, I'm smoking a 4/2g churchill. It is different from the Epernay. Frankly a very nice and very smooth and creamy type of cigar (still pretty strong). Overall, I prefer the Epernay. Both are really, really nice cigars - and I try to smoke as many Padron anniversarys as I can. The only other smoke that really had me saying "this is what a cigar should taste like" Enjoy!
JH of San Diego, CA
Yeah. This is a Top Dog!!!!!
CS of Rock Springs, WY
A long time ago i had the privlage of enjoying this brand and for the life of me I cant remember the exact stick. It was a small stoggie with the flavor of tuttie fruity heaven that you would rather eat than smoke, sounds strange but it was the best smoke I ever had. They are a lil costly but well worth the money. Now that I can afford to treat myself to this product I am searching for that lil smoker. Anybody know what I'm talking about maybe you could post it here for me or if my friends at CI could suggest what it could be that I am after. If I could find them I would deff add them to every order.
TA of White Oak, PA
The Epernay has a multi dimensional attitude. Medium bodied and full flavors of cedar, nuts and a semi sweet refined spiciness. The burn is perfect with a consistent well balanced draw. The original is just about the same with more of a darker cocoa mix and a little bit more earthy. Like in most cases size does play a role in taste and strength in these perfectly constructed cigars.
PW of Charlestown, RI
I was kuck enough to stumble upon a 5pk of the Epernays in a JAM at 12:01am and grabbed it to see what the draw (no punn intended) was all about. This is an excellent, flavorful smoke with all the complexities one would expect from the high end botique cigars. Wonderful draw, thick but smooth smoke right down to the nub, with no excessive heat. Definately on the full bodied side, but very managable- even if that's not your preference. A slightly uneven burn is my only (minor) criticizm. Everyone needs to try these!
RS of Valhalla, NY
If I had to choose five cigars that I would be able to smoke for the rest of my life, I would choose the No.2 belicoso as one of them. Since I first came across the Illusione cigars I have been a fan.
The 68. Don't confuse this viola as just a smaller version of another one of Illusione's viola's. It has a personality all it's own. Moreover it will not reward you if you are buying it as a quick smoke you puff away at in haste. This cigar needs to be enjoyed probably more slowly than the other sizes - its got kick, and will get harsh if rushed. A great cigar, but respect it.
Great cigar.
Very outstanding cigars! Check em' out. I prefer the 68 and 88's.
TB of winona, MN
In a world where, sadly, candela wrappers seem to have been relegated to being a curiosity from the past, the Holy Lancero candela is the apex of what a candela wrapped premium cigar can be. Expensive, yes, but worth every penny to experience what green can be.
SJ of York, NE