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Customer Reviews of “Hoyo Reposado en Cedros”
“CI put a single Hoyo Reposado in with my last order. Decided to toast it the other night, so I grabbed the cigar, a bottle of Evan Williams Bourbon, and put on some Blues. I either like a cigar or I don't. I lean toward Maduros and Corojos as a rule because I like spicy-sweetness in my smokes. The Reposado had a definite sweet finish, with a very light spiciness. It was very smooth with no harshness at all. A medium weight IMO. I liked this cigar. Ya know, I like the Blues, but there's just somethin' about those songs that make me so damn sad....”
FF of Eau Claire, WI
“This was just a wee bit of a disappointment as far as this brand is concerned. To me, it just tasted woodsy and dry. Construction is just fine and the cigar smoked well, but there was, at least for me, no real flavour development.”
MM of Leesburg, VA
“This cigar is a trick one. If you have time and the patience this cigar is worth the wait.”
JJ of Brooktondale, NY
“Reviews are misleading, this is a great smoke. Just look at how often it is either out of stock or backordered. Definitely a top five choice”
DW of Charlottesville, VA
“This is one of my favorites from the Hoyo line. The aroma was a nice mix of sweet earthiness with sweet creamy chocolate and a bold cedar note throughout the cigar. Aroma was a sweet salty wood with is hard to explain but when you smell it, it will remind you of a good old fashion Cuban. A great cigar to always have in my humidor. In my review I gave it a 97 out of 100 so that of course makes it box worthy. I would highly recommend this cigar to anyone. Also on a side note, CI does a great job in packaging them.”
ET of Clint, TX