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Customer Reviews of “HC Series Maduro”
“C.I. speaks the truth! Delicious is an understatement!”
GR of Staten Island, NY
“Sometimes I'm suprised by an exceptional cigar , and this is one of those times . These beauties burn and draw perfectly . There are hints of sweet spice , mild pepper , wood , and earth . Yummie from first lite to nub . Cigars like this are giving me an appriciation for milder maduro flavors . I could smoke these every day and not get tired of them . At these prices I can afford to! Thanks C.I.”
LW of Sylmar, CA
“Couldn't wait to try these when they arrived yesterday....great looking, well made cigar! The burn is even and slow, but the draw was pretty tight....hoping this improves after some time in the humi.”
JP of Indianapolis, IN
“Forget the price, damn fine cigar. Smooth and rich, while still a little mild for my tastes. They just came in today, I can only hope they maintain their smooth flavor as they rest. Chocolate caramel toast with a hint of pepper. Nice smoke.”
CP of Burlington, CT
“This is my Goldilocks cigar. Not too strong not too mild. Just right. Good burn and draw all at an attractive price point. Another winner in the CI stable.”
GH of Chicago, IL
“Excellent smoke, was very impressed with this cigar, I received 2 cigars in a sampler pack, and I now have it saved in my wish list. I will certainly buy this smoke next time around. 4 STARS. Very even burn, 1.5 inch ash, so it was rolled perfectly in my opinion. A must try cigar (Belisico Torpedo)”
BG of Baton Rouge, LA
“I purchased a bundle of these last week when they were the "Weekly Deal" and they arrived Saturday. I normally place all new cigars in the humi for at least a week before trying them. I decided to try these right off the truck and I am glad I did. I am on the third one now and they are a very nice smoke. It is a good looking cigar, good construction, and each of the three I had burned well. The body is medium and the maduro wrapper adds wonderful flavors. For the price I paid I am quite happy with the purchase and I would have paid more now that I have tried them. Great cigar!”
JZ of Gotha, FL
“This is a well constructed, medium bodied Maduro with a lot of flavor. Draws smooth, burns slow and even. I poured some scotch and kicked back with this one to unwind for the day. An hour later I am relaxed and feeling pretty satisfied.”
TP of Lima, OH
“Taste is ok, Draw is way to tight, hard staying lit. Why better maduro's out there for the money. I would not buy these again”
“I received a 5 pack of these with a Xikar cigar caddy combo. I'm new to cigar smoking and still trying to find what I like. I really enjoyed this cigar. It burned even and held a nice long ash. It wasn't too full for my taste. I can't wait to burn through the rest of these and wouldn't mind sharing either.”
TL of Hauppauge, NY
“Got these with the '12 days of Christmas' sampler and had waited to try them. Pulled on out during the Packers game and was pleAsently surprised. Very attractive cigar with a nice medium maduro burn. Was amazed by the price. Normally cigars this cost have wrapper defects. This one is very nicely wrapped and smokes well. Would recommend to madaro lovers looking for an everyday smoke.”
TC of Indianapolis, IN
“This is not a good cigar. I received one with a sampler, would not buy them outright. The first few puffs had a bad taste, almost chemical, ammonia would be a good description. After that it leveled out to a bland grassy flavor, that rode out the rest of the cigar. Became harsh early in the final third so I put it down, no loss.”
JO of Winter Garden, FL