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Hoyo de Monterrey Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.88 out of 5 Based on 24 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Hoyo de Monterrey”

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5 out of 5
Hoyo de Monterrey Governors Review
I enjoyed the cigar, however they were a bit dry.
5 out of 5
Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill
Great cigar!
5 out of 5
Chocolate Smoke
Terrific smoke. Chocolate taste with excellent burn and draw. Smoked down to the nub, until it was too hot to hold.
5 out of 5
Terrific Smoke
Terrific smoke. Great chocolatey taste, burn and draw. Smoked down to the nub, until it was too hot to hold.
5 out of 5
Fresh & Excellent
Fresh from the box. Always an excellent smoke!
5 out of 5
Great everyday smoke
Great everyday smoke
5 out of 5
Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona
Great cigar!
5 out of 5
The Right CIGAR any Time.
This HDM Churchilll is every thing I want in a cigar.
5 out of 5
Hoyo de Monterrey
I truely love the Hoyo de Monterrey line of cigars, I don't know why i haven't bought them lately, but I sure did miss the flavor of these fine cigars. I seen to be partial to the Honduran line of cigars and this is one of the finest, along with Punch. Roger Schlott Avon Lake, Ohio
5 out of 5
Great cigar
For the price, one great cigar
4 out of 5
HdM Rothchild Maduro
The perfect size for a short smoke break. The flavor doesn't suffer with the thinner-shorter stick. Great little cigar.
5 out of 5
One of a kind
The Hoyo regular series has a unique earthiness that doesn't taste like anything else.
5 out of 5
Hoyo de Monterrey Corona
Very flavorful cigar. Nice aroma, good taste, easy draw.
5 out of 5
A smooth cigar for those moments when you need to relax
I have never had a bad Hoyo de Monterrey. The recent shipment of HdM Governors did not disappoint. A smooth draw and pleasant aroma.
4 out of 5
Rothschild nice size cigar
Maduro sweet even after relight, but no complexity. Still, nice!
5 out of 5
great little cigars
Great cigars. They aren't the prettiest cigars but they make up for it with the taste and aromas. Will probably be my go to cigar from now on.
5 out of 5
thanks for all the free cigars over the years we've been doing business. I hope everyone has enjoyed theirs as well.
4 out of 5
Thought the small sticks were
Thought the small sticks were a great short smoke lasting about 20 minutes. Good compromise for people with busy schedules looking for a break
5 out of 5
Cigars are great. Delivery right on schedule.
5 out of 5
These are good cigars for
These are good cigars for golf course. Last 18 rounds.
5 out of 5
Order rec'd expediciously. Cigars were ffesh.
5 out of 5
Service was great as usual. Cigar is above average
5 out of 5
The right cigar
I'm always searching for the right cigar. The right size, the right draw, and most importantly the right taste. The Hoyo de Monterrey Rothschild Maduro comes closer to my ideal cigar than anything I've smoked in a long while. What's more, the price is right. Enjoy!
5 out of 5
Hoyo de Monterrey Sabrosos Maduro
Excellent cigar!!!
Customer Testimonials
Excellent cigar, if: you enjoy a full flavored stick that's a little bit bitter... in a good way. This won't leave caramel, chocolate, honey, or sweet afternotes on the palette which is the type of full flavored cigar I typically reach for. This is a classic cigar that tastes a whole lot like tobacco, all the while very relaxing and enjoyable. Perfectly even burning and a solid stick well worth the price. This has been in the humi for a month, the others I will [attempt to] save for at least a year for the bitterness to mellow out.
These are great cigars! I am impressed with the consistency and quality of these modestly priced cigars. I'll be getting some more for sure!
This cigar is pretty darn good, if you factor in price .... starts out with a bang, and if it's your first rodeo on this horse, you've got to wonder if it'll be an "azz kicker" ... but, the pepper and spice are not as powerful the more you smoke your stick down to a nub ..... don't rush this one!
Nice change of pace. Good burn and flavor.
FYI - this is one of Michael Jordan's favorite cigars to smoke. Enough said.
The Rothschild naturals are a great little lunchtime smoke. Great construction, rich flavor, lots of smoke and a nice white ash. Plus, you get something you don't normally get with most cigars–amazing consistency.
Real good. As good as the Ashtons, Macanudos, Cohibas, and RPs I've had. Great value.
With micro-batching, it now seems the tried and true get left behind. Hoyo de Monterrey is one of these. This cigar has always had great taste, volumes of smoke and a great draw. It never needs retouching. I believe the reason I've never had issue with this baby is because of the great way it is constructed because it is a "tradition" and the people who pain-stakingly, from the factory to the growers, know this cigar is supposed to meet high standards. Also, look at the price point; almost all the five packs, and generous sizes at that, are below $25.00. No fancy ligero or hype is involved. I love the EMS and if there is any cigar in my humi's that I protect and keep, for just myself, it is this one. Oh, try Patrons' XO Cafe Tequilla with it...great compliment to this fine cigar!
If you are considering these cigars because they are listed as "Full bodied" or you seek a CAO or Patel alternative for less $, I would say these cigars are not for you. Full bodied they are, but they are not for the "thrill" seeker. There is nothing "new" or "sexy" about them. The packaging is appropriately dull and traditional. These cigars are for the traditionalist who is willing to take the time to experience an old world cigar, smoked in the old world style. Slowly, deliberately and with an open mind. They deliver an excellent array of flavors, aromas and textures to the smoker open to experience them. If each cigar "tells a story" then these tell tales of grace and charm. Thank you, CI, for making them available at obtainable prices.
I've been buying Hoyo Monteray Sultans for fifteen years through CI. They are my favorite stick. However, there is a vast inconsistantcy of quality control within each box. The cigars are placed in my humidors at 69-70 percent humidity. I would say at least 33% of each box have some form of defect. Five minutes into the smoke the wrapper cracks, or the cap splits, or the filler gets irregular. I'm starting to wonder if these cigars are seconds. The quality control is POOR. Any suggestions?
I would say that from a day to day sit down outside and light up a cigar, the Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill is my first choice. It's got a great taste, but I can sit out back for a couple of beers and smoke this thing in a hour tops. It's not a long laster, but full of flavor and sometimes a quick burner is what ya need at the end of a long and a ready to go to bed day.
I like a wide variety of brands and styles of cigars, which is why I always buy 5-packs rather than whole boxes. The Hoyo de Monterrey, 4.5x50 EMS wrapper, is the one cigar I keep coming back to over and over again. It's my all-time favorite. It's always rich and smooth; never overpowering. My wife even likes the aroma...and it's reasonably priced.
Wow! I must say that the Sabrosos Maduro is a damn good cigar. I smoked one right out of the box today and was extremelly impressed with the quality of not only the cigar, but also its freshness. Hoyo Sabrosos Maduro in my opinion and current experience (30 cigars) are the best cigar for the money (dollar and some change a stick) on the market. 5 Vegas, RomeoY, Partagas, Cohiba, Padron, and Punch all cannot compete with Hoyo overall. This blend has a nice medium flavor of dark chocolate with a nutty/earthy finish. After seeing some of the reviews from others, I wonder if they smoked the same cigar. Dont be fooled by other reviews, this is a great cigar, not a good one. Thanks CI and Hoyo!
Let's admit it: there's a heap of anti-tobacco bigotry out there. The primary effect of it has been to relegate cigarette smokers out of the building and cigar smokers out of luck. With that in mind, may I recommend the Hoyo de Monterrey Demi-Tasse? The biggest of the small cigars, it has enough girth to carry significant flavor and enough length to make for a pleasant internezzo smoke. I buy these whenever and wherever I find them because they're rather hard to come by. At CI, a great price on a solid little stick!
Hoyo de Monterrey is one of those cigars that to me signifies a quite riot of flavor. smooth and earthy, this cigar is veterans smoke- for those who have been around the block a few times and know that those ubber-premium 30 dollar sticks do not always live up to their expectations. for less than 100 bucks, you can pick up a box of gold. the smoke is so good, in fact, that it reminds me of what a zen warrior once said: the end of a good smoke is a little saddening. in some regard, its a bit like losing a best friend who had time to sit and listen. yeah, its that good. 90 thumbs up.
The thing I depsise the most amongst cigar "aficionados" is this "Cuban" seed thing -- for the last time, the soil makes the cigar. Remember why we taste these things? We taste the earth... America makes truly one of the finest leaves in tobacco -- the Connecticut Broadleaf, one of the sexiest, smoothest leaves in cigars. Now to have that as a filler, Yum... Hoyo has made one of my fav sticks Hoyo de Monterrey) for a long time. The bouquet is delicate with a hint of sweet as is the taste. I attribute that to the blending... a wonderful stick. A manicured leaf, it is tame and ready to be lit up and enjoyed. My rate this stick: 88
The Hoyo Maduro Rothschild is a staple of my humidor, and is made even better by patient aging for a few months before smoking; this is especially true of the double maduros. These cigars are strong as opposed to complex, but you still get some fine spicy, peppery, and woody flavors. Don't rush through this cigar, or you'll encourage too warm a burn and the power of the cigar will overwhelm the flavors. This is a consistently well-constructed brand - I've never had a throwaway. Highly recommended. Folks looking for a longer smoke than a rothschild can provide should steer toward the governors.
Being a lower-income cigar lover I've tried constantly to find the best bargain smoke I can. And there are some good ones out there....but among the best I've found so far are the Hoyo de Monterrey Sabrosos in the maduro wrapper. Very rich, satisfying flavor with a good draw and even burn. Though a bit slimmer than most coronas, it can still last 30-45 minutes. Its not the greatest cigar I've ever smoked, but it is definitely a high quality smoke, particularly considering they're about a dollar a peice! They will likely be a very regular smoke for me for a while.
This is one of my favorite cigars (Hoyo de Monterrey). It packs a good and strong but unique taste. It is also a SLOW burner. A 5"X54 can last an hour of steady puffing. It is the perfect cheaper substitute for those who don't want to pay $10.00 or more for a cigar.